Make This Now: Creamy Things are the Best Things

Before we begin, I need to tell you some important things.

  1. My energy level is VERY low today.  I know it’s Friday and I should have weekend energy but I’m just TIRED.
  2. Joey surprised me with coffee from Little Owl this morning and I love that man so much.
  3. I saw baby radish sprouts in our garden this morning and I should have just skipped my workout because those teensy green leaves got me more amped than any running endorphins did.
  4. It’s my little sister’s birthday today!  Though I refuse to believe EITHER of us are over 24 🙂

Okay, back to the subject at hand.

I was making quick mental note of which recipes I wanted to share next in this “Make This Now” series and they all happened to have the word “creamy” in the title.  Is that a coincidence or do my tastebuds just gravitate towards that word and I’ve never noticed until now?  I’ll ponder that on my own later, but you should make and eat these creamy things (maybe even this weekend!) and be the happiest version of yourself.


Dijon-Herb Crusted Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce + Warm Buttered Radish and Edamame Salad

Spring is all about fresh herbs, spicy radishes and bright flavors so this meal IS spring.  If you’ve never sautéed radishes before, they get almost potato-like in flavor and texture and you’ll probably want to drizzle that dill sauce over everything from now on.  So good!


Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry

Joey and I have three well-loved curry recipes in our arsenal but if this was a Goldilocks story, Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry is “just right!”  More of a challenge than our 5-Ingredient Coconut Curry but easier than our Ginger Cashew Chicken Curry and most importantly, it’s crazy flavorful.  I keep a jar of this homemade Easy Thai Yellow Curry Paste in the freezer just for this meal.  It’s very worth making!


Creamy Carrot and Herb Linguine

I thought I’d sworn against zoodles for life but then I saw this recipe which was only PART-zoodle and still had actual pasta and now that I’ve tasted zoodles, I’ll admit they’re good.  Still not going to forego pasta entirely for spiralized vegetables, but recipes like this seem like a good compromise.  And the sauce on this one is drinkably good.  Shoutout to my fellow tarragon lovers who will love that licorice-y garnish on top.

P.S. Yes, I know the recipe calls for carrot noodles (carroodles? coodles?) but I can’t ever find those, so zoodles it is!


Cashew Ice Cream

I kind of want to try every recipe in this post Cassie wrote about cashew cream, but I started with the cashew ice cream recipe and was majorly impressed.  I don’t have an actual reason to not just eat real deal ice cream (THANK GOD!), but I volunteered to bring Easter dessert for my half-GF/DF family because I like a challenge?  Have a thing for vegan recipes?  Just want everyone to be able to eat/enjoy dessert together, even if it means the gluten/dairy lovers have to conform?  Who knows!  I just know this ice cream was just slightly icy but otherwise SO CREAMY, SO RICH AND SO DELICIOUS.  I’d totally make it again!

P.S. Totally wanted to tell you to make these Creamy Mushroom and Kale Quesadillas, but I apparently already told you that.

Favorite Meal Breakdown: Bánh Mì Sliders

I’ve mentioned this before, but I usually reach recipe/meal exhaustion after the 5th time I make something.  IF a recipe makes it past that point, then it’s because I REALLY REALLY love it.  And considering I’m always finding new things to cook and am not a huge meal repeater, IF a recipe makes it past that point WITHIN A YEAR, then it’s definitely worth blogging about in detail.  These bánh mì sliders are that meal.  Let’s break it down!

Part I: Slider Buns

I use this recipe for Vegan “Brioche” Slider Buns and follow it (almost) to a T, except that I use ALL all-purpose flour and I don’t brush them with coconut oil or sesame seeds at the end.  Though now that I think about it, that sounds kind of worth it.  Anyway!  This gives me 16 slider buns, half of which I wrap individually in plastic, pop in a Ziploc bag and place in the freezer for the next time I make this meal.  They freeze/defrost like a dream, so just remember to put them in the fridge 1-2 nights before you’re going to eat them.


So cute, so fluffy, so perfect.  Joey raves every time I make em!

Part II: Pickled Veggies

I go with a combo of carrots, jalapeños and red onion and use this quick and simple pickling method, except I half the recipe (which still ends up being more than enough!).  Do it a day or two before so the veggies have a chance to really soak up some flavor and soften a little.


Part III: Tempeh, Mayo, Sliders

The recipe that inspired it all!  This one from Faring Well, which I use for both the tempeh and the vegan mayo.  If you’ve never emulsified your own vegan mayo, you’ve never lived!  You’ll be amazed at how much it looks like real mayo.  If I’m really on top of things, I’ll start marinating the tempeh in the morning just for some extra soaking up time, but you can do it just before too.  Either way, it’s super flavorful.*  Then all that’s left to do is slicing the buns in half, toasting them, loading them up with vegan mayo, tempeh, pickled veggies and a sprinkle of cilantro and devouring them!

I just typed “flavorable,” so I think bánh mì slider obsession is starting to scramble my brain…


Pro Tip: Make the buns over the weekend, pickle the veggies the day before, marinate the tempeh before you leave for work and come dinner time, all you have to do is bake the tempeh, emulsify the mayo (because you might as well do something while the tempeh is in the oven!) and assemble the sliders.  Aka 30 minutes till these are on your dinner table.  Not only do they taste amazing but when you realize you made (almost) everything from scratch, it tastes just that much better!

Wishing you a day as good as these sliders :)á