Weekend Things

This weekend was unexpectedly perfect.  It started with post-work patio beers and ended with a twinkle light backyard dinner and sandwiched in between was Hannah and Her Sisters, a Saturday morning run, THE BEST NIGHT at the Denver Mart Drive-In, donuts, a day date to the museum and lots of time for just chilling out and reading a book.  Like I said, unexpectedly perfect!





We skipped out of work early on Friday in favor of a beer on the patio at Epic Brewing.  My Hopulent IPA was magical and Joey’s Imperial Red Ale was pretty good too!  It was sunny but sprinkling at the same time?  We don’t know about you, Colorado weather, but it was okay because the patio had big umbrellas.  We went home afterwards and cooked ourselves a steak dinner.  Still “hmm”-ing over the flavor of green tomatoes but Joey cooked that steak to pure perfection.

Did you see that #Fave7Films thing on Twitter a few weeks ago?  I saw a few lists that included Hannah and Her Sisters and felt like I needed to see it.  We couldn’t find it on Netflix but Joey surprised me by ordering it online.  Then he made me this dessert that I’d been hinting at all week and I was like WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS PERSON?! ♥♥♥





Saturday morning, we went for a run then hung out for most of the day (though we did fit in some yard clean-up and a trip to the grocery store) before heading out to the main event… THE DRIVE-IN!  I was totally going to be a financially responsible adult and eat the leftovers we had in the fridge but then Illegal Pete’s sounded just so much better.  And it was!

Also, our guest room mattress fit perfectly in the back of the truck.  It’s a double feature, so we got to Kubo and the Two Strings and Ghostbusters.  Guys, I think a giant animated beetle is my favorite role ever for Matthew McConaughey and GB wasn’t terrible.  I kind of loved Melissa McCarthy in it.  But mostly, I loved this perfect summer night🙂






Joey was out running 8 miles on Sunday morning and I felt like the least I could do was make the donuts he mentioned he was craving.  But really, going from pajamas to apron isn’t a terrible way to start the day and neither is a donut as a breakfast appetizer.  Later on, we biked over to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which I seriously adore.  It’s small enough to make your way through before museum fatigue sets in, crowd-free and the rooftop café is Denver’s best kept secret.  But let’s keep it that way okay?  The views are A+++ and how is it that a place without an actual kitchen can produce food that good?!

Post-museum, Joey napped, I read, all was good.  I also took a nightmare trip to the Cherry Creek Whole Foods and I will NEVER go there on a Sunday evening ever again.  Apart from that, this weekend was just too good.  The weather, the food, the activities.  Felt so good to let August go out on such a good note.  TELL ME WHAT YOU DID!

Weekend Things

You know when you’re just minding your own business, doing things like bottling your very own kombucha, or harvesting patty pan squash from your very own garden and then you remember “I never posted about last weekend!!!”??  Or is that just me?


It was chilly and rainy on Friday so when Joey suggested we see a movie, I was like “BRILLIANT!”  I had been wanting to see Captain Fantastic for weeks and it was playing at our favorite theater so it was a no-brainer.  There was a line outside the ticket booth and I’ve never seen that happen before!  My thoughts on the movie could be a post in itself but I’ll just be brief and say SEE IT!  It was so beautiful and thought-provoking.  We absolutely loved it.




Saturday involved pancakes, a mid-morning run, a trip to the Farmers’ Market (where I bought thee best peaches I’ve ever tasted and I’m not even exaggerating!) a quick trip to the grocery store so I could make this pistachio-yogurt sauce (TO DIE FOR) and basically just working my entire day around the men’s 10m diving events.  We ended the day at the annual “Zehnder Bash.”  I drank something greenish from an unmarked drink dispenser, so that’s where I am in life.

Right now, I’m realizing how hard it is to put together the details of stuff that happened five days ago and mostly thinking “is that what we did on Saturday??” 



On Sunday, Joey and I grabbed breakfast sandwiches and Bloodies at Port Side then chilled out till I left for Girls Day with my mom and sister.  We walked over to Base Coat — my mom had never been and we wanted her to experience the pure bliss! — and got our nails done.  Just know that my sister picked my polish color and it’s called “Brunch.”



Back at home, I real quick made some graham crackers for s’mores (that I still haven’t actually made…) then tackled a quick dinner of BLT lettuce wraps and grilled corn with Crema and it was easily the best corn we’ve had all summer.  Then we watched the Closing Ceremony and cried and cried because “4 MORE YEARS!” has a totally different and sad meaning when you’re talking about the Summer Olympics.  Actually, we laughed when the Japanese Prime Minister Mario-ed himself out of that giant tube, but then straight back to crying.

Now it’s Thursday and another weekend is almost upon us!  Can’t be sad about that.  What last minute summer plans do you guys have??