Oscar Weekend Things

Well.  I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  I woke up this morning, thinking “wait, did that really happen??”  Did they really announce La La Land as the Best Picture winner, only to figure out Moonlight actually won, after the entire La La Land crew was already standing up on stage, giving their acceptance speech??  What is even happening?

I am simultaneously amused and horrified because, in all seriousness, how unfortunate and sad for both films that it happened that way.  And also because that disaster overshadows the real star of the show… that Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud.  Kidding (because: Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Kevin O’Connell finally winning after 21 nominations) but also not kidding because I was laughing so hard at that We Bought a Zoo/orchestra playing over his speech bit.  Too good, too good.


Back on Friday, I started the weekend in the best (lamest?) way.  Aka by taking a nap.  That work week was too much for me, I guess.  But afterwards we rallied with Melvin beers and Loving.  Honestly, I just didn’t feel like the film did the true story justice.  It all felt very downplayed.  And look, I just could not stop focusing on how bad Joel Edgerton’s bleached hair was.  It was very distracting.


Saturday started with the fluffiest pancakes and the prettiest tulips.  Full Disclosure: I actually wanted to make these, but buttermilk always does me wrong, so we had to move to Plan B which actually wasn’t a downgrade at all because I love these and hadn’t made them in too long.  And also, those tulips are actually from Friday but they got moved to our room on Saturday and they just looked SO BEAUTIFUL in the light from my window.

Other Saturday plans included a trip to the gym (I ran four whole miles and lived through it), Target, the grocery store, lounging, reading and maybe watching the critically acclaimed movie Step Up before we had dinner with my mom, sister and Wayne at Fire on the Mountain.  Alls I know is wings, fries, beer and a table of family made my heart so happy.  We may have watched Sausage Party afterwards, so just some excellent movie viewing going on that day.


Sunday started with a family breakfast and Baby Roman was looking too cute for words.  Isn’t it crazy how quickly babies/kids change??  Last time we saw Roman he was just a little lump and now he’s holding his head up, looking around, SMILING.  Just wow!  Afterwards, not gonna lie, we napped.  But then we got ourselves together and did all that “Sunday stuff,” aka lunch salad prep, making shrimp stock, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom (which is the worst chore EVER) before the awards started.

All envelope fiascos aside, I beat Joey at both the at-home ballot and Oscar Bingo so I’m probably the real winner of the night, right?

Did you watch?  Are you still in disbelief?  What was your favorite moment?  Tell me, please!

And in with 2017

Joey and I have very different ideas of the perfect New Year’s Eve.  While his involves friends, family or crowds in general, and doing something that really feels big and celebratory, mine involves a good meal and some kind of low-key activity that allows me to be in my bed shortly after midnight.

I felt like we’d been doing that celebratory thing for years and I was ready for a quieter start to the new year.  (Go figure that the one year we didn’t have solid NYE plans was the year it landed on a Saturday night.)  So I made a dinner res, we picked a movie, chose a brewery within walking distance to that movie and lo and behold, we ended the night in our pajamas in our very own living room.  Hardly exciting, but to me, it was so perfect.


You may not have NYE plans, but if your nails look like you do, then it’s all good // Dinner at ChoLon involved those French Onion Soup dumplings and we haven’t stopped talking about them since // Post-Rogue One beers at New Image Brewing // Starting 2017 with my #1: PRICELESS


I’ve started many New Year’s Days with a hangover so starting one with coffee, waffles and Harry Potter is much preferred.  My sister and Wayne got us a waffle maker for Christmas and we had major success using it.  I think it’s all in that flip feature.  Harry Potter Weekend is what I live for ♥  I feel like I usually catch the last 4 movies, but I caught the first four (they skipped MY FAVORITE one: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I was only semi-livid about it) and I forgot A) how teensy they all were when the series started and B) how good the third movie is!

 Let’s hear it for the families who celebrate actual New Year’s Day.  My mom pulled out all the stops — Mom, aren’t you exhausted after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s?! — and I made an actual gluten-free/dairy-free pie that tasted pretty good and, more importantly, looked beautiful.  Pretty proud, in case you couldn’t tell.  Afterwards we all watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and for a second I forgot how shitty the end of 2016 was and felt like 2017 might be alright.

My resolution is to take more human face photos — which doesn’t necessarily mean less food photos — and I think I’m starting out strong.


We started the Monday that felt like a Sunday with breakfast at Stowaway.  I got a Mushroom + Thyme Tartine and holy moly, it was so good.  I’d like that for breakfast every day forever, thank you.  Mostly Monday was a quiet day of grocery shopping, black-eyed pea cooking (for good luck in the new year!), getting my haircut and watching When Harry Met Sally.  Because, even though Carrie Fisher is probably best known as Princess Leia, let’s not forget she was also Rolodex-toting, “he’s never going to leave her”-repeating Marie, who “will never want that wagon wheel table” and I love her so much for that role.  Please let all the good food in this post be a sign of things to come in 2017.

2017, please be kind to us.