Weekend Things

PRO LIFE TIP: Tell your job you’re taking an entire week off for vacation then actually return on Thursday and you get to enjoy a staycation of sorts from Friday-Sunday.  Probably one of the best life decisions I’ve made thus far.

Also, I promise to tell you all our trip to Oregon — including a cute little stay in Portland — very very soon but I’ve got lots of pictures to sort through first, so in the meantime, please enjoy a little glimpse at those three days back in Denver before we had to return to work/real life/the daily grind (which isn’t so bad, but you know, vacation > anything).


Odd13’s n00b and Codename: Superfan?!  Best wedding ever! // Congrats, DJ & Alyssa! ♥


Had the morning & all the new Heart coffee to myself on Friday // The fridge was a wasteland but I burnt caramelized some bananas I found in the freezer and breakfast was a dream


Post-vacation garden harvest // The biggest radish // The prettiest beet //  A surprise squash // Roasted em all up // Lunch perfection that was 90% from our garden and that made me insanely happy 

P.S. First taste of my newest kombucha (carrot-orange-turmeric) and it was mega-delicious and super-carbonated!


Un-pictured Saturday events: Friday breakfast repeat, bike ride to the Farmers’ Market, veggie sandwich lunch, watching E.R. reruns on TV, evening run (why don’t we do this more?!)

Pictured: grill dinner of my dreams and a spontaneous trip to Ice Cream Riot for the creamiest Cookie Butter (me!) and White Russian (Joey!) scoops // Joey and Ned are ice cream buddies, for sure


Joey chose The Noshery for our Sunday Breakfast Date and he chose wisely // Lori joined us, so everything about breakfast was really really good


Garden gazing // stress baking (because real world events are horrifying)


Sometimes wish Joey had a cookie for a head // Summer Bliss Bowl with Sweet Potato Falafel & Jalapeño Ranch was SO good (again) but it’s three days later and my house still reeks of oil // Also, GoT was kind of a yawn this week (IMO) but hell yeah to that band of misfits coming together to face the Army of the Dead at the end!  I need to see that flaming sword ASAP!

Weekend Things

It’s Monday but I’m in a good mood and I blame the weekend.  I wholeheartedly love the full-on summer month of July but man did it feel exhausting this year!  I hit the ground running with Shakespeare Fest, 4th of July and ambitious birthday cooking plans, followed by a trip to the mountains, three concerts, hosting a summer BBQ and celebrating my mom’s birthday.  All SO SO fun and 100% worth feeling a little overbooked, but boy am I ready for a bit of an August slow down.

We maybe got a good preview of that this weekend, because even though we had Friday dinner plans, a Saturday night concert and early morning breakfast on Sunday, everything still felt real calm, cool and collected.  Gimme all those R&R vibes!


Can we start with Thursday, though?  Because it was my mom’s birthday and she had us over for lunch and that spread — salad, roasted garlic bread, jambalaya! — was so delicious and my mom was just too cute.  I love her so much!


On Friday, we went out to celebrate at Mas Kaos and though it started shaky when we were the first table sat upstairs in what felt like a weird attic space, it filled in later on and then the food was really good!  I felt panicky all day wondering how I would possibly choose between pizza and tacos, but then just ordered both and truly felt I was living my best life.

Back at home, we threw on Frances Ha and right away we loved it.  Maybe didn’t love the second half quite as much, but we still really liked it overall.  And what a delightful surprise when Adam Driver showed up!


Started out slow on Saturday by making a weirdo breakfast for Joey and I.  I saw this recipe for Sweet Corn Oatmeal with Peaches in Cooking Light last month and couldn’t get it out of my head!  It was more savory than I had expected but also oddly satisfying?  It was a little bit gloomy/had recently rained but I was so hellbent on going to the Farmers’ Market for the first time in 3 weeks that I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.  Got peaches, shishitos (finally!!!) and a bargain stripy squash (technical term) for 50 cents then biked home all smiley and happy.


Afternoon shopping afterwards and I think everyone else had the same idea because Nordstrom Rack was PACKED.  Also, just want to tell you that Joey and I have been doing this thing where we forget to print concert tickets beforehand, which leads to driving to the office (did it TWO DAYS IN A ROW two weekends ago…) to use the printer or finding a Kinko’s.  What is even wrong with us?


Saturday night was spent at Red Rocks for the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  FYI, it’s apparently “Te-de-SKI” which is cool because I only told about 100 people I was going to a “Te-de-shee” concert.  Anyway, we classed up our tailgate game with an actual table and chairs, plus takeout from BriDer.  It was probably double the price of our usual Illegal Pete’s tailgate dinner but looking back on those sweet potato tots, it was worth it.  Saw a real cute deer on our way into the amphitheater ♥

The actual concert was so great!  I’ve never been to a real jam band show so I didn’t know what to expect but everyone was dancing and singing and not even trying to pretend they weren’t smoking weed.  If you’ve never been to Red Rocks, that sort of thing is pretty normal but I think this was the most blatant display I’ve seen.  Most importantly though, I got to hear “Midnight in Harlem” live and Susan Tedeschi has an INCREDIBLE voice!


Sunday started with breakfast at Snooze.  Joey’s grandparents had never been there and I was all too happy to join them for their inaugural visit.  Afterwards we “adulted” by going to the grocery store, making lunch salads for the week and taking a walk up the street to buy more coffee beans for iced coffee that I never actually made (FAIL).  I also made a double batch of freezer cookies because we were out (THE HORROR!) and that just wasn’t going to work.  Feels much better now that we’re re-stocked.

Hey, I actually made it to Sunday afternoon yoga!  Felt so good to make it there and to get a good stretch in.  Back at home, we cooked dinner together and it was the very best.  Actually, Joey was at the breading station making “fried” broccoli and told me he felt very stressed but I think he was being dramatic 🙂  We made tacos from The Savvy Cook and I was so blown away by the end result!  We even made our own flour tortillas and they were a little messy and time-consuming but otherwise completely easy.  I stuck the extras in the freezer (along with the leftover “chorizo” dip) so we can totally make this killer meal again and it will be a real breeze.

Could this post be any longer??  Um well, I could talk about Game of Thrones and it could be A LOT longer, but I’ll keep it brief and just say: Jon & Dany face to face at long last!  How thrilling!  What did you all think?!