This Week

On Monday, we went to THREE DIFFERENT grocery stores — mint, why you gotta be so elusive?? — and still managed to sit down to a home-cooked dinner at 7:15!  One of those grocery stores was this tiny little neighborhood market that was selling everything for 50% off, so yay for savings.


And speaking of that home-cooked dinner, I feel it is my duty to share with you when I eat things that are oh-my-god-good and this salad with “The Greenest Tahini Dressing” is just that.  We’ve made it twice now and even though you have to blanch things and I’m not sure if that’s really a flavor thing as much as it’s a color thing, it’s still so quick and easy.  Just do it.


Half Marathon Training started this week!  I’m like 10% nervous to 90% excited so I guess that’s a good sign.  It’s back-to-back-to-back running days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, which is kind of WHOA but Joey and I are so down with Monday and Friday rest days.  (And for the record, we killed those back-to-back-to-backs this week!)


On Tuesday, we took a lunch-time drive over to our wedding photography studio to pick up our album and it’s freaking gorgeous!  Joey and I look pretty good too 🙂  Our skin has never looked so flawless.  We seriously sat in our parked car and looked the album over because we needed to see it RIGHT THEN.  Then they gave us a surprise calendar with our pictures and I was extra sure we made the right choice choosing Elevate Photography.


What is this Wednesday Date Night thing and where can I get some more of that?  We headed to South Broadway — or SoBo if you’re cool enough and I’m definitely not — and grabbed a bar seat at Leña for margs and an order of Pan de Yuca then walked down to Gozo for round two.  We got that charred scallion and pepperoni pizza and it was SO GOOD but that place has the weirdest service and they either don’t have AC or didn’t feel like turning it on.  It was steamy in there.


“I’m currently reading three books,” I announced on our way home from dinner.  Though I guess one of them is actually a play.  My mom, my sister and I are seeing Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Festival on Saturday so I wanted to read it first.  Is that normal?  P.S. Peaches, peanut butter and cinnamon-y granola have my breakfast heart right now.


My little and I just finished True Detective!  Yeah, yeah, so I watched the first season again because she hadn’t seen it and I wanted an excuse to watch it again.  I still thought it was incredible the second time around.  Also, we bought three pies that night for a co-worker’s birthday the next day and Joey felt it necessary to leave this rude note before leaving us Dorsey sisters alone with them.


I lit this candle on Thursday morning then totally forgot about it and made a mess when I picked it up later.  But then I kind of liked how the melted red wax splattered across my work.  Let’s bring back that thing where we use wax to seal letters, kay?


A new coffee shop opened by our house — I know, like we really needed another — so we decided to try it out on Friday morning.  The iced coffee was strong, the owner was genuine, the exposed brick was plentiful, so I give it two thumbs up.  We sipped our coffee and ranked breakfast burritos.  My list was basically Joey’s list… but backwards 🙂


Denver Passport Part II

Slowly but surely, we are making our way through this Denver Passport book.  I swear at the beginning of the summer I was like “I’m gonna make it to all 64 of these places!” but here we are, almost at the end of July and I’m thinking I was maybe being a little overzealous with that declaration.  Oh and I totally only went to two of the places I said I most wanted to try in my last Passport post.  Oops!

8 Lou's

Lou’s Food Bar

There are soooo many Moscow Mules on this passport and I for one am totally okay with that!  We had a choice between beer and Mules at Lou’s and Joey surprised me by going for the latter over the former.  Then he extra surprised me by LOVING his Mule.  Who is this person??  I will admit that they tasted especially gingery, limey and carbonated so two thumbs up!

9 Tom's Urban

Tom’s Urban

We’d been here before and weren’t all that impressed but we had tickets to the Buell and could walk to dinner at Tom’s beforehand so we decided to give it another try.  Good thing we did because we all ended up having fun and enjoying our meals.  Another Mule for me because I like to change things up… and Joey got a margarita that I think I tried and I think I liked?  Perhaps I should start keeping notes on our passport adventures.

10 Goldspot

Goldspot Brewing Company

Funny story, as we were crossing the street to get to Goldspot, our friend Chris drove past.  Weird timing!  This place is over in the DU neighborhood so I thought it might be a college kids hangout but it was pretty quiet when we went it.  The bartender was super friendly and the beer was gooood.  I got some interesting saison and Joey got a red IPA and I think he was ready for another but I was like “But Big Brother is on!”

11 Illegal Pete's

Illegal Pete’s

Okay, I’m usually pretty loyal to my beloved Chipotle, BUT they don’t do breakfast and they don’t have an open bar so maybe Illegal Pete’s has a leg up on them in that regard.  I’m a sucker for a good Bloody Mary and sadly, this wasn’t one.  The house mix just wasn’t my taste (or Joey’s, for that matter).  But the good news is, that breakfast burrito has me hooked enough to go back.

12 Harman's

Harman’s Eat & Drink

Last but not least!  I took Joey here for his birthday and we LOOOOVED it so when Lori offered to take me to dinner for my birthday, I knew I wanted to go back.  Seriously though, I don’t get this place.  The space is open and bright, the service is top notch and the food is INCREDIBLE, yet it’s never busy in there.  Should I just keep my mouth closed and assume this is Cherry Creek’s best kept secret?  I ordered a sage Saison because that sounded like the most interesting thing ever and used it to wash down my pulled pork and smoked mozzarella grits.  MORE PLEASE.

Dying to go to next:

(Still) Colt & Gray // Two words: TIKI. DRINKS.

(Still) Gozo // Been there, wanna go back!

Leña // We went with my family for my birthday dinner but our waiter convinced me to save my passport for next time.

Argyll Whisky Beer // Because Hannah was selling the ish out of the drink they had at this place and now I need it.

Zengo // We can bike there AND get sushi.