This Week

Do you like these kinds of posts? I think it’s a nice way to cover the things that happen outside of my usual weekend posts. Those things can be good and important and worth remembering too. This week, I ate an apple-ginger biscuit sandwich and finished a book, Joey ran 10 miles and bowled his EIGHTEENTH 300, Dempsey turned 11 months old and discovered the toilet πŸ˜‚ It’s been an eventful week for all of us!


I’ve had the apple-ginger biscuit of the day marked on my calendar for a month and I wasn’t going to miss it! I am a ginger freak and will totally eat the ginger shavings that come with your sushi just by themselves. That biscuit was good!

Demps is 11 months old! When did that happen??


It was chilly! Dempsey looks super cute in sweatpants and a hoodie while he stares out the window though 😍

That night, Joey made us some warm cinnamon-gin cocktails that tasted extra good given the temperature outside.


Look who discovered the toilet handle! I maybe let him pull on the roll of toilet paper but let’s not make a habit of it πŸ˜‚

I went on a run, then came back and made us all pancakes. My mom says banana fritters get sugar instead of maple syrup, so that’s that!

Happy First Day of Fall! We put Demps in his plaid so he could “drive” around the block and point at all the trees πŸ‚πŸ


My gardening motivation was already waning but then Joey sent me this picture of Dempsey’s watermelon all eaten up by squirrels, so I’m officially calling it quits on that garden. Overall, kind of a bust, but we did get a few okra so I’m okay with it. We’ll do better next year, I know it!

I got home around 4:30 and my mom hung around with Dempsey and I for about an hour and that boy is ALL OVER THE PLACE! My mom called him “fearless,” aka ready to fling himself over the edge of anything 😱

Happy Friday! We are taking Dempsey to his first (and last because the season is almost over) nighttime Rockies game and I am excited 😊

Weekend Things

Whew, we had a Sunday night wedding and now I keep having to remind myself it’s MONDAY πŸ₯±πŸ€― Feeling just a tad bit discombobulated but that’s okay because we had a fun Friday night out at the Edgewater Public Market, a beautiful bridal shower + a 2.5 hour Dempsey nap on Saturday and on Sunday, before the wedding, a most glorious trip to Dillion Reservoir to see the changing leaves. This time of year is simply the best!

Friday morning walk to the coffee shop was chilly! Felt pretty nice, to be honest. It warmed up enough to enjoy lunch outside and would you look at that colorful plate of food for Dempsey. I think he threw most of it on the ground and preferred to crawl around after leaves and lint under a chair πŸ˜‚

I had a 4:30 PM mani-pedi booked, but Joey and I both came up with the same plan to meet for dinner at Edgewater Public Market afterward since it was just down the street from the salon. The boys had been at Target beforehand, so Dempsey had a new pair of DESIGNER (as Joey kept mentioning to me) jeans and a toy Volkswagen Beetle. We grabbed tacos and sliders and a seat inside the much quieter brewery and dang were those sliders good!!! And Dempsey was just being the most fun. We love hanging with him so so much!

Got him home and into bed and watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother.

Someone slept in on Saturday, so I sent Joey off on a run solo and when Dempsey woke up, I fed him then headed to the kitchen for another batch of French toast (we still had half a loaf of challah left, so I had to, right??). So good! I had Betsy’s bridal shower at 11 AM and her “second mom” who also happens to be Jory’s aunt gave the sweetest speech. I am so very excited for their wedding in November! I scooted out a bit early because breastfeeding means you sort of have to work around being home at certain times (something I will miss but also not at all miss once I’m no longer doing it) and then Dempsey proceeded to take a 2.5 hour nap, so that was nice!

That evening, we tag-teamed dinner and I can’t remember the last time Joey and I cooked together. It felt a lot more crowded in the kitchen than I remembered! Dempsey and I picked all the basil we had to make some pesto and Joey made ricotta gnocchi and sautΓ©ed some mushrooms and tomatoes and it was SO good! Dempsey loves mushrooms and I think that’s so cute. After we put that little boy to bed, we queued up Our Friend and yes, I do have a very toxic relationship with Casey Affleck who I don’t like as a person, but love as an actor?? Anyway, this movie is truly sad. I felt like I couldn’t let myself start crying or I’d never stop crying. We loved Jason Segel in it!

Okay, I’m sorry for the barrage of photos about to come!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Aka leaf peeping season. I know my obsession with the changing leaves is very basic, but it’s just that being up in the cool mountain air and filling my eyeballs with the most glorious yellow, orange and red flowers just feels so good for the soul. There’s still lots of green up there but we saw some beautiful patches of gold. And we’d never been to Dillon Reservoir before but it was so calm and quiet and peaceful. We had a tailgate breakfast then walked through the trees for a bit, so Dempsey could point at everything πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ We were definitely pushing into his morning nap time, but he fell asleep two minutes into the drive back and woke up two blocks from home. Can’t ask for more than that!

Back at home, it was Illegal Pete’s for lunch and Dempsey got his very own tiny burrito bowl! He is very into all things meat but loved the tomatoes and bell pepper as well. He’s not quite sold on guac or beans though πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

The wedding started at 4 and Demps woke up from his second nap just in time to see Mom and Dad off. The ceremony started RIGHT on time and boy, do I love a punctual wedding. Tim and Nicole looked just so in love and we were very happy for them, plus it was wonderful mingling with Joey’s family and hitting the dance floor. Dempsey was at home with Grandma Lori and judging by that picture, he had a great time ❀

How was your weekend?