Weekend Things

Hello from my first full week back at work! I’m nervous but mostly because I’m addicted to staring at my son and I should probably be staring at my computer instead. We’ll see how it goes! In other news, we had a nice weekend and someone has been a much better napper (hint: it’s not Joey or I, though we would appreciate naps too) and has only decided to trade better naps for waking up at 4 AM?! Who knows!

The weekend officially started with Dempsey-Dad selfies and then we ate a beef stew which we’d prepped back when I was still pregnant and are just getting around to eating?? Why do I have such a hard time eating stuff from our freezer? In any case, IT WAS SO GOOD! Shared a crowler from Long Table Brewhouse and watched Promising Young Woman. They were showing previews for this movie back when we were still going to the movie theater (which was LAST February!), so I’ve been waiting a while to see it! I liked, but didn’t love, it. Seemed a little all over the place tonally. That said, the “Stars are Blind” scene made me laugh out loud and I do love Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham so much!

Saturday, Dempsey and I got up early and tried to let Joey sleep in, but he must’ve been lured from bed by the smell of coffee and pancakes because he came down shortly after. We had buttermilk to use up but were absolutely out of butter, so I had to find a recipe that worked and luckily found one. Added chocolate chips to the batter too! After breakfast and an episode of The Kitchen, Joey took down our outdoor Christmas lights and I ordered groceries then quick decided to clean our fridge before they came. It was nice enough outside, so we made the spontaneous decision to load up the baby and walk to grab lunch sandwiches at Il Porcellino Salumi. It was definitely past Dempsey’s nap time, so we worried he’d stay up if we took him out, but he managed to fall asleep in time for the walk home.

Joey had to run to the office later on, so I read in the nursery while Dempsey took another nap and then we pulled out stew leftovers and watched One Night in Miami which I thought was very very good. Regardless of his politics, Malcolm X is such a fascinating character and I don’t think this movie would’ve worked without him and without Kingsley Ben-Adir’s performance. Leslie Odom Jr. killed it too!

Why do I always feel like I have too much to do on Sundays? Joey seriously got up with Dempsey at 4:30 AM, oy! He brought him back upstairs around 7, so I could feed him and then we ordered bagel and coffee breakfast from bed. Joey went to The Radiator to pick up our order and I started laundry, while Dempsey fell asleep. I don’t know that I need the egg on my bagel sandwich to be hardboiled but everything else was good. After breakfast, we watched Silver Linings Playbook for the first time since it came out (which we looked up and was in 2012???) and though I remember not loving it originally because it felt so chaotic, I appreciated it much more a second time around. We worked bathroom cleaning, laundry, lunch and separate outdoor runs around baby naps. Dempsey supervised me making some vanilla-maple pistachio milk and then we made fish foil packs for dinner, watched a few episodes of Better Call Saul and called it a night.

This week is a big one! In addition to working full time, Andi turns 10, Dempsey turns 3 months, Inauguration Day and on Friday, we’re driving to Dillon to visit the ice castles! Let’s do it!

Weekend Things

Woof, last week! Between watching pure insanity (but somehow also expected insanity) play out on the news, starting back at work (half days feel even shorter when you spend most of it trying to get your baby to stop using his newfound hand control to pull his pacifier out over and over) and a baby who won’t nap, I feel semi-deranged today, but we still had a good weekend. We actually left the house?? I sort of forgot what that felt like, but we managed to make it places on time with a baby, so it felt like a real win. Plus being together with family feels extra sweet during these COVID times. Let’s take a look!

We went to Zoo Lights on Friday! We’d spent basically the entire day trying to get Dempsey to nap and unsuccessfully so, so by the time we got to the Denver Zoo he’d been awake for what already felt like hours and then stayed awake THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE. How??? He did fall asleep for ten minutes in the car on the way there and again right toward the end of our visit (just in time for that picture, ha!), otherwise he was EYES WIDE OPEN. Very cute but please get the rest you need, buddy! Maybe I wasn’t paying attention last year or maybe the zoo did it up this year, but I thought the lights were pretty amazing!

Saturday, a day that we also spent the entirety of trying to get Dempsey to nap. WHY??? He’s pretty much been fighting sleep since Christmas but it’s been extra bad lately. Didn’t help that we didn’t really have anything to do that day, so we were hyperfocusing on it maybe. Poor little guy. I hate seeing him so visibly tired but unable to just close those eyes and sleep. We did find time to make peanut butter banana waffles, give ourselves (okay just myself) an at-home mani, watch Inside Out (which I’d never seen!) and finally cook black-eyed peas for dinner. I hope they bring us all good luck in 2021! Oh and we watched North by Northwest which I’d place above To Catch a Thief and Marnie but below Vertigo, Rear Window, Rope and Psycho.

Sunday started with a lame 40 minute late breakfast delivery from Snooze. Everything was cold! But still, as Joey pointed out, we had a cute baby at the table and we didn’t have to cook a thing! Dempsey was SUCH a better napper all day too, THANK GOD! After watching Inside Out, we figured we should continue correcting our Pixar oversights and watched Ratatouille. I loved it! As for Inside Out, I thought it was very very good but because we watched Soul first, I liked it a bit less. I still cried over that imaginary pink cotton candy-cat-elephant-dolphin thing though!

We had Sunday evening plans! Scheduling both our first and second ever real outings with the baby for the same weekend probably wasn’t our best idea but it all went just fine. We met my parents, sister and Wayne at the Denver Botanic Gardens and little Demps slept through basically the entire thing. Guess he’d seen enough lights for one weekend, ha. We got there at 4:30 and it wasn’t quite dark enough, but we stalled at the outdoor café, drinking hot chocolate until it was perfectly dusky. Mostly it was good to all be together for the first time since Thanksgiving. I miss seeing my sis and wish I could see her more but she got her second vaccine dose today and I’ll take that as a sign that things will be better for all of us soon.

Last night we had our roughest night since Dempsey was born and I was up every hour from midnight onward!!! I hope it was just a random restless night and we all get some sleep tonight.