Best of the 2016 Summer Olympics

Last night, as the Closing Ceremony came to an explosive end, I asked Joey to be extra nice to me this week, as I’ll be suffering from Post-Olympic Depression.  Only sort of kidding, because I let myself get SO wrapped into the past two weeks of elite athletic competition that life afterwards feels abruptly ordinary.  For two weeks, the whole world came together to watch the best of the best put their all into their events and that communal feeling was so real and strong and wonderful.  Why does it all have end?!

So what are we to do after a Summer Olympics that gave us “Phelps Face,” Aly Raisman’s parents and a triple-triple?  A “Best Of” montage, of course!


The Opening and Closing Ceremony

Probably don’t need to see Giselle walk that long of a runway ever again and I would settle for an abbreviated version of the Parade of Nations, but these ceremonies are always so fun to watch.  May we all remember the flag-bearer from Tonga for the rest of our days.


Gold AND Silver in the Women’s All Around Gymnastics Final

I think we all knew Simone Biles would win gold and don’t get me wrong, I was so excited when she did, but Aly Raisman’s silver-medal performance almost made me cry.  Her routine was flawless and seeing her get so emotional afterwards was so moving.


Katie Ledecky Can’t Be Beat

Michael Phelps is retired and it’s girl power time!  Was Katie’s confidence in and out of the pool inspirational or what??  Watching her swim that 800m, finish WAY before any one else AND beat her own World Record was exhilarating!

Zac Efron Shows Up in Rio

I was pretty sure he was already in Rio but it turns out that was just Michael Hixon.  Part of me was embarrassed for our women’s gymnastics team’s reaction to seeing him and the other part of me knew that I’d probably react the same way.  Look, we ALL love Zac Efron, let’s just be honest.


Usain Bolt is the Best… But Seriously

Had to Google it to see if Bolt is his real last name.  It is!  How apropos.  I know I’m supposed to root for my own country, but how can you not want Usain Bolt to win gold every single time?  And he makes it look so easy.  And so fun!


All the Diving

Guys… I was super into diving this year!  I watched the prelim, semifinal and final for men’s 10m platform diving on Friday/Saturday and found myself saying things like “I cannot believe Tom Daly didn’t even make it to the final!!!” to people who didn’t even know who Tom Daly was.


Lochte v Brazil, aka “Our Idiot Brother Swimmer”

Ugh.  Please excuse our bad example of American entitlement.  I want to give Ryan Lochte the benefit of the doubt and believe that being drunk and being asked to fork over money in a language you don’t speak really would be a confusing situation, but come on now.



My love for Michael Phelps is both deep and complicated.  Ironically, I just re-read this post that I wrote in 2012 where I referred to him as our “Olympic poster child” and talked about his retirement.  So much for either of those things after getting his SECOND DUI and coming back out of retirement.  But, that DUI seemed to be a real wake up call.  He may have came in second during one race and he might have needed help pulling himself out of the pool after that relay but for real, I am SO proud of 2016 Michael Phelps.  He seemed so much more of a team player, so much better of a human being and so much happier about it all.  He truly is the GOAT!

In all seriousness, I am SO EXCITED to go to bed before 11 o’clock now that this Olympic business is over.

A Day in the Life

Guys!  Do you like these kinds of posts?  I’m totally nosey about other people’s lives so I love seeing them and thought it’d be fun to do one of my own again.  Written in real time on Thursday but seeing as it’s Friday when you’re reading it, I guess I should say “Happy Weekending!”


When you plan on waking up at 6 AM, you should probably not stay up late watching the Olympics the night before.  I know this, yet I did it anyway.  Summer Olympics only happen once every four years and I must watch every possible second!  “Strawberry Fields Forever” wakes me up, I hit snooze once then reluctantly drag myself out of bed, and into my running clothes.  By 6:20, I’m off!


My 3-miler ends up not being so bad and lo and behold I might actually be in a better mood now!  Probably because I saw a pumpkin-sized round zucchini growing in someone’s yard and found it really funny.  Also, full disclosure: I tried really hard not to run super slow because I knew I’d be taking a picture of my results.


Back at home, I shower and get ready.  Joey delivers me a glass of iced coffee at 7:15 and I love him just a little bit more.  Breakfast is overnight oats, granola and peanut butter (on loop all summer long) while I watch this fascinating Ryan Lochte vs. Brazilian Authorities story unfold on the Today Show.  I have a lot of opinions on this matter, none of which I’ll subject you to.


We’re in the middle of a renovation at our office and it is a complete mess.  It’s going to be really nice once it’s all complete but right now it’s ripped up carpet, dust everywhere and whatever is going on in my ceiling.  Oh and hammering, lots and lots of hammering.  This does, however, give me an excuse to quote my favorite Christmas movie over and over again.  There’s a hole for an eventual window in Joey’s wall and I keep using it to enter and exit his office, because I can!


Joey has just enough time between meetings — he’s spearheading this whole renovation — to eat lunch with me.  Salads-in-a-jar with tarragon vinaigrette, chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, romaine and slivered almonds.  All week, we’ve been escaping the dust to eat lunch at a park down the street but no time today.  C’est la vie.  Lunch is cut short when at least five bees swarm our table and we decide we’ve had enough of the outdoors for one day.


The reno crew leaves around 2:30 every day, at which time our office suddenly feels eerily quiet.  I wish I could tell you something exciting happened work-wise, but it’s a pretty mundane Thursday.  Ordering, invoicing, filing, texting my sister about guacamole.  Oh and I see this and come really close to crying at my desk.  Bookmarking this restaurant for one day when I make it to Atlanta!


I’m the type of person who’s hyper aware of when 5 PM hits so I’m kind of thrown off guard when Joey comes into my office ready to leave and I hadn’t even realized it was time yet!  We make it home, check our garden — patty pan squash are looking NICE — and watch an episode of Seinfeld, but then it’s date night!  It was rainy towards the end of the workday but now the skies have cleared and I’m hoping for perfect ramen on the patio weather at Uncle.


THERE’S NO WAIT.  What?!  I order a watermelon gose and am in my happy place.  We also ordered fried fingerling potatoes with kimchi butter and scallion sour cream so Joey is in his happy place.  Then we both make the best decision of our lives and order the Spicy Chicken Ramen.  The tahini broth is buttery and rich and life changing.  Also, we knock chopsticks the entire time we’re eating.  You would think, after 9 years, we would know which side the left-hander should sit on, but we’re reeeeeally slow learners.


Back at home, we park it on the couch to watch the Olympics — apparently shot putters have to scream while throwing that ball? — and ugh, how cool is Usain Bolt?!  The Jamaicans definitely win for best names too.  Mid-Olympics, we watch Big Brother and by the time it’s over, I’m too tired to even watch Team Brazil win men’s beach volleyball gold.  Wait, they won, right??  Somehow, it is still 11 o’clock by the time I get into bed.  I guess I’ll just sleep more next week.