Our Honeymoon: Paris Part I


I know it’s been over a month since we’ve been back, and I’ve looked at our pictures a billion times (let’s not talk about that big dumb smile I had on my face as I imported all the pictures for this post), and I’ve thought about it a billion and one times, but I still cannot put Paris into words.  I had heard it was the most beautiful place in the world, I knew it was “The City of Love,” and I’d seen some amazing pictures of it, but I was not at all prepared for just how magical, enchanting and stunning it was.  All those pictures, they don’t even do it justice.


This French band was the first thing we heard when we got off the train.  It was all so… French!  Best reception ever.  After a brief walk in a big circle and the show I put on when I walked over a giant grate blowing air in a dress, we made it to our hotel.  We stayed at the Hotel Bonapart in the St. Germain neighborhood and loved it!  Not only was the hotel newly renovated, spacious and beautiful, but the location made it easy to walk everywhere we went.  And walk we did.  Sight-seeing vacations are more active than my real life!


I could not get over all the buildings.  The architecture is so breathtaking.  It makes a simple apartment building look like a work of art.  We spent the first day… lost.  Like really lost.  Like could not find Notre Dame to save our lives.  And then it poured and we didn’t have umbrellas and we had been walking for what felt like days, but you know what?  I don’t think either one of us complained.  Being in Paris is too surreal to get upset over things like rain or being lost.  That stuff is totally part of the fun.  Plus we did eventually find Notre Dame.  The sun was just setting and the cathedral was stunning.  So much bigger, grander and intricately-detailed than I had imagined.






At this point Joey was getting ready to kill me if he heard me sing “See the innocent blood you have spilt, on the steps of Notre Dame” one more time.  He loves me :)


On Day 2, we Joey made sure to make sure we had a good map and a good idea of where we were going before we headed out for breakfast and some museum-hopping.  Behold, the standard French breakfast: baguette, butter, jam and a croissant on the side.  Look, I love you, America, but it’s kind of refreshing to be somewhere that doesn’t do that gluten-free thing.  Viva la bread!


So there are about a million museums in Paris but Joey and I have kind of figured out that we’re not “museum people.”  So we picked the two we wanted to visit most and that’s all we did.  No museum guilt for us.  We started at the “Musée Dorsey” as Joey kept calling it and wow, is that place gorgeous or what?  The building itself is a work of art if you ask me and I could not get over those giant clocks.  It felt very Hugo in there.  The museum used to be a train station and it still has that look so it was very cool.  As for the art, it was actually pretty enjoyable to look at.  I think the Toulouse-Lautrec stuff was my favorite :)





Lunch break and beer!  Okay, the French beer scene is not like the Denver beer scene but God love him, Joey would not stop trying to find a good one.  I stuck to wine :)  After lunch, we headed over to the Louvre.  We expected a really long line (especially for the glass pyramid entrance), but it really wasn’t that bad.  I’ve waited longer for the Dumbo ride at Disneyland…  Plus there’s plenty of picture taking opportunities and people-watching to be done while you wait.  God help me if I saw one more person do that thing where they pretend to hold the pyramid up with their fingers.






Bonus points if you can spot Joey in that last picture.  Look, I know the Mona Lisa is uber famous and it’s a big deal to see her in person, but this swarm of tourists taking pictures of a picture was kind of off-putting and basically spoiled the whole experience, in my opinion.  And really, the whole Louvre experience was pretty underwhelming.  The thing is, everyone there is rushing around, taking pictures, crowding the Mona Lisa, ignoring most of the other works of art and talking… loudly.  The complete opposite of the Musée D’Orsay.  Joey and I walked around and felt like we were in our own little world while we actually looked at the art.  In other words, D’Orsay > Louvre.  But I will say that the outside of the museum is lovely.  After being cloudy and rainy all morning, we left the Louvre and were greeted by bright blue skies that made everything that much more beautiful.


