Weekend Things

I don’t even know how to start this post because there were so many good things this weekend.  Namely, visiting with Hannah and Josh and Mason, — who is starting to support his own head already?! — making pasta for the first time ever (!!!!) and lots of family time on Sunday.  I mean I also burnt my mouth on coffee, yucca fries and a bite of farro but shhh, let’s not talk about those things.


I love this little baby!!!  Oh sorry, that’s probably too much yelling for a Monday morning but seriously, he’s the cutest and the best and watching him throw his little baby arms in the air, mid-nap was heart-melting.  I feel I could just gaze at him forever.  Bonus: we got to eat some delicious pizza and exchange Christmas presents with Hannah and Josh.  What time should we come over this Friday, guys? 🙂


Some Saturday morning scenes.  Including a Greek yogurt, tahini, date, granola toast pre-eye exam and grabbing a latte from a new coffee shop with the prettiest details post-eye exam.  Guys, I’m pretty sure my eye doctor is semi-insane.  I found it half entertaining and half annoying so I’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of laughing really hard but also having to wait 15 minutes to see her and another 30 minutes for her to get through the exam.

This video doesn’t have sound but just know we were listening to the “Italian Cooking Music” playlist on Spotify and “Mambo Italiano” was playing at the time.


We took on a double grocery store trip afterwards and I’m pretty sure Joey was suffering from caffeine poisoning and didn’t even know where we were or what day it was.  He’s lucky I was in a good mood 🙂  But let’s skip over afternoon activities of lunch, reading and going to the gym to hit the most important event of the day… HOMEMADE PASTA!  Lori got us pasta attachments for Christmas and I had been reading up on how to make it all week.  Suffice it to say I was a bit excited.

We used this really detailed guide — there’s a shortened recipe at the end — and mixed the dough, then Joey kneaded it for A LONG TIME because it was sort of stiff but we got it all sorted out and the actual pasta rolling process was so dang fun!  I had to give myself a pep talk beforehand that went something like “if this turns into a giant disaster and we end up throwing it all in the trash, IT’S OKAY.”  But then it wasn’t a disaster.  And it was fun.  And we ended up with some wonderful pappardelle that we loaded with beef ragu, ricotta and parm for dinner.  I’ve never been so happy!

P.S. We started The Handmaid’s Tale that night and there will be more on that once we finish.


Sunday started with breakfast at my parents’.  My mom knocked it out of the park with the food — Mom, Joey and I decided that was the best your French toast casserole has ever tasted! — and I drank coffee out of that hilarious mug, then my mom, Dad, Joey and I drove up to my brother and Nikki’s to give them their Christmas presents.  Joey was out throwing the football with Gennaro and I was inside making/putting up Valentine’s Day decorations with Belle and then when the boys came in to play Madden, Belle, Nikki and I did some crafting with this jewelry kit.  Apparently, Joey and I are the kind of psycho non-parents who think it’s a good idea to give a child something with that many beads.

We dropped my parents’ off back home around 3 PM then grabbed linner at Vital Root and finally headed home ourselves to do those adult duties of laundry and making lunch for the week.  Not going to lie, after getting our salads made, I most lazed about on the couch for the rest of the night.  Feels necessary to do that sometimes.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Things

This weekend felt therapeutic.  In that laughed-so-hard, got-a-facial, ate-the-best-food, spent-quality-time-with-loved-ones way that makes you feel whole and happy and rejuvenated come Monday morning.  Despite how it may seem in these recaps, not every weekend feels this way and it makes me all the more grateful when they do 🙂


Friday night, we made ourselves a Thai Roasted Cauliflower Pizza — if I never choke on the fumes of a Fresno chile again, it’ll be all too soon — then headed out to see this much anticipated (by me) film.  When it first started, everyone else was laughing and I thought “wait, is this supposed to be funny?” but then Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson showed up and I actually lost it.  I literally laughed myself into tears.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in A LONG TIME.

Point being, I fucking loved this movie and haven’t stopped quoting it since we left the theater.  Joey is about ready to kill me, but guys, it was so good!  Love me some Franco brothers, ya know?


Have you head the term “Sunday Scaries”?  I’ve been getting the “Saturday Scaries” lately because my brain likes to think of all the stuff I want to fit into the day and then feel stressed about it (even if it’s fun stuff!) but I think I held it together this weekend.  Maybe it’s because I started the day with an Elvis Waffle made by Joey and a facial?!  Afterwards, we hit up pizza leftovers, the grocery store, a run and some food prep before starting dinner.  CHICKEN PAPRIKA!  We love this recipe so so much and hadn’t made it in a while but I’m now certain it tastes best in your pajamas while watching Scrooged.

P.S. Looking over at your significant other and realizing one of your favorite movies is now one of their favorite movies is one of the greatest moments in life.


Sunday morning, we did a little breakfast/Christmas menu planning at Black Eye Coffee and my heart was so happy!  I am very very excited about the recipes we decided on.  Then afterwards, I headed over to my parents’ to bake cookies with my mom ♥  My sister was there too but refused our attempts to get her to wear an apron or help with the cookies 🙂  We made about a billion cookies (give or take) and I tried to make Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies and look, I was all proud of myself for weighing out the ingredients like a real baker, but then I did 75g of flour instead of 175g!  Let’s not talk about how they turned out.

Back at home, we finished up our salads for the week and I maybe re-made the cookie dough to bake tonight while Joey made us dinner.  He literally ordered me to sit down so he could deliver my plate to me and WOWZA, did it look good!  He acted all nonchalant about it, but I loved this dinner so much.  It felt made with love ♥

In conclusion, laughter, cookies, time spent with other ladies, puppies posing for their Christmas card and a smiley baby picture from your bestie is the best medicine.