A Reminder

A few weeks ago, an old post popped up on my TimeHop.  It detailed the first time we went to Linger.  It was Joey’s birthday and we’d never been to a restaurant so cool.  Popcorn instead of a bread basket.  A eclectic menu of share plates, when I’d never even heard of a share plate.  That creepy/cool mortuary aesthetic.  And, of course, really good food.  Afterwards, we grabbed ourselves ice cream cones from “that giant milk jug!” for dessert and I don’t think I’d ever felt happier.  I couldn’t believe people were lucky enough to live close to this place.

Fast forward four years and I am one of those people.  I’ve spent many a happy hour on the rooftop.  Celebrated birthdays over sangria and share plates.  Stood in line at Little Man more times than I can remember.  And it all starts to feel commonplace.  I can walk by Linger every week on my way to yoga and think nothing of it.  But then I re-read that post from 2013, I see the stars in my eyes, the excitement in my voice, the pure joy of that entire experience and I feel so invigorated by it!

We’re on the brink of my favorite season in Denver.  Come spring, patio season is ON, restaurants are abuzz, the Little Man line is somehow even longer, I’m down to walk any and everywhere that can be walked to and this year, I’m going to remember that feeling I had the first time I went to Linger (or Work & Class, or Onefold, or Uncle, and on and on), let it wash over me every time I get to go to one of these places and remember how lucky I am to live in the city I live in.


P.S. I’d really like to go to Linger now 🙂


Come winter, Joey and I become movie theater dwellers.  And you have no idea how happy it makes my little heart to live in a city with funky old theaters that show lesser known films.  Not that I have anything against the more popular blockbusters (because we totally see those too), but the smaller pictures are just so much more creative and interesting and I haven’t already seen 90% of the important parts in the overplayed trailer.

We kicked off our 2015 movie season with Room on Saturday night at the Mayan Theater.  I invited my sister and Wayne, partly because I wanted to soak up as much family time as possible during Thanksgiving weekend and party because I wanted to show off our Denver movie theater and the cool movies they show.  (For the record, she was less impressed with the theater than with the movie…).


WHOA.  The movie was so astounding and thought-provoking.  SPOILER ALERT (though if you watch the trailer you already get the gist of the plot): It’s about a mother (Joy) and her 5-year-old son (Jack) who live in Room, aka a shed equipped with a bed, toilet, bathtub and kitchen, where they live in captivity.  It slowly unfolds that the mother was abducted at 17 and Jack is the son of she and her captor.  She’s able to shield that truth from Jack, making him believe Room is the whole world and only outer space exists outside the walls.  Eventually, Jack escapes, Joy is rescued and the two of them are returned to her parents, leaving them to deal with life in the real world.

I hate to say I enjoyed the movie because there is so much about it that’s dark and depressing and all too realistic but I thought it was so well done.  The acting, the plot, the undeniable love that Joy shows her son despite having every reason to be miserable and defeated.  Jacob Tremblay, who plays Jack, is so adorable and in case you’re thinking Brie Larson looks really familiar, she’s from 21 Jump Street, you guys!  As in, total opposite of the serious dramatic performance she puts on in Room.  The range of emotions I went through while watching this movie was just insane.  Fear, anger, sympathy, hope, and even happiness.  In other words, highly recommended and a great way to start our movie season!

Wishing you all a Happy Friday!