Weekend Things: St. Patrick’s Day & Other Fun

I need to begin by telling you I caught a cold last week, so when Friday rolled around we decided to stay in, heat up leftover Shepherd’s Pie for dinner and watch a movie.  I’m not actually sure those two things are related but it sounded like a good excuse for our boringness.  Fridays are weird because we are home by 5:30 and if we don’t have plans, I’m like “what are we supposed to do till it’s acceptable couch and pajama time??”  Feels extra weird now that the sun is out later and being hunkered down for the night while it’s still fully bright outside seems WRONG.

Help, what do you do after work on a Friday?! 😛


Right when we got home, we went outside and peeped the very beginning of tulip season in our very own backyard!  I don’t know why, but I was skeptical that they’d actually bloom so I was very excited to be wrong.  Anyway, dinner was delicious and Coco was so so good!  Not only is the animation straight breathtaking (ALL THOSE COLORS!) but the story and the display of Mexican culture is so lovely.  We really loved it and I think I sang “Remember Me” for the rest of the weekend.


I had a semi-early Saturday facial to get to so I ate breakfast, picked up an iced coffee and headed into Louisville.  Felt so good to reset even if traffic heading back into Denver is always THE WORST.  Why??


Back at home, I found Joey in the backyard reading and we made a spontaneous decision to go grab lunch before forcing ourselves to go to the grocery.  We got caught in St. Patrick’s Day Parade traffic (ugh!) but eventually made it to Call, where we had perfect patio weather and really good (albeit sort of pricey) food.  Ginger-turmeric tonic and mushroom tartine for me, chopped salad to share and a chicken salad sandwich and beer for Joey.  I think we were both in our happy place.


We were having dinner at my parents’ later on and decided to do like we did last year and stop at Four Noses beforehand.  I got a hybrid IPA and I have no idea what that means, I just know it was damn good!  Mom killed it as usual with the corned beef and cabbage and then she served us Green Velvet cupcakes and I was full like whoa but it was so worth it.


Sunday started with Joey making me lemon poppyseed pancakes and he somehow timed it perfect with coffee, so everything was ready at the same time.  So I guess what I’m saying is, I give up my weekend pancake-making duties forever.  Oh and we totally went on an outdoor run both Saturday AND Sunday!  I used to work out on back to back (to back to back) days all the time, but I sort of stopped at some point and it’s been just fine.  This is all to say both ways can be okay depending on what feels right for you right now  🙂

The rest of the day was spent making lunch salads, baking a quiche (why don’t I do this more often?!) and finishing Lily and the Octopus.  I was full on crying at the end while Joey was sitting next to me eating chips and salsa, completely unaware of the emotional moment I was having, ha!  We ended Sunday with pizza, family birthdays and SNOW!  What??  How??  Must be spring in Colorado!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Things

This morning I had a cavity filled and last night I broke the glass container I brew kombucha in and all 14 cups of liquid leaked out in my kitchen.  These sound like bad things, but really, the rest of the weekend was a good one and if you already had to pull everything out of the drawer and cabinet plus move the fridge and mop the floor three times then things can only go up from here.


Saw our very last Best Picture nominee on Friday night and look, Darkest Hour is very interesting from a historical standpoint and I guess Gary Oldman was good?  But I actually have no idea what Winston Churchill was like so who knows if his performance was uncanny or not.  I guess I was getting too many Fat Bastard vibes from both the makeup and the personal hygiene to really enjoy the film.  Also, there were so many underground scenes that had me craving sunlight afterwards.  The train scene was a pure delight though ♥

How strange that there happened to be two movies about Dunkirk this year!


Saturday morning, Joey felt like making eggs, hash browns and toast, so since I was on my own, I made Joy the Baker’s “Single Lady Pancake” and look, I’m never not making ONE GIANT PANCAKE ever again!  Okay, not really but this big fluffy pancake was very fun to eat.  Afterwards, we drove up to Windsor to watch my nephew’s basketball game and it wasn’t until I saw him standing next to other kids his age that I realized how tall he is!  Joey caught a video of him making a basket!  Also got to soak up some time with my niece and sister-in-law.  Gennaro’s team won 29-4!


We spent the rest of the day with Lori and Adam, seeing the Oscar Nominated Shorts.  The animated shorts were up first and I thought they were sort of lackluster this year.  I really enjoyed the animation and bittersweet tone of “Negative Space” and “Revolting Rhymes,” which is based on a Roald Dahl book and weaves a bunch of fairy tales together, was creative and such fun to watch but overall, we weren’t blown away.  Also, a group of young guys behind me talked through THE ENTIRE THING.  Ugh!

The live action shorts were SO INTENSE.  They usually are but this year’s nominees seemed heavier than usual.  We went from school shooting to the story of a deaf child to the night of Emmett Till’s abduction when they threw a funny one in and I’ve never been so ready for a laugh.  I think my very favorite was “The Silent Child” though honestly, they were all very powerful and well done.  Afterwards, we put our hearts back together with pasta at Dio Mio.  It was a busy Saturday night but we were able to grab a table fairly quickly and my cocktail and rotolo were so so good.  I truly love that place!


Aside from the giant mess I made, Sunday included breakfast at Stowaway (I heard the guy at the table next to us say he hadn’t been in in a while and his significant other snapped “it’s only been two weeks!” but hey, that sounds like “a while” to me too :P), grocery shopping, salad prepping, cookie baking and dinner making.  Oh and it was absolutely lovely outside (except for the wind…) so we went for a run and how is it possible that it was my first outdoor run of the year?!

I guess it’s a good thing that quiche took so long to bake because it gave us time to clean up the kitchen.  Oy!  How was your weekend?