Make This Now

Um has it really been since 2019 that I wrote up one of these posts?? Eek! Let me fix that right now!

Chicken Paillard with Arugula and Apple

Let’s not talk about the kind of day I was having when I made this dinner or how I momentarily thought I was going to start a grease fire when I used some tongs that were sort of wet to flip the chicken. Instead, let’s talk about how GOOD this was. And how it felt like I was eating something only a restaurant chef could pull off. That breading was so flavorful and that chicken was so juicy. Instant mood-changer! We are ABSOLUTELY making this again.

Vegan Pasta Al Limone

Joey and I are not exactly on the same page when it comes to lemon. As in I’m a person who will eat an entire lemon slice like it’s an orange and he is a person who will say “it hurts my teeth!” when there’s too much. So I wasn’t sure if he’d go for this one but then lo and behold he LOVED it! All our good pasta recipes are from Minimalist Baker, so I’m not surprised this one was amazing too. Plus it’s super quick and easy to boot. Yes please!

Vegan Parmesan and Herb Polenta Fries

And speaking of Minimalist Baker, we also loved this recipe! All those herbs made for a such a burst of flavor and even though you can make your own polenta, do not knock that pre-made tube you can buy for cheap at the grocery store, okay?? I served these with a side or marinara and pesto and then nope, definitely didn’t need those things because these fries were perfect all on their own. Yum!

Wild Rice Burgers with Tahini Special Sauce

The night before I made these, we had real deal decked out beef burgers and I was worried these would pale in comparison but then they were super good! Joey told me “damn, these are good!” something like five times during dinner. He’s right! Also, please note that I did not read the recipe ahead of time so I neither cooled the rice nor let the mixture sit in the fridge for 30 minutes (oops!) but they still held together perfectly fine. Oh and I accidentally put hot chili garlic sauce instead of sweet so I just added a bit of maple syrup and MAN OH MAN was that tahini sauce good. Jamie truly is the queen of the tahini sauce!

Hawaiian Chicken Tacos

Joey made these for us this week and we actually hit a Taco Tuesday on a Tuesday! Seems like I am always making them on a Wednesday. They were soooo good! It was basically torture to smell the chicken cooking in the crock pot all day, but it was worth it. The meat was super flavorful and we love a saucy slaw to go on top. I happened to have cotija on hand and it was the perfect finishing touch. We will definitely be making these again!

Strawberry Coconut Granola

Okay, sorry for all the Minimalist Baker recipes (but also not sorry). We’re on a roll, I suppose! I just just just took my second batch of this granola out of the oven and it smells HEAVENLY in our house. Joey thought I was making cookies! It’s super easy, super quick, super nutty and that pop of flavor from the strawberries is mega good. It hits all my qualifications for a perfect granola!

Please tell me your favorite things to cook right now!

Weekend Things

It’s May! Can you believe it? We’ve already had such a wet spring but I’m telling myself sunny skies are just around the corner and that this hopefully means we will not have a bunch of wildfires like we did last summer. It also means we are just launching right into our busy time of the year — we already have Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday plans! — and after a year of never really being busy it feels simultaneously exciting and stressful. Here we go! This weekend was a blast though, so that’s hopefully a sign we can manage these more eventful times with a baby on board.

First, just a small blurb on baby feeding, which started last Monday! We were totally set on the baby-led weaning approach and then my pediatrician was really pushing the more traditional purée method and it made me second guess myself, so now we are doing a hybrid? I don’t really know if that’s a thing, but we’re making it one! We’ve been giving him both a pre-loaded spoon of puree to feed himself with — his aim could still use a bit of work, as evidenced by that third picture 😂 — and a little slice of that same food. He did okay with the sweet potato but avocado and carrot were a big hit! Also, please file this under “thingd I said I’d never do before I had a baby” because I’ve always found messy food photos so gross and yet, here we are…

Such a feel good Friday. Warm weather and sunny skies finally! We couldn’t help but take ourselves out to a brewery. Dempsey was being the absolute cutest posing for all my pictures and only sort of wanted Dad’s beer 😂 Also, we’d never been to Zuni Street Brewing, but it’s huge! An indoor area plus both a back and a front patio! We also grabbed food from the J Street food truck, which all happened to be Cajun-themed. I try to steer clear of any po boys when I’m not in New Orleans for fear of being disappointed and though those wings were kind of dry, everything else was really really good!

Saturday we woke up and Joey went to grab us iced coffee because ICED COFFEE SEASON! We had leftover ricotta, so ricotta pancakes were a given and then we all headed to Sloan’s Lake for our annual Cystic Fibrosis walk. The actual event was virtual again this year, but our team still got together to walk and man, was it nice weather and even bordering on hot toward the end! We started last and finished first, ha! Also, gotta say, Dempsey looks good in red! He stayed awake in his stroller for the entire 3-mile walk and was being a happy smiley boy. Crashed when we got home though! We had planned to work in the garden that day but then it actually felt too hot to be out in the sun, so we had a relaxed rest of the day and messy (we blame old tortillas!) but delicious burritos for dinner, then after Dempsey went to bed, we started Jackie Brown, which neither of us had ever seen!!! I think Joey said something to the tune of “it’s long but it’s early, so why not” and then we definitely did not make it all the way through because we’re just forever tired by 9 PM.

Just a few Sunday pics! We considered going to Stowaway for breakfast but since they don’t open till 8, it always means we are pushing Dempsey’s first nap time and I always feel bad about it, so we passed and picked up sandwiches from the Wooden Spoon and ate al fresco!!!! Love that ❤ We spent the rest of the day playing, deciding to watch the Derby last minute (I was rooting for Soup and a Sandwich, of course) and Steve and Lorna stopped by for a visit (they even put Dempsey down for his last nap!). The whole family had carrots for dinner and Dempsey seemed very into it! Oh and earlier in the day, we finished Jackie Brown and guys, I love that one! Why didn’t anyone tell me how good it was?? I found some parallels to Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, in the soundtrack, in someone saying “and away we go” and in it being about a character of a certain age wondering where their life/career is going. I genuinely laughed out loud when Melanie said “he moves his lips when he reads, what does that tell you?” about Samuel L. Jackson’s character 😂 Please tell me how your weekend was!