Aka “Books I’m Dying to Read.”  Or “What I Should Be Doing Instead of Watching TV.”

Seven months ago, I lost my Kindle.  Well not “lost,” but severely misplaced.  Tip: Don’t pack and move in a hurry.  And since then I’ve been slacking on reading.  Not that the first three Harry Potter books, Rick Steves and a re-read of my favorite detective novel don’t count as reading (they do!), but I’m ready to get back into the habit of reading new (to me at least), mature (sorry, Harry Potter) and enticing (non-fiction isn’t my cup of tea) things.  Oh, and I found my Kindle, so that helps!

Here’s what’s on my current “booklist.”

Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan

This book caught my attention for two reasons.  One, it’s by the same author as Loving Frank, which I absolutely loved and two, Paula McLain had good things to say about it and if there’s one book I loved more than Loving Frank it was McLain’s The Paris Wife.  I take her opinion seriously.

Under the Wide

The Sun Also Rises by Earnest Hemingway

Methinks reading about Spain when I’m headed there in September will make me extra excited.  More excited than Rick Steves’ writing makes me (sorry, Steve!).  Plus, see above about my love for The Paris Wife and my subsequent interest in Hemingway.

The Sun

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Okay, totally meant to read this during the winter, but: lost Kindle, lost reading motivation, lost extra time.  Maybe reading a book with “snow” in the title in the dead of summer will help me cool down on those 100+ degree days?

Snow Child

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know anything about this book except that I’ve heard a million people sing its praises, so it must be good!  I’ve also heard that the ending is a real tearjerker so maybe I shouldn’t save this one to read on a public plane flight…


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Because everyone and their mom is reading it!

The Goldfinch

What’s on your booklist?




Easter Weekend Things

Happy Easter Sunday!  I saw someone on Instagram call it “Feaster” and I felt like that was a much more appropriate title to describe how I celebrate the holiday, so I think I’ll just call it that from now on.

We’ve turned a corner from last weekend’s snowstorm weather and are heading straight into summer this week (81 on Tuesday!).  It was 75 on Friday, so my mood was all sorts of good.  Also contributing to my Friday happiness was the big white blossoms on the tree outside my office window, being able to eat lunch outside and a night at the ballpark with some of my favorite people.



Joey was not into cooperating and taking a picture of everyone in the group, but he and Jory were also there.  After the game — we had great seats behind home plate and we won 12-1! — we walked over to where they were filming the post game show and ended up being on TV!  Joey’s waiting to get some TV deals out of it.



I spent most of the day Saturday with Hannah and my mom, doing some wedding hair and make up trials.  The bad news is that I really did not like my hair and the price was not right so I think I’m back to square one with that one, but the good news is that I really liked my make up.  Also, I managed to only have a minor anxiety attack about being late to the make up appointment after my hair stylist ran way behind and lunch took longer to pick up than I wanted it to.  I don’t know how anyone puts up with me.



Car picnics are the best, right?

Saturday ended at the Avs playoff game.  I’m sure I only looked slightly insane with my prom hair and make up.  Joey reminded me that a lot of people actually do get that made up on a daily basis so I felt better.  Turns out I kind of liked my hair better after I took it down and just let it hang in curls.  The game was actually really exciting!  And we won!  The first Avs win we’ve seen all year and thank god because I was seriously feeling the pressure to not be bad luck at a playoff game.




Feaster Sunday started like this.  I swear I was going to cook breakfast but then Joey suggested we go out and I was like “cooking?  what’s cooking?”  And out we went.  The key to going out to breakfast in Denver is to go early — as in before 9 AM — otherwise you’re going to be looking at a pretty long wait.  By the time we got to The Universal at 8:45 there was all kinds of empty tables.  Score!



Joey would not stop talking about how good the cornbread part of his cornbread rancheros were.  And he would also not stoping taking coffee refills.  You guys, he’s officially addicted.  I think I’m staging an intervention later this week and you’re all invited.  My scramble was meh and even more meh when I was mid 4-mile run.  So full!


Post run I mixed a bowl of flour and milk while watching New Girl (that show just keeps getting worse and worse…) because multi-tasking is where it’s at.  And because I insisted on bringing red velvet to the (F)Easter celebration this year.  I don’t think I’ve quite mastered the cooking time on cupcakes vs. a whole cake so these were a little on the overcooked side.  C’est la vie.



Now we’re parked on the couch — viva la lazy Sunday nights! — and I’m trying to convince Joey to let me play hooky tomorrow so I can spend the day with my sister for her birthday.  He’s not going for it…

Happy Sunday!


On Letting Go

Sometimes I get in these ruts of overthinking things and maybe caring too much about stuff.  I blame my incessant need to have the future overly planned out (hello, control issues!), but at times it gets to be more than I can handle.  Ahem, an example.

This weekend we’ve got Rockies game, Avs game, Easter baking, Easter celebrating, make up and hair trials for the wedding, then come the work week, it’s two more birthday celebrations and another Rockies game.  Whoa!  Already, my brain is like “when will I have time to work out?” “when will I have time to cook so that we have stuff to bring to work for lunch?” “when will I fit in that 4 mile run I promised I’d go on in an attempt to be ready for the Bolder Boulder next month?” “and when will I even have time to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the dessert I volunteered to make for Easter?!”

And I could spend a bunch of time incessantly planning out how to fit all of those things into the next few days, but… I just don’t want to.  It’s exhausting and a waste of what time I do have.  So what if I go 5 days without working out or GASP! have to buy lunch on the fly because I didn’t have time to put together a perfectly balanced meal at home.  I will live and life will go on.  Plus all those worrisome thoughts are just taking up space in my head that should only be filled with the idea of how much fun the next few days are going to be!  And sometimes, feeling out of control can be pretty freeing.

Life is about to get all kinds of busy.  Birthdays, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, actual weddings and vacations are all coming up fast and while my first instinct might be to go into a tailspin of anxiety, instead I’m going to remind myself that that’s a lot of incredibly exciting things to be busy with.  And that I might just have to give up some control in order to fully enjoy it all.

Happy Thursday, you all!


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