Best of January 2020

It’s fiiiiinally January 31st!  I was starting to think this month would go on forever.  I looked back through my pictures from the month and everything that happened at the very beginning seemed so long ago!  I mean, my parents have already managed to take two vacations since then 😛 

I’ve read THREE books, watched 13 movies and two limited series, tried five new restaurants, had the most puppy cuddles (we’ve had Huni basically the whole month!) and found a bit of balance between going out and being social vs staying in and recharging my introvert batteries.  I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here, but we are also back on the house hunt in a serious way.  Maybe looked at six houses yesterday!  So I guess the conclusion I’m coming to is that January has been pretty good ♥  Fingers crossed for February!

10 Tips Glee Could Take From Pitch Perfect

1. The outcast and the the diva shouldn’t be the same person.

Rachel started out the outcast and now she’s the diva.  It doesn’t work.

2. One mean character is enough.

When there’s a million characters spitting out quick-paced heartless insults, I have to say no.  I’m not sure what kind of message those characters are supposed to be spreading, but to me it’s “stop watching this show immediately.”

3. Every character can’t be the star of the show.

Glee is juggling way to many characters and it can’t keep up with all of them and their storylines.

4. Guy gets girl, the end.

The Finn and Rachel back-and-forth thing has gone on for long enough.

5. You don’t need an elaborate dance act to go along with every song.

And in fact, cheesy boy band-style dancing is preferred.

6. You can’t rely on celebrity guest stars.

Having Fogel from Superbad show up for a couple scenes is great.  Having a new celebrity in every episode is totally different.

7. We want to hear songs we know.

Look, I get it, Leah Michelle loves Barbara Streisand.  But if I wanted to hear Funny Girl I would watch Funny Girl.  I want to hear the stuff I know.  And No Diggity has already been done.

8. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

One of the best parts about Pitch Perfect was that the movie made fun of itself.  Come on, Glee, you’re a geeky show, play into that.

9. Every single character doesn’t need to sing.

10. Glee needs a fat Amy.

In all seriousness, I really liked Pitch Perfect.  It was funny, cheesy, self-effacing and crazy, all rolled into one enjoyable movie.  I’m not usually one to like outrageous comedies, but I couldn’t help laughing at this one.  And the music was awesome!  I totally recommend it to you.  And to the cast and crew of Glee.

Happy Thursday!