Weekend Things

I got some questions for ya.

When did Lafayette get so hip?

Why didn’t anyone tell me how incredible Manchester by the Sea was?

How do you cheer up a broken-hearted Cowboys fan?

Why didn’t I sign up for that dang Women’s March?

Why does the weekend always end too soon?


After exchanging Christmas gifts and watching that very informative video — child Josh had the moves! — the four of us set out for dinner at Community in Lafayette and oh my gosh, it was so good.  From the decor, to the service, to the food, it was all a knockout.  It reminded us all of Work & Class, what with all those small share plates of meat and sides that were so hard to choose from.

Remember when Brussels sprouts were just that gross mini-cabbage your mom always made on Thanksgiving and now they are the It Girl at every restaurant?  And remember when Lafayette was just a little town where your best friend lived and now it’s got trendy restaurant and packed breweries?  After dinner, we hit up Odd13 and though my Cultural Chameleon — a South African-hopped IPA — was interesting, I’m still all about that Codename: Superfan.


On the Saturday side of things, PEPPERMINT MOCHAS & PANCAKES!  But actually it was peppermint mochas in thee cutest mugs from Hannah and Josh and Greek yogurt pancakes with thee fluffiest results from this recipe.  I was pretty delighted by all of it.  And by having the entire morning to lounge and watch The Kitchen on Food Network until 11:30 when I headed out for yoga at an urban winery?!


Okay, so Jenn, Samantha and I — plus a million other people — went to a yoga class at Infinite Monkey Theorem and it was so fun (but also cold!) and afterwards we hit the wine bar then walked ourselves over to the Denver Central Market for lunch.  And this is the part where I tell you I spent four hours with the girls and took ONE PICTURE… OF MY LUNCH SALAD.  What is even wrong with me?  Fail.  But from a non-photography standpoint, the day was a huge success.  Ain’t nothing like yoga, wine and high school reunion talk with your girlfriends.


Later that night, Joey and I made pizza then took ourselves to see a movie.  The theater we went to has complimentary popcorn and soft drinks and when I told Joey that, his eyes almost bulged out of his head.  He was just a tad excited.  All popcorn excitement aside, what I really want to tell you is GO SEE MANCHESTER BY THE SEA!  We thought it was incredible.  I heard it was “good, but really depressing” when actually, it was “depressing, but really good.”  I really liked La La Land but you know what?  I liked Manchester by the Sea even more.  Don’t hate me!  Go see it, then report back 🙂


We started Sunday with breakfast at Jelly.  Specifically, we started with a small order of donuts and then I realized I am powerless to chilaquiles and will order it anytime it’s on a menu.  Mostly, I think this place is overrated, but we had to try it out one more time before we made that call.  The service exceeded the food, but I guess that’s not a bad complaint to have.


After breakfast, we went home and Joey worked on his current house project — fixing all the cracks in our house, which mostly involves a lot of drywall dust EVERYWHERE — while I tackled salads for lunch this week, roasting red peppers for dinner and making dessert.  Then we headed to Joey’s dad’s to watch the Cowboys game, which did not go as planned.  1) Because they lost 😦 and 2) Because I thought if there was another Cowboys fan in the house, Joey would leave me alone when they scored… wrong.

So what I thought was going to be celebratory soup and dessert ended up being consolatory soup and dessert, but I still thought both were fantastic.  We hadn’t made that Chicken Sausage, Roasted Pepper and Whole Wheat Orzo Soup in far too long and though it was my first time making those Salted Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies, I think they’re a keeper!  I tried to convince Joey to give up football by telling him I’d NEVER felt sad on a Sunday because of a sports team but he didn’t listen and went to bed at 8:30 instead.

Just realized it was a real good eating weekend — can’t be mad about that!

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me…

How HORRIBLY SAD Little Women is?  Joey found me crying in our living room last weekend after I reading that one chapter (come on, you know the one) and totally didn’t know what to do.  I’m quick to cry as is, but UGH, that was rough.  Now that I’m finished with the book, I cannot wait to watch the movie!

Not to watch President Obama’s Farewell Speech at work?  I totally missed it when it aired because we’re having some work done outside our house and they accidentally snipped our internet/cable line and also because I totally forgot about it and went to a yoga class that night, but I watched it at work the next day and had to pause and get myself together when he addressed Michelle and Joe Biden.  Like him or not, you cannot deny that the man can give a hell of a speech!


I have a complicated relationship with Stephen King (why does everything he writes seem so pervy??) but this tweet said it all.

How long this week would feel?  I know we do those short weeks every year for the holidays and the first full week of work is a shock to the system but I’m still never prepared.  I had “Day Later Syndrome” all week and now that it’s finally Friday, I could not be more relieved.  I hope you all have fun and exciting weekend plans!