Weekend Things: When it’s summer in winter

It’s officially the first day of spring, but it was 80° in Colorado this weekend!  We had all the fans on and all the windows open, but it was straight up HOT.  Felt like we completely skipped over spring and went straight to summer.  It’s cooling back down (slightly) this week, but I didn’t mind that little summer vacation one bit.

Last night, as we were putting away the dishes and getting ready for bed, I asked Joey what his favorite part of the weekend was.  He couldn’t pick.  And honestly, neither could I.  If I were to share it with you in word form it would look something like: patio beers at a new-to-us brewery, traditional St. Patrick’s Day corned beef & cabbage (PLUS GREEN VELVET CAKE!) with my family, a kombucha field trip with my sissy, pizza lunch date, LOTS of reading outside in the sun, an evening run, Beauty and the Beast, the most incredible Sunday brunch, exploring the Stanley Marketplace, “Sunday stuff” (aka being an adult), an evening stroll and capping it all off with a perfectly springy salmon dinner.

And in picture form, it would look like this…


Joey suggested we hit up 4 Noses Brewing after work on Friday and it did not disappoint.  That place is doing everything (from their website to their beer to their taproom atmosphere) right!  

P.S. Remind me to drink more saisons.


PSA: My mom is the best.  I declare this the best corned beef she’s ever made (so perfectly salty!) plus I mentioned to her earlier in the week that I was dying to try Irish Soda Bread and she surprised me with a loaf.  Red GREEN velvet cake for dessert because, as I said, my mom is the best.


Our tree babies bloomed!!!!!  I actually squealed in delight when we pulled up to the house on Friday night and I saw the little blossoms.  Joey texted me this picture Saturday morning when he left to pick us up some iced coffee and those little flowers are so perfect.


I made Joy’s whole grain waffles and they were seedy, but in a good way.  I kind of loved them!


At noon, my sister and Wayne came over and then we all headed to American Cultures, which is, GET THIS, a kombucha taproom!  I got a taster — ginger peach was the best! — and Joey got a kombucha float so he was just as happy.  I asked Joey to take the picture at an angle that would make me look just as tall as my sister but I see he failed completely.  


After my sister and Wayne headed back home, Joey and I walked over to Denver Deep Dish where I had a salad + slice lunch and it was so satisfying.  Post lunch, we hung out in the backyard, went on that evening run, watched the animated version of Beauty and the Beast (HOW’S IT SO GOOD, THOUGH??) and then I fell asleep on the couch at the like 10 PM.  


Sunday morning at the new Stanley Marketplace.  People have been talking it up and I was like “yeah, yeah, but how’s it any better than The Source?” Turns out it’s way bigger, has way more restaurants and shops and is just… uh yeah, better.  

We ate at Annette and I was so totally smitten with the experience.  They do a daily biscuit (apricot & ginger) and it was huge and buttery and I think Joey loved it more than he loves me.  We both ordered the pork shank hash and it was INCREDIBLE.  Those crispy potatoes, that fall-apart tender pork, those perfectly poached eggs and PICKLED mustard seeds.  Help, I’m head over heels.   


Post-brunch, it was grocery, laundry, lunch salad prep, slow-cooker beef (for burritos this week!), reading, being delighted by Joey finishing a bunch of house projects, I actually cleaned the bathroom (instead of just talking about needing to) and then we went on a little end-of-the-day stroll before dinner.


I made us this Dijon-Herb Crusted Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce + Warm Buttered Radish & Edamame Salad and it tasted like straight up spring deliciousness.  Joey was blown away and I take that as the highest of compliments.

I give this weekend an A+ and gosh, I’m so happy it’s spring today!  What did you do this weekend?!

Weekend Things

The bad news is my iPhone 5S (guys, not to be dramatic but it’s from the Stone Age and it looks so small and dinky compared to the more recent versions of the iPhone!) seems to be on its last leg.  Meaning I can’t take pictures on it, both because the camera has a permanent fog filter and because there’s NO room for any (ideal when you write a blog that heavily relies on pictures from your daily life), my alarm has decided to stop working (ideal when you have a Sunday brunch reservation) and I can’t open my emails.  I don’t get my upgrade till May and even though that’s less than two months away, I’m not sure we’ll make it.

The good news is it was 70° on Friday, I had a chance to soak up some “me time” this weekend — which included reading at a coffee shop, eating vegan donuts and watching too many movies — and we now have extra light at the the end of the day, but the best news of all is that Joey is home from Vegas and I don’t have to talk to myself anymore 🙂


Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I was kind of looking forward to a few days by myself.  I totally could have lined up some lady dates or had dinner with my family every night, but in true introvert fashion, I mostly played hermit.  Fine by me!  I started Friday with coffee, almond butter toast and a book then cut out of the office extra early, went on a run, read in the backyard, poured myself a beer, cooked dinner and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I’ve had Huckleberry Hound stuck in my head ever since.


Saturday started out kind of rainy and cloudy so I stayed in my pajamas as long as possible but eventually went to the grocery store then ran a very important errand.  Aka picking up a donut snack from Beet Box.  I wasn’t overly impressed the first time I had those vegan donuts, but they’ve grown on me.  THEY’RE SO SOFT!  I brought some for my family and was all too happy to spend the afternoon/evening hanging with my sister.  Eventually took myself home to cook dinner for one (I made cauliflower rice and I don’t even know who I am) before watching Crash.  Joey picked out some movies for me to watch while he was gone and he picked well.  Except that he also left out Speed and after watching it last night, I’d like to put in a request for a refund on those two hours of my life.

P.S. I saw a church for sale near Beet Box and wondered if that’d make for a creepy house.

P.P.S. I feel like those pork tenderloin medallions look gross, but they really were good!


I picked Joey up from the light rail station just after midnight on Saturday, finally got to sleep around 1:30 AM then woke up 30 minutes before our brunch reservation on Sunday (see aforementioned phone alarm complaint) but we made it and there were 3-berry muffins with vanilla-miso butter (!!!), steak and eggs and a huevos rancheros benedict so it probably doesn’t matter that I had to wash my hair in the sink and put my make up on in the car.  We were super lounge-y after brunch but then I spent something like 3 hours making lunches for the week and I’m never ever doing that again.

Sunday ended with a chillier-than-I’d-hoped walk through our neighborhood, salad dinner, that movie (ugh!) and a lot of moaning and groaning about having to go back to work.