Memorial Day Weekend Things

If it’s Friday and you’re making the spontaneous decision to go eat the best Detroit-style pizza before watching the Rockies beat the Cardinals 10-0 or it’s Saturday and you’re making pancakes in your pajamas, going shopping then having a kombucha date or it’s Sunday and you’re ordering a Bloody Mary then planting a flower garden and making a blueberry upside-down cake or it’s Monday and you’re running the Bolder Boulder, power-napping, BBQing and teaching your niece and nephew how to play Sardines…. OR it’s Tuesday and you’re tired and sore and sunburnt and feeling like you need a day off to recover from your day off, then it must have been Memorial Day Weekend!

Please know that I normally do not condone this type of run-on sentence, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  


Has pizza in the fridge but goes out for pizza: a Lauren Dorsey story.

The little boy next to Joey asked “are sunflower seeds healthy?” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel very sad, but Rockies won and I know how to feel about that!


Seems important to have a go-to, pantry-staple pancake recipe and I think this one for Whole Wheat Pancakes might be it.

Grocery shopped then clothes shopped (and Joey picked out both dresses I bought!) before having a kombucha date/monthly meeting re: stuff happening in June and how we did (or didn’t…) stick to our May budget.  Injoycha Açai Hibiscus Guarana Jun for president best booch flavor!


Checked out Brazen for brunch and I know those chilaquiles look amazing but we were pretty unimpressed with the whole experience.  You win some, you lose some.

Made another upside-down cake, but with blueberries and lemon (instead of cherries and lime) and gosh do I love this recipe!


Mostly wanna tell/show you THIS!  

Planted little flowering bushes, re-seeded some veggies in our garden boxes, planted tomatoes & peppers… and a flower garden!!!  Bought about 3x as many flowers as last year and it’s looking so good and cute.  Fingers crossed that it all stays that way!


Felt like I could have used an extra three hours of sleep but we drove into Boulder and ran that BB10K and had the best weather.  We piggybacked to the finish line, thinking it would make for a fun picture but joke’s on me because now my finishing time isn’t registering…

BTW, it was our EIGHTH Bolder Boulder, wowza!


Post-10K, we got iced coffee, napped, cleaned ourselves and our house up, then had our families over for some Memorial Day BBQ action.  

Mom brought the guac to end all guacs (+ coleslaw and brownies!), I made our favorite cornbread + my new go-to potato salad (and that cake!), Joey grilled some chicken to perfection and Lori made an amazing pizza cookie.  So yeah, I ate all three desserts and felt very good about that life decision ♥   

We also watched Space Jam (that soundtrack though!), too many episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Blue is the Warmest Color (which is 3-hours long with subtitles, oy!) and even though I’d like to be at home sleeping right now, at least there’s freshly made iced coffee and book club to make today a little easier.  How was your Memorial Day Weekend??

Weekend Things

If I told you the best parts of the weekend were making friends with a group of regulars at The Med just so we could snag their table after they left, eating a slice of cherry upside down cake while watching The Little Mermaid and laying in a bunch of sample beds until it stopped feeling weird and started being a little too fun, would you need more explanation?


On Friday, the snow clouds rolled into Boulder the same time we did, but we had plans to celebrate my sister getting a new job with happy hour at The Med and snow wasn’t going to stop us.  We also neglected to make a reservation for our party of six and were quoted 1 1/2-2 hours for a table.

There was ONE big table in the bar so Joey, Wayne, my sister and I were hovering and ready to pounce, when we overheard someone at the table explaining “when we start getting our checks and you can see people closing in, pretending to look off in the distance but they’re really waiting for us to leave” and Joey turned around and said “you pegged us!”  And next thing we knew, they had invited us to sit down with them while they finished their drinks.  They’ve been having drinks at The Med every Friday for 20 years!

So with our prize table in hand, we proceeded to eat, drink and be merry.  Such a fun and perfect night with my family ♥   Also, Joey and I went home and watched A Goofy Movie afterwards, so doesn’t get much better than that.  I maybe fell asleep but woke up in time to sing along with “I2I.”


On Saturday, I woke up to Joey saying “those meteorologists weren’t kidding with the snow!”  It was coming DOWN.  So we did what you do on snowy Saturday mornings: make oatmeal and drink too much coffee on the couch in your pajamas.  Truth: I felt SO OUT OF IT all morning and couldn’t figure out why or how to make it stop.  Eventually decided to take a trip to the gym, ran on the treadmill and felt 100% better afterwards.  I like to call that feeling a “brain cloud” a la Joe Versus the Volcano and if you get that reference, let’s be friends forever.

Treated ourselves to lunch at il Porcellino afterwards and we’ve officially added a new weekend sandwich shop to our arsenal because that lunch was goooood.  Then a quick trip to the grocery for snow day necessities.  The world’s biggest sweet potato, a can of refried beans and three (unpictured) chapsticks is all you need in desperate times, okay?


Should probably tell you how we sat on the couch and read for an hour and how it felt really good and perfect, but let’s just get to the crowing jewel of my life of the night: EASY ONE-BOWL UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE!  I’ve had the recipe pinned for a month and am trying to be better about baking stuff and enjoying it instead of playing that mind game where I convince myself I don’t “need” to be eating dessert for no reason.  Life’s too short, ya know?  And this cake’s too good!  The recipe mostly makes it sound like “anyone can make this!” but I’m still going to feel crazy impressed with myself for how perfectly it came out.  Also, sweetened whipped sour cream on cake??  So good, who knew!

We watched Harold and Maude during dinner because I’d never seen it and I have a feeling that movie would not fly (especially as a comedy) in this day and age — we’re all a little more easily offended, aren’t we? — but I kinda liked it and the soundtrack is real good.  Followed that macabre vibe up with something a little lighter, aka The Little Mermaid.  Joey fell asleep and I had to try really hard not to sing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” loudly into his ear.


Sunday was a magical day that felt like it had a million hours in it, so we could fit in breakfast at Devil’s Food (first time and we already have plans to go back next weekend!), grocery, laundry, food prep, buying a new mattress, watching the Rockies game, cleaning the entire kitchen/bathroom, making dinner and still getting in bed early enough to read.  Can all Sundays feel that long, please?

Mattress shopping is the weirdest experience!  You go to a big store and just pretend to sleep in a bunch of different beds with strangers who are also doing the same thing.  We maybe also had too much fun and were just about to ask if they had any glasses of wine so we could test out that jumping on the bed thing but decided to hold back.  I thought buying a house together or getting married would be the “real adult couple” experience, but nope, it came when we bought a new mattress together!  😛

In other news, this post is way too long and I’m way too happy that it’s May!  Wishing you a Happy Monday!