What I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.¬† It’s been an especially wonderful year.¬† I watched my best friend marry her best friend and I got myself a husband of my own (<– that’s still so fun to say).¬† I’ve felt showered with love, support and happiness.¬† In other words, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Wishing you a joyous holiday, filled with food, family, love and laughter!¬† And I think that might be the cheesiest sentence I’ve ever written :)


1. My husband.


2. New friends.

photo 5

3. Old friends (that still like me for some reason).


4. Family near and far.


5. A roof over my head.


6. Living in a city I love.


7. The opportunity to travel.


8. My health.

photo 1

9. A stable job.


10. Good books :)




5 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Okay, I know the holidays are supposed to be a time of pure joy and relaxation, but let’s face it, they can be kind of stressful.¬† There’s the whole issue finding a schedule that works for everyone, the juggling of multiple celebrations (and multiple families), the cooking¬†and hosting¬†and shopping, etc.¬† It can feel just a tad bit flustering.

And as someone who gets stressed out and overwhelmed¬†pretty easily, I’ve come to realize there are some things I have to do to avoid any “oh my gosh, I’m supposed to be at a holiday party in 10 minutes and I have nothing to wear” meltdowns.¬† Anything that makes it easier to feel that pure joy and relaxation of the holidays is worth it to me!


Tip #1: Realize you can’t do it all.

As much as I’d like to run a Turkey trot, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, spend the day cooking and fit in all three family Thanksgiving meals, that would just make for one insanely busy day.¬† So something’s gotta give.¬† Or a few somethings rather.¬† And there’s always next year (or the next day, in the case of the parade!) to do the things you couldn’t do this time around.

Tip #2: Know what you’re wearing.

I envy those people that pick out their outfits the night before.¬† I think I did that for a week in high school but nowadays I don’t know what I’m wearing for the day until 10 minutes before I leave the house (doesn’t that just speak multitudes about my lack of fashion sense?).¬† BUT, during the holiday season, when it’s busy and I’m usually in a rush, it is so not helpful to not know what I’m wearing to this, that or the other family gathering.¬†¬†It’s much easier to decide ahead of time and just be on auto-pilot come the day of.

Tip #3: Cook ahead of time.

If you don’t cook, go ahead and skip this one.¬† Your life is probably so much easier :)¬† As for me, I can’t imagine not forcing yet another Brussels sprout dish on Joey’s side of the family… And I also know most things are fine to be made ahead of time.¬† Or at least prepped ahead of time.¬† I leave only finishing touches or anything that just needs to be popped into the oven for the day of.¬† Except that time we forgot to cook the aforementioned Brussels sprouts and only remembered five minutes before we had to leave the house.

Tip #4: Use a calendar.¬† Or, if you’re in a relationship, share a calendar!

Ugh, that just made me sound so married, didn’t it?¬† Joey and I have our iCalendars (or is it iCal??) synced so that when one of us adds an event, the other gets a notification (or so it should be if your phone is working correctly…).¬† In a perfect world, that means no scheduling conflicts between you and your significant other or between all¬†your social engagements, Butterfly.

Tip #5: Enjoy the moment.

This one is just as much for me, as for you!¬† Don’t get so¬†caught up in what’s coming up that you¬†miss what’s happening in the present :)

Bonus Tip #6: If all else fails, wine. 

Nuff said!


Do you have any holiday survival tips?

Weekend Things & Thanksgiving Excitement

Friends!¬† It’s here — Thanksgiving week — and I’m not sure I’ll make it through the next three days.¬† That’s how excited I am and how much I love Thanksgiving.¬† I¬†think I might be driving Joey insane with my holiday season enthusiasm.¬† Meanwhile, he’s put a ban on all Christmas talk, music and decorations until after Thursday.¬† No fun!


If I told you I spent a majority of the weekend watching TV (specifically Gilmore Girls and anything Thanksgiving themed on Food Network, would you think I’m totally lame?¬† Oh…

Aside from watching too much “G.G.” (<– which from here on out officially stands for Gilmore Girls and not Gossip Girl¬†or Golden Girls) and Food Network, we also did some super exciting things like¬†cooking salmon for dinner, making a trip to Home Depot (the unofficial meeting place of all homeowners) and staying up too late to watch the AMAs.

I made a HD list that included a shelf, some wire baskets, countertop samples and “a million twinkle lights.”¬† That must remain in their box until after Thursday.¬† Still no fun!

I also went to yoga on Saturday evening, had Sunday brunch with Jenn and my sister (good¬†food and girl time makes me insanely happy)¬†and “helped” my mom make her famous stuffing.¬† “Helped” as in, I peeled and cut¬†some shrimp then spent the rest of the time sitting and watching her do the rest.¬† I tasted a spoonful and it just added to my Thanksgiving anticipation.¬† I also told my mom she should average one bottle of wine per person on Thursday and I don’t think she took me very seriously…

As for the AMAs, I may of had to wait until after the Cowboys game was over (yeah, that catch was amazing but the memes are even better!), but it was worth it.¬† And I don’t know who those random people they kept showing in the crowd were but I would totally rather see random people dance than Taylor Swift.¬† P.S. Sam Smith’s voice is pure magic.

Anyway, with Thanksgiving being three days away (!!!), I thought I’d share the recipes I’m using this year.¬† These sweet potato biscuits (I’m gonna try freezing the butter and grating it into the flour…), this green bean and bacon vinaigrette dish, wild rice dressing, mustardy Brussels sprouts (the best!), the good old sweet potato casserole and a dairy-free pie (say what?).¬† We did all our shopping last night and I never want to be in grocery on the¬†Sunday before Thanksgiving again.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?!



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