Weekend Things

Whew! Anyone else feel like life is moving just a little bit too fast right now? We have lots going on the next few weeks and then BAM, we’ll be on vacation at the beginning of November and then home and straight into the holidays?! Just reminding myself to breathe and slow down long enough to take it all in.

This busy baby was at Grandma’s on Friday but when he got back home, we took him in his car down the street to see some ghosts and bats. Lots of pointing ensued. Holiday decorations are so much fun this year, now that he can take them in! We made salmon and rice noodles for dinner and PLEASE, SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE RICE NOODLES!!!! Every dang time I make them, I end up with a sticky starchy mess. Dempsey didn’t mind and ate a ton of them. We were maybe going to watch a movie but when it’s Friday and you’re a parent, you’re just so tired by the end of the week that you can really only make it through a single episode of Ted Lasso. Whoa, that season finale was intense!

Saturday morning almond butter pancakes were a huge hit with Dempsey. I think he ate four?! Please note his new cheek bruise too. He is FEARLESS on our bed and we are constantly trying to catch him before he flings himself off of it but I was just a second too slow and he faceplanted on my nightstand 😬 I think I was more sad about it than he was though.

Spent his first naptime getting some stuff done outside. Mainly, planting our mums. Hopefully they get enough sun over there! After lunch, we strolled past the Harvest Festival that was happening at the nearby school but it was just a bunch of kids roaming around, so we headed to the park instead. Dempsey was truly in his happy place and my happy place is seeing him smile, so I was in mine too ❀

Post nap, #2, we put up a few Halloween decorations in the front yard, but I think Dempsey was more into the boxes than the actual dΓ©cor. We had evening plans to meet up with Hannah, Josh and the boys at Edgewater Public Market but Mason wasn’t feeling well so they had to take a raincheck. We were hooked on the idea though, so we still headed over. Tried the mac n cheese and pizza spots, which were good, but the sliders are still best. Dempsey was SO distracted by the group of people sitting behind us, so he wasn’t eating the best dinner but what can you do? He did love this chair however πŸ˜‚

After his bedtime, we queued up Dogtooth because we are Yorgos Lanthimos fans and it was the only one of his films we hadn’t seen. It was… uncomfortable to say the least. But very interesting! I do like when you find a director that has a small enough catalog that you can watch all of their movies and see the evolution of their style. That quick-paced inflectionless dialog has been there from the beginning!

Okay, Sunday went by way way too fast! I woke up, we saw a movie, it was bedtime. Or that’s how it felt at least. We picked up Sunny’s for breakfast and it’s now just part of my personality to order the same dish then complain about how big the chunks of cauliflower and potato are and how they’re not cooked all the way through. My parents came over later on, so we could go see a movie. Gonna have to wrap my head around not seeing every movie opening weekend now that I’m a parent, so Bond will have to wait because we were just getting around to Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Gosh, what a ridiculous film! I thoroughly enjoyed myself πŸ˜‚ I should’ve known but I didn’t know Tom Hardy also voices Venom and I love that!

Back at home, Dempsey’s second nap was not going to plan, so we didn’t have as much time to get some stuff done as we thought we were going to. First birthday party plan refining/Cowboys game watching/indoor Halloween decorating and dinner all had to be just a bit rushed. Not exactly ideal, but again, what can you do? Quinoa was on the dinner menu and someone was having a fun time making a mess with it πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ And he also put a beet on his forehead at some point. What a ham!

Please tell me what you were up to this weekend πŸ™‚

Weekend Things

Hey, it’s October! Just going to spend the entire month thinking about last October when I was very pregnant and waiting for the biggest and best change of my life ❀ In other news, Dempsey’s sleep has been so rocky lately and I am in a very anxious place about it all. Seems he’s fighting every nap and bedtime lately and I swear I can hear him crying even when he’s not crying. Just wanted to be real about my mental space, lest you should look at my Instagram account and think it is all perfect over here. I’m chalking it up to a stuffy nose, an uptick in separation anxiety at this age and whatever else is going on in the ever-changing brain of a baby. We’ll make it through, but dang, I’m struggling.

A Friday birthday dinner for Uncle Adam! Chad made this New Orleans cemetery for his front yard and it looks amazing! There’s also a skeleton biker on a motorcycle on the other side of the yard and Dempsey wasn’t really sure what to make of it πŸ˜‚ Baby’s first lasagna! And yes, that is a bruise on his forehead from when Mom let him fall 😒 We tried to start a movie when we got home but someone was not having any of that going to bed business, so we gave up on that plan.

Saturday morning we set out on another leaf peeping adventure! We pulled over just outside of Bailey for a back-of-the-car breakfast and Dempsey was very excited when he discovered he could pull himself up in the trunk πŸ˜‚

Get this, he fell asleep shortly after we got back on the road, so we decided to drive past Kenosha (our original destination) and head through Boreas Pass. I’m so glad we did because it was glorious!!!! I think we were just a week or two past prime viewing but there were still plenty of beautiful trees to see. Boreas is, in fact, an extremely bumpy dirt road and yet, Demps slept through almost the entire pass πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ In the end, Kenosha was maybe the most boring part of the whole drive. There were about a million cars parked along the road though!

One last stop at Outer Range for lunch x3 and beers for the adults. The weather was perfect and I hadn’t been there in a few years (since before the expansion) and was amazed at how much of a one-stop-shop it is now! Dempsey chowed down on a tofu veggie bowl we got him and was straight eating mushrooms right from Joey’s hand with his mouth πŸ˜‚ He was having fun checking out all the dogs there too! Did a quick parking lot photo shoot before we hit the road for home and someone was being a total goof!

We all took naps once we got back home and I felt semi-revived afterward. Leftovers for dinner later on and then, once we finally got that kiddo to sleep, we actually got to watch our movie. Glad we finally got around to watching The Sopranos last year during quarantine! I felt like this movie was stuck between being about Dickie Moltisanti and being about young Tony Soprano and the two storylines didn’t really go together. Almost wish it had been MORE about Tony or not about him at all! I was totally rolling my eyes at Ray Liotta in the beginning and by the end, I really loved his performance. I feel mixed about it overall. Really liked some stuff, really didn’t like other stuff.

Just a laid back Sunday that started with whole wheat buttermilk waffles for all. Afterward, Joey had another appointment at the Stretch Lab and I had plans to just relax but Dempsey was NOT having naptime despite being so tired so I ended up holding him and I haven’t had to do that in so long! I tried putting him in his crib at noon and he was immediately awake and crying. Whyyyy? I let Joey take over so I could sneak in a run. It’s definitely nice when it’s cool enough all day to go on a noontime run!

Later that afternoon, Dempsey played with his new favorite toy, a pumpkin decoration and we did a few chores before heading over to my parents’ for dinner. My mom got toys and a new rug all for that Dempsey boy. Isn’t she the best?? I think Huni’s ears were his favorite toy though πŸ˜‚ We ate pulled pork tacos with rice and Chantilly for dessert, then headed back home. It’d been too long since I’d seen my sis and Wayne and I already miss them again!

Dempsey only cried for ten-ish minutes at bedtime, so I’ll take it and then we watched the season finale of Mr. Corman. Only took us the entire season to call it the right thing πŸ˜‚ Afterward, Apple TV+ suggested this animated short and I knew I should never trust animated things to not make me cry!!! Very good but very sad. Hope you all had a nice weekend!