Weekend Things

Hi, how are you on this Monday morning?  Now that it’s November and darkness is closing in on us from both ends of the day, I’m back to working out at the gym.  Today was our first time back and I think I might be riding that endorphin/coffee high, so if this energy is too much for you, maybe check back later 🙂

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I hope you got to fit in one last post-work outdoor run then made your husband pick you out a beer before he left for the Nuggets game.  I hope you watched a good movie and only felt a little guilty for watching it without your husband.  I hope you got to eat Saturday breakfast across from your best friend, who you might not see again until she has A BABY (oh my god!) and I hope you spent the rest of Saturday being half productive, half relaxed and fully happy.  I hope you slept an extra hour on Sunday then celebrated with pancakes and coffee before heading out to see a movie at Denver Film Fest, then took yourself to lunch because Sunday shouldn’t always just be about meal prep and laundry.  I hope you watched the Shameless premiere in your pajamas and ate a crockpot meal for dinner and decided November is going to be a good month.


Made myself this salad for dinner and it took WAY TOO LONG but then tasted so good that I’d still probably make it again.


During breakfast at Snooze, Hannah told me she was going home to pack a hospital bag and then Josh told her to put his Xbox in there.  I can’t stop laughing about that!  Spent the rest of the day re-staining our garden boxes, grocery shopping, voting, watching A LOT of Transparent, baking granola and maybe falling asleep during a boring episode of SNL. 


Took us FOR-EV-ER to choose between all the films at Denver Film Fest and we kept running into sold out shows but finally landed on Humor Me and it was seriously SO GOOD!  We both gave it a 5/5 on our movie ballot and have been re-telling jokes from it ever since ♥


Denver Central Market and Greenseed, in particular, for the lunch time win!


P.S. What if you kind of like when it gets dark early because it makes it feel really acceptable to put your pajamas on and cozy up on the couch as soon as you get home from work?  Asking for a friend 🙂

Since We Last Spoke

Joey turned 30!  


What can I say?  We did a bike bar tour through RiNo the Saturday before and OMG it was fun.  We made a playlist of songs that came out in 1987 (the year Joey was born) and who would’ve known “La Bamba” would be such a hit!  Both of our mothers were in attendance, I took a shot with my sister, smashed into a photo booth with Jenn, hugged my bestie lots and forgot it wasn’t MY birthday.

We also had a killer dinner at Acorn, — that 24 oz. prime ribeye though! — I gave Joey a mini fridge specifically for bombers — he’s been wanting one since we visited my aunt and uncle in Ohio last year and saw their bomber collection — and capped it all off with the traditional birthday dinner (and sombrero) at Los Arcos.

Baseball started!


I live for Opening Day traditions — aka Biker Jim’s and a beer for lunch — getting to the game early, watching them set those balloons free into the sky, taking that Opening Day portrait with Joey, getting that accidental sunburn.  Okay, I could probably do without that last part but I’m starting to think I’ll never learn.  In other news, we beat the Dodgers and the weather could not have been more perfect.  Feeling good about this season already 🙂

I pampered myself.


Ugh, sorry for that awkward selfie.  I don’t normally take them but when you get  your nails done — Joey made the appointment for me and I’d like to publicly announce that I’d be more than okay with more of those surprises in the future! — and your hair cut (and curled) you definitely go back to work, take a picture of yourself and hope none of your co-workers were walking by while you did it.

And because feeding myself delicious things also feels like pampering to me, there’s also been cookies, peanut butter oatmeal bars, breakfast sammies, quesadillas + sweet potato fries, honey-Dijon salmon, linguine in a creamy herb sauce, a weird but delicious bowl of fridge odds and ends and fish tacos because it’s already warm in Denver and my tastebuds are ready for taco season.

Spent a weekend alone.

Joey basically went straight from the Rockies game to the airport for a bachelor party in New Orleans so I had the weekend to myself.  I did all the productive things, aka cooked dinner for myself, went to the grocery, made pizza dough, did laundry, ran 5 miles (hi, Bolder Boulder, I see you coming up next month!) and did some filing for work.  But I also did all the fun things, aka read in the back yard, watched the Rockies take down Kershaw, had breakfast with my dad and sister and managed to feel relaxed.

Side Note: my mom also happens to be in NOLA so Joey met up with she and my uncle on Sunday after all the other guys of the bachelor party had headed home and I think that’s the sweetest and cutest and could only be better if was also there with them.

Tell me what’s happening in your life! 🙂