Just resisted the urge to name this page “Wedding Planning, Details and Fun…Because I Want to Relive It Forever!”  But just know that that’s what “Wedding” is short for.

Our Engagement: Extra Exciting Weekend Things

We Got a Wedding Date

Our Engagement Party: Party Weekend Things

Engagement Photo Premier Party

Cake Tastings: First, Second & Third

Finding A Wedding Band

Making Bridal Decisions: Last names, wedding bands and addressing invites

Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA

10 Days

My Bridal Shower

Wedding Week Begins

We did it!!!

Wedding Week Confessions

Our Wedding: Pre-Ceremony

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Our Wedding: The Reception

Honeymoon Recaps:


Provence Part I

Provence Part II

Paris Part I

Paris Part II

One Last Day in Paris

That’s all, folks!



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