Weekend Things

Life is weird right now and I’m having a tough time deciphering everything I’m feeling.  Well, I have a tough time doing that anyway, but right now, it feels extra tough.  One moment, I feel inexplicably happy, then guilty about feeling happy.  Charged, motivated, invigorated, then crippling helplessness.  The good news, is you’re here with me, right?  You feel it too?

Let’s keep on keeping on.  Let’s go to dinner with friends and listen to wedding plans.  Let’s watch documentaries and talk about big things with passion and conviction and understanding when someone else might feel differently.  Let’s sleep and give ourselves time to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and reconnected with the people around us.  Let’s be productive, but let’s also slow down and breathe.  Let’s put down our devices, eat dinner NOT in front of the TV.  Let’s see movies with narratives that challenge us to think past our own lives.  Let’s laugh and feel thankful for the small things then let’s try new things and feel thankful for the opportunity to do that too.  I did all of this this weekend.  Like I said, gotta keep on keeping on.


Halibut Foil Packs with Chile Butter (‘cept with cod) // Fences was so good and Viola Davis is a goddess // Sunday Breakfast with Babettes and Boxcar at The Source // Brewing a saison with FUGGLE hops!

Weekend Things

This morning, I woke up BEFORE my alarm and it WASN’T pitch dark (the best part about daylight saving time ending!).  And as I got ready, I thought back over the weekend.  I remembered how I ordered chicken liver mousse on Friday and quickly realized I am NOT a chicken liver mousse person.  How we tried a new-to-us restaurant on Saturday and were sorely disappointed in the experience.  How the movie we saw was just okay and how I chipped my brand new manicure by washing the dishes on Sunday.

And while that might sound like a series of disappointments, I thought our weekend was PERFECT.  Because the things that first come to mind aren’t soggy pizza or how I forgot to pick up my contacts AGAIN.  Instead, I’m thinking about being blown away by Amos Lee’s voice, and waking up to Joey making me pancakes on Saturday and the most perfect running weather, and getting to order a beer and settle into our seats at the Mayan early enough to laugh at every one tripping on the exact same stair (WHY??).  Plus Sunday breakfast sandwiches and the reason I had to wash so many dishes?  Because I got to spend the entire day in my kitchen ♥


We saw Amos Lee at The Buell on Friday night and WHOA, his voice.  I was watching it come out of his mouth and I still couldn’t believe it!  And not only can he sing, but he interacts with the crowd so naturally.  He encoured THREE times!  P.S. I was very into the 4- sister band that opened for him.  They’re called SHEL and they really rocked it.  Oh and I teased this picture of our dinner at The Nickel before the concert, and even though it looks like something that was burnt to a crisp, it was actually a charcoal-encrusted poblano, stuffed with mashed sweet potato and it was maybe one of the best things I’ve eaten this year.


Saturday was so plan-less and perfect.  I went on a nice long run before walking myself to Base Coat for a mani/pedi.  I went the dark red route, even though Joey tried to tell me it wasn’t close enough to the holidays for red manicures.  What does he know 😛  My thoughts on Moonlight are complicated.  On the one hand, it was so powerful and heartbreaking, on the other, it was slow and lacking resolve.  But still, I’m my happiest self once I step into the Mayan.


Sunday breakfast at Port Side, where breakfast sandwiches were enjoyed and Pumpkin Spice Lattes were sipped.  Afterwards, Joey headed out and I headed to the store before doing that new Sunday routine of prepping lunches and such for the week.  Also, I spent a good couple of hours making the chicken/broth for this Lemony Chicken and Rice Soup that we finished and ate for dinner.  Bon Appétit recipes can be a little complicated sometimes but if you have the time and patience, they can also teach you new techniques, like tempering eggs.  Result: a soup that was too velvety to be true!

Happy Monday!