And then we saw this in a shop window on our walk home and all was right in the world.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting today.  Sometimes you have the best of intentions to post something first thing in the morning (read: 8 AM) and then you’re distracted by coffee (am I the only one who becomes less productive when caffeinated?) and decide to get all long winded and can’t stop writing and it just takes longer than you’d expected.  It happens.

Weekend Things

This week on “You Know You’re 25 When”

Two beers is all it takes to feel buzzed.

Two cups of coffee is way more than it takes to feel buzzed.

You’re an expert at falling asleep on the couch.

Your most exciting purchase is a new cutting board.

You spend your Sunday organizing the drawers in your bathroom.

The 10 o’clock movie is just way too late.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell.  If you want the long version, it started with a private brewery tour at Denver Beer Co. Canworks which is dangerously close to our house.  We showed up to check it out and being pretty new, it was empty so we got our very own tour.  The inner workings of a brewery just blow my mind.  I pretty much think it’s the coolest thing ever.  Or maybe it’s all just so scientific and therefore over my head and impressive.  Oh and I got to try my first pumpkin beer of the season.  Hey, Pumpkin! (<— That’s what it’s called).


Insert falling on asleep on the couch #1.

On Saturday we had a blissfully open schedule.  I’m not going to lie, it is incredibly strange to have weekends without plans.  We kind of don’t know what to do with ourselves!  After watching a squirrel eat our decorative porch pumpkins, we decided we’d better get out of the house.  We went with the good old couples shopping day… gross, I know.  Like I said, we got a new cutting board.  But it’s a Boos Block so it totally warrants excitement.  But really, the best part was a spontaneous lunch at North in Cherry Creek.  I saw kale salads on the menu and was sold.  Joey got a meatball sandwich and the accompanying crispy potatoes were to die for.




After getting a late afternoon facial (can I please get one of those every week?), we took ourselves out to see a movie.  The Skeleton Twins was really really good and we both liked it.  I had heard that it was pretty dark (and moments of it definitely are), but I wasn’t prepared for all of the funny moments!  Don’t hate me, but I think this was the most I’ve ever liked Kristen Wiig and she and Bill Hader had such amazing (and believable) chemistry.  It was actually a very sweet movie.

Insert falling asleep on the couch #2.  SNL, why do you put me to sleep?!


Our favorite coffee shop was hosting a pancake party yesterday morning so we walked over for bottomless cakes and coffee.  Except that the bottom was two cups and that was too many.  Yoga later in the afternoon was a little shaky :)  I won’t even divulge the rest of my Sunday for fear of boring everyone to tears.

Happy Halloween Week!



Current Breakfast Obsession: Pomegranate Overnight Oatmeal

So, I am kind of lying when I call this my “current breakfast obsession.”  Because, truth be told, I’ve only eaten it twice.  Twice this year, that is.  And that’s because this breakfast involves pomegranate and those fuchsia beauties just showed up in my grocery store last week.  Whether that means pomegranate is actually in season or not is up for debate.

But, I was obsessed with this breakfast around this time last year and now that poms are back, I’m sure to be obsessed again.  So, this is kind of a breakfast obsession in advance.  And I feel comfortable declaring this obsession-to-come because I’m pretty well versed in my own predictability.

Oh, P.S. This is totally the wrong season for a cold breakfast, but there’s granola and maple syrup and a doughy texture that feels pretty comfort food-y so it totally works.


The night before, I mix up 1/3 cup each of oats, plain Greek yogurt and milk (I use unsweetened almond) then cover the bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning, mix then top with 1T maple syrup, 1/4 cup pomegranate arils and 1/4 cup granola (I just made this one and it’s incredible!).  Then devour!

I have this love/hate relationship with pomegranate where I hate to de-seed it, but I love those juicy bursts of flavor in the arils.  I try to remind myself how good they taste in this breakfast when I am de-seeding and inevitably being super picky about making sure to get every little bit of the pulp out.  I swear it’s worth it :)

Happy Friday!



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