Halloween Weekend Things



Sneaking out of the office early on Friday when you were out of the office Monday through Wednesday is a no go 😦 but it’s okay because once we got home, we made Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese and all work stress instantly evaporated.  Poof!  Eating a bowl of comfort food while watching Season 2 of Stranger Things is a happy moment, indeed.  And don’t even pretend you weren’t doing the same!

We also carved two of our pumpkins (they’re already all wilty…) and sorry for that blurry photo but it was cold and I was standing outside in my pajamas, so this is the best I could do.



My plate looks like a melty sundae because cold coconut whipped cream + hot off the griddle pancakes = whipped cream waterfall.  Will I ever learn?  But tasted amazing all the same!  Afterwards, we took ourselves to the Union Station Farmers’ Market for the last time this year and I was met with a mixture of sadness that market season was ending and pure delight over finding those baby butternuts.

Who knows what I did all afternoon but later on, we headed to Bobby’s 30th Birthday/Halloween party as Max and Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.  All I can say is you don’t realize how much you touch your nose until you can’t touch your nose!  Also, I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween in a few years and it felt simultaneously fun and nerve-wracking.



Started Sunday with a pretty latte and even prettier fall leaves ♥  Followed by trips to two different Whole Foods (Whole Foodses?) for cupcake ingredients, but more on that in a moment.  When I got back home, Joey had already headed out to watch football so I took that time to do… uh nothing?  I read, lunched in the backyard and thought about how it was 70° but supposed to snow the next day.

As for those cupcakes, they’re naturally-dyed.  How cool is that?!  The cream cheese frosting is made orange by goji berries and the cupcakes themselves get their color from black sesame seeds.  I tried to make minis but they stuck in the pan SO BAD that I had to abort mission immediately and just make regular sized ones.  Overall, they don’t taste amazing but it seemed like a fun Halloween treat for the office.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you (or are you going to) dress up for Halloween?

Weekend Things

As Joey said Sunday night, “this weekend was weird, but I still had fun.” Mostly it was weird because we are currently in Memphis, so the usual get-ready-for-the-work-week stuff (grocery, lunch prep) didn’t need to be done, leaving us a lot of free time to do what exactly?


We had zero plans for Friday night so after leaving work later than anticipated (being out of the office part of this week has its drawbacks), we were “those people” who go on a Friday evening run.  Then I made us dinner! I watched Bon Appétit make eggplant on Facebook Live last week and totally wrote down the instructions so I could re-create it and it turned out great!
I was REALLY excited about that beer because it was a Three Floyds collaboration but then it was kinda boring. Not boring though, was The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou which I’d never seen but truly loved. Angelica Huston is a boss.


We had a plan-free Saturday morning and I know we have plenty of Saturdays like that, but between training runs at the end of the summer, being in Florida and going to Illegal Pete’s last week, it felt like we hadn’t spent a Saturday morning at home in so long! Later on, we needed to get out of the house so we spent some time at American Cultures, then came home and tried to decide how much our trees have grown since last year?

Since we were leaving town, we were trying not to cook and that seemed like a good excuse to go try a new restaurant. I’ve had Pizzeria Lui on the brain for weeks! It wasn’t too busy inside but they had some pretty wood tables, beer with pull tab lids (how have I never seen this before??) and, uh, pizza. Really really good pizza! I hope to go back soon.


We had breakfast with my mom and sister on Sunday morning and look, if there’s a 45-minute wait at Devil’s Food, head two doors down for coffee and a giant donut hole! But maybe actually don’t because I did that and felt emotionally unstable for the rest of the day. Overstimulation is a tricky thing.

I spent the afternoon at Jade’s baby shower. She’s about to be the mother of three boys and I think she might have her hands full for a while 😋 Afterwards I went home for some quiet time but also took myself on a run then roasted some Delicata squash rainbows as part of dinner. Squash season has me feeling good this year!

How was your weekend?