The 3rd of July

Right now, my brain is a jumble of thoughts like, “wait, what day is it??”  “Which member of the family has a teeth cleaning today??”  “Will I have this headache forever??”  “Were the past three days real or just a perfect dream??”  We spent two days in a tiny house village and it was the most entertaining!  Bobby and Becca got married and the wedding was SO perfect!   The 4th of July was low key, with spur of the moment dessert plans and our dog didn’t give a $&!% about firework noises.  So despite how discombobulated I feel, everything is actually very fine and good.


The wedding was in Lyons, so Joey and I decided to make a mini-vacation of it and spend a few nights up there.  We headed up Monday night, where we proceeded to check into our tiny house and were SO delighted by it!  I think we’d been there all of two minutes when I proclaimed “I live here now!”  In all seriousness, staying here was the most fun… but only for two nights 😛

Afterwards, we walked to dinner.  We had our hearts SET on this taqueria for WEEKS but found out that morning that it’s closed on Mondays!  WHY?!  But it was okay because Oskar Blues was our back up and despite it’s mediocre star rating on Yelp, it was actually really great.  I loved my beer and the fish tacos were perfectly fried and had an amazing buttermilk sauce.  Only acted slightly like children when we got back to our tiny house but to be fair, any space with a ladder, is a space not to take yourself too seriously in.


Saturday morning, we walked over to The Stone Cup and had an impressive-for-a-coffee-shop breakfast of Huevos Rancheros x2 then did a little bit of exploring at the LaVern M. Johnson Park.  That water was FRIGID, but it was very hot outside and we could not bear the thought of walking all the way back to our village so we forded the river, like the true adventurers we are.  We also walked into town so Joey could eat a triple scoop of ice cream (“you only let me have three scoops yesterday!” is a real thing he said to me the next day…) but mostly the day was really low-key and I even finished Order of the Phoenix and moved onto Half-Blood Prince!


The wedding started at 4 PM and what can I say except that it was PERFECT ♥  So well organized, so pretty (The Lyons Farmette is just lovely!) and just so full of love.  Not to be too sappy, but witnessing this couple’s love for each other and all their family and friends’ love for them was truly incredible.  I felt so honored to be a part of it and just so happy for the two of them.  Also drank approximately 50 glasses of wine, danced to Backstreet Boys, petted an alpaca and just had thee most fun.

Also, Marriage Advice: Find someone who wants to act a fool on the dance floor as much as you do!


Honestly, this 4th of July felt so weird!  Everyone on was out celebrating and I just felt like “but the big celebration was yesterday!”  Our 4th of July felt like a haphazardly thrown together afterthought, but that being said, it was actually really great.  A couple of weeks ago I was considering prepping some ribs ahead of time so we could grill but then Joey told me he’d round up a few meal options and we could just decide day-of what we felt like.  HE’S A GODSEND.

We ended up feeling like pizza so, after picking up breakfast burritos for the road, retrieving Andi from my parents, inspecting our garden (snap peas looking good!) and resting for a bit, we headed to Whole Foods for pizza ingredients and made the spontaneous decision to try no-churn ice cream for dessert.  It all turned out even better than expected!  We did one red sauce/mozzarella/roasted garlic/black olive/basil pizza and one olive oil/mozzarella/fig/goat cheese/arugula/walnut pizza (+ shishitos grilled to perfection) and I loved both so much.  Plus, the ice cream turned out SO GOOD.  It was MEGA-CREAMY and we threw some peppermint extract (1 teaspoon) and mini chocolate chips in.  This feels life-changing!  Also, our neighbors set off fireworks late into the night but Andi didn’t even lift his head at any of them.  THANK GOD.

I hope you all had the best 4th of July but for me, it was all about the 3rd 🙂


I woke up on Sunday and didn’t feel like getting up and getting dressed and going out into the world quite yet, despite making plans the night before to do just that.  What I needed was pajamas and coffee and pancakes at home, so that’s what we did.

We took our pup to the vet for the first time and I was nervous.  He barks at other dogs, he snaps at unfamiliar humans, there was all the potential for disaster.  But, it was all fine.  He didn’t bark at a single dog, he let the vet assistant carry him into the back for shots, he cooperated for the vet who thinks his behavioral problems are all protective.

Back at home, I sauteed chard for Joey’s lunch and chopped up speckled leaf lettuce for my own and marveled at being able to pick greens from your own backyard.  We ate, we watched TV, we roasted sweet potatoes and felt thankful for cooler weather while we had the oven on.  We watched as a storm rolled in and sheets of rain and hail poured down.  Good thing we had that sprinkler system put in the day before, huh?


At 2, we decided Sunday chores that were half finished could wait a couple of hours, and took ourselves to American Cultures for a kombucha date.  We looked through our calendar for July, wrapped our heads around already set plans, suggested new ones and reflected on how good the summer has felt so far.  Then we parted ways so Joey could run errands and get a car wash and I could go to Base Coat.

The storm had moved out, the sun was shining and it felt like perfect evening running weather.  The air felt so fresh that I hardly minded a few muddy spots and when I got back, Joey had finished lunches for the week, laundry and a new batch of iced coffee ♥  We almost always cook on Sunday nights, but pizza felt right so we headed to Pizzeria Lui and when it was unexpectedly closed, we rerouted to Cart-Driver for two seats in the courtyard, drinks, a very good chopped salad and a perfectly spicy pizza.

Afterwards, we walked our dog and finished watching V for Vendetta (it was my first time watching and I liked it a lot!) before climbing into bed to read.  A very good end to a very good Sunday.