Weekend Things

Joey was out of town this weekend and that was sad, but here’s some things that weren’t: Friday pizza night with my Mom and sister, Saturday morning yoga followed by two hours of reading in the backyard, a pink-red mani, wings and gelato at my parents’, a 5-mile run and playing fetch with my doggy, pretty tulips and perfect weekend weather ♥


Thursday night, I gazed at tulips, walked Andi, poured myself a lavender soda and started watching Captain America: Civil War.  Guys, I just want to see Avengers: Infinity War so I can be part of the pop culture conversation, but I have some work to do because I saw Iron Man in 2008 and Black Panther in February and nothing in between (actually, I’ve seen like 80% of Guardians of the Galaxy but we left early to avoid Film on the Rocks traffic, ha!).  I only made it half way through the movie though because it’s many many hours long and it was a school night.


I was going to be lame and have Hermit Night on Friday but then my mom and sister wanted pizza so out we went!  I made a list of like six pizza places we could go to, but we decided on Cart-Driver and I was so happy to introduce them to that little shipping container that busts out the best wood-fired pizza.  My sister suggested we do weekly Sister Dinners in Denver and I am so down with that idea!  Oh and my mom just got back from New Orleans (she got there they day after I left!) and brought back presents.  She is truly the best ♥

Back at home, I finished my movie and hey, I thought it was really good!  It’s ten years later but Iron Man is somehow still cool?  And I really appreciated that scene where Captain America is holding onto a helicopter with one hand and a building with the other and it was just a long shot of Chris Evans’ flexed biceps.  So subtle.


Saturday!  The best day!  I woke up and ate pancakes before taking myself to a hot yoga class.  The fitness class next door was BLASTING their music and at the end of yoga my teacher said “Bow your head and say ‘Namaste.’  May you be free.  Free from pain, free from suffering and free from bass in your face.”  I thought it was so funny!  The library was only a few block from the yoga studio so I walked there to return a few books and pick up our May book club pick, then I got iced coffee and it all felt too good to be true.

Back at home, I parked it in the backyard to start a very important re-read and hold a cute pup on my lap.  His face looking up into the sun pretty much sums up how we both felt about basking in the summer-like weather.  By the way, I know it seems like I’m always watching/reading Harry Potter but this is seriously only the second time I’ve read books 4-7.  I’ve read the first one like eight times though 😛


Sorry not sorry for showing you so many tulip photos but can you even believe that feathery one??  I realized I had booked a 5 PM manicure and the Kentucky Derby was set to go off at 4:50, so I anxiously stood in the living room, ready to RUN out the door afterwards.  I told Joey — who was in Vegas — to bet on Justified but he didn’t listen and lost it all.  I made it to my appointment right on time (phew!) and took my sister’s suggestion to go red (plus the color was called Emily and I felt like my cousin would approve) then I dashed over to my parents’ for dinner.  My mom was sick and still managed to make two different types of wings, roasted Brussels sprouts and mac and cheese.  We had Talenti for dessert and it was better than most ice cream I’ve eaten in my life.


I went for a run Sunday morning and though I didn’t beat my time from the week before, I’m still loving these longer weekend runs 🙂  Came back to Banana Bread Overnight Oats, iced coffee, a new Cooking Light and… TULIPS.  Also gave Andi a bath then let him dry off outside in the sun.  Later on, we went back inside to watch the Rockies game (SWEEP!), cook beans, make California Caprese Bowls for lunch this week and start laundry.  Joey made it back home and we got to catch up outside — “tell me all the things you ate while I was gone” is a real thing he said to me — before heating up leftover wings and grilling some zucchini for dinner.  We started watching Thor Ragnarok and oh my god, I heard it was funny but it’s really funny.

It was nice all weekend, it’s going to be nice all week and I am fully in the summer spirit so I am pretending it’s not going to be chilly and rainy this weekend.

Easter Weekend Things

Or, if you ate like a queen this weekend, you call this FEASTER WEEKEND!


We had my sister over on Friday for pizza and then, because it felt like a special occasion, I also made a “hand salad.”  It was actually pretty good but mostly it was just funny to call it hand salad!  We did our cast-iron method for the pizza and, as always, it was SO DAMN DELICIOUS.

P.S. Joey made us go full out grocery shopping before my sister came over!

P.P.S. My sister and I each had a glass of rosé with dinner and woke up with headaches.  We’re so fun!


Saturday morning pancakes, followed by a run and reading on the front porch.  I’ve been trying to get Joey to read the Harry Potter books for like 10 years but as soon as Binge Mode announces a HP podcast series, he’s on it.  Going to try not to be offended by that and just be glad that he’ll understand my references to Dobby or the Whomping Willow now.  I just started Pachinko and am really liking it so far!


After we cooled down from our run and realized it wasn’t all that warm outside, we cleaned up and got lunch sandwiches at Weathervane Café.  I almost decided to be financially responsible and just eat leftovers we had in the fridge but Joey pointed out that I’d been saying I wanted to try Weathervane for lunch and leaving the house did sound way more fun.  That sriracha aoili, pickled onion and smoked ham combo on soft ciabatta did not disappoint!

Back at home, we sort of chilled out for a few hours and I baked a cake for Easter dessert but then we had evening plans.


Celebrated Joey’s birthday with dinner at Hedge Row and while we’re sort of out on Cherry Creek and this place was nowhere near full so who knows if it will make it, we had a good time and really enjoyed the food.  Mainly, shrimp hushpuppies and sticky toffee pudding!  I wish the lag time between apps and entrées had been shorter and my grits could have gone from good to great with just a bit more seasoning but nothing was a true disappointment and we ended on a good note with that dessert ♥

Went home and started Star Wars: The Last Jedi but we’re old so we only made it through half and uhhh, it’s not the best so far.  Does it get better??


Easter Sunday started at Stowaway with Adam and Lori.  How had we never taken them to my very favorite place before?!  And then we had a super relaxing day of leisurely making lunch salads, reading, watching Harry Potter (because Joey needs to watch the movies as he finishes the books, obviously) and doing a little bit of yoga before heading over to my parents’ for dinner.  You guys, not only did my mom fill an Easter basket with Heart Coffee, chocolate, all kinds of amazing smelling soaps and the best potato chips but she also knocked it so far out of the park on dinner!  I claimed it one of her best holiday meals EVER.

And not to brag, but I also sort of nailed dessert.  I saw this Orange-Almond Cake in the latest Cooking Light and it was gluten and dairy-free so I thought it’d be perfect for Easter but I also had low expectations because it was gluten and dairy-free AND because it was in Cooking Light.  But then it was INCREDIBLE!  So moist and perfectly sweet!  I was very very impressed.  Also made Cashew Ice Cream for the second year in a row and OHMYGOD it’s so rich and delicious.

I hope your weekend was equally wonderful 🙂