Weekend Things

Real Talk: On Friday, I told Joey that I was waffling back and forth between feeling irritable and melancholy or charged and joyous.  I want to blame a new season, or maybe the moon?  Or, maybe I’m just always like this and I’m just really noticing it right now.  If you are an even tempered person living life at a steady pace of emotions, please consider yourself very lucky.  The emotionally sensitive life ain’t easy!

All mood swings aside, this weekend was blissfully low key.  I’ve got a post-work commitment every single day this week and while it’s all fun stuff I want to go to, I know, come Friday, I might need some serious introvert time.  So while I didn’t plan for the weekend to be so relaxed, I think it was kismet considering the busier week ahead.


Friday was my little sister’s birthday and we celebrated at La Loma with Happy Hour margs, fajitas on the fluffiest fresh-made tortillas and, of course, ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA.  I made my sister pose for this picture outside and then we all pretty much ran to our cars because it was windy and cold in downtown Denver.  April weather is as moody as I’ve been 🙂

P.S. Weird how my sister turned 25, but I continue to think of us both as younger than that.


Sometimes you gotta have a pep talk with your body that goes something like “look, let’s sleep in tomorrow, okay?”  I still woke up at 6:45 on Saturday but managed to fall back asleep till 8:30.  YES!  Upon finally getting out of bed, I made us waffles.  Was feeling so antsy while I made them — as in “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG??  I JUST WANT MY WAFFLE!” antsy — but once this crispy syrupy beauty was on my plate and I was sipping coffee and watching Katie Lee make a really good-looking roasted chicken I forgot all about how long it took to get to that point.


I had a 1 o’clock massage scheduled with my mom, but I was majorly early so I decided to take a little walk down memory lane, aka park in the neighborhood I grew up in and walk the little path to the park I spent SO MUCH time at growing up.  Old town Louisville might be busier, with newer restaurants and re-built houses, but this part of town seemed completely untouched.  I even peeped my old backyard and missed it so much!  Anyway, back to my massage.  Mom brought me back those little pins from her trip to NOLA and I love them SO MUCH.  Gonna pin them on my jean jacket probably!

Almost squeezed in a trip to the grocery store afterwards but decided to just relax before the Rockies game instead.  We almost never go to Saturday night games but they start earlier than Friday games and once we were back home, in our pajamas, planted comfortably on the couch by 9:30, we were wondering why we don’t go to Saturday games more often.  For the record, the weather was nicer than we’d expected and we won!  In conclusion, Saturday was sort of perfect.


Sunday started with another 5-miler, cept Joey joined me this time and got to enjoy me setting our blazing pace of 10:30/mile 🙂  Afterwards, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to breakfast at Onefold.  I love that place (and that burrito!) so much, but dear lord, that thing is messier and messier every time I go.  I swear it was once a hand-held breakfast but now it’s unquestionably a knife and fork situation.  Life’s hard when you have high expectations and a zero tolerance policy to change.

Grocery, laundry, lunch prep, backyard reading/sun-soaking/napping ensued post-breakfast and then we made one of our favorite warm weather dinners (Green Mexican Rice with Corn + Fried Plantains) and pretended it’s not going to be cold, rainy and maybe even snowy (NOOOOO!) later on this week.  How was your weekend?

Easter Weekend Things

Sometimes you go to the gym and yoga in the same day, then stay up late watching the Rockies beat the Giants (West Coast games are BRUTAL) and feel zombie-like come Friday, but you put on the Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats station and find the energy to get you through the workday.

Sometimes your weekend is busy busy so you make the very adult-like decision to go to the grocery on Friday so your Saturday/Sunday don’t seem so slammed with obligations.  But while you’re there you grab the makings of guac and pizza and invite your best friends over because  it’s 75° on a Friday night in April and life is too happy to be true.

Sometimes you promise yourself you’ll sleep in but then Saturday morning rolls around and the thought of coffee, pancakes and a full day in the garden is too exciting to sleep through.  Apparently all it takes to make me fully and genuinely happy is planting seeds in our garden beds.

Sometimes your Saturday night consists of baking a cake, making cashew ice cream, pickling/dying eggs, watching Jimmy Fallon on SNL and being in bed by 11.  Wild and crazy night, you guys.  But seriously, my heart was so happy for that entire day.

Sometimes you start your Sunday with (another) 5 mile run in a city that’s still sleepy and quiet and peaceful and perfect.  (That Bolder Boulder 10K always sneaks up on me but I’m getting myself in gear, I think!)  And then you’re rewarded with surprise iced coffee from your husband afterwards 🙂

Sometimes you think Easter Sunday is going to feel busy and full but it turns out to be nice and calm and not rushed at all.  I’ll take it!  We spent the afternoon with Joey’s side and the evening with mine and I managed to eat deviled eggs at both plus three different kinds of meat, so I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

Hope you all had a great weekend!