Healthy Habits in January

Self-care is such a buzz word right now.  It sounds simple and it sounds nice.  Weekly manicures can be justified as a “treat yo’ self” moment and buying new clothes because it’s what your heart wants and all that.  Except sometimes that stuff doesn’t feel good to me and sometimes self-care is more like not getting that manicure because it’s not in your budget and giving yourself a manicure at home can feel good too.  I guess what I’m saying is that self-care can be a case-by-case experience that includes doing what you want when you want but also doing what you should because you need to.

I’m still very much figuring this balance out for myself but over the course of January, I felt like I grabbed a hold of some healthy habits that felt like self-care in their truest form and while I’m not naive enough to think they’re permanent fixtures in my life from now on — I’ve come to realize the pace/pattern of my life changes every time we enter a new season — I want to acknowledge them here at least.

Weekly At-Home Manicures

Good quality nail polish isn’t exactly cheap but it is cheaper to invest in a few (that you can rotate through), than it is to go to the nail salon every couple of weeks.  I’ve been finding a few minutes every Saturday or Sunday to swipe on a fresh coat and my nail strength/overall health seems just as good as when I regularly go to the salon but at a fraction of the cost.

Really Reading

I thought I read a decent amount but I realized the time I spent scrolling my phone or mindlessly watching TV was taking up a lot of what could have been even more reading time.  So instead of getting into bed and spending 20 minutes on Twitter then 10 minutes reading, I just put my phone down and get so much more book time.  It feels like a life revelation and it also feels like the best!

Seeing a Therapist

I’d been wanting to do this for so long.  Not for any reason in particular but just because I’d generally been feeling less in control of my emotions and more prone to losing it (I’ll be honest, I feel like political anxiety was the real tipping point), so I jumped into therapy and guys, I LOVE IT!  Every time I leave my therapist’s office, I feel euphoric and like I might actually be okay 🙂

Hot Power Vinyasa

At the end of the year, I redeemed a free week of yoga at a new studio and sort of fell in love with the Wednesday night hot yoga class.  So I bought an unlimited month and went every single Wednesday in January.  I got so happy and excited every time I signed up.  Going to a hot and sweaty yoga class in the dead of winter might just be the best feeling ever.  I’m legitimately sad that my month has come to an end.

NOT Doing All the Things

We are a society that values productivity and working, working, working and it is so ingrained in my head that I have to be on top of things and always be put together so I’d get home and literally not be able to sit down and chill.  Cut to me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.  Not that I don’t still sometimes feel like that or try to fit too many things in but over all I feel like I’ve gotten way better at this.  I stopped doing things like trying to go to the gym and cook dinner in the same night or brew kombucha, make granola and watch two hour-long episodes of some show.  Sometimes I don’t have time to make the bed or pick my clothes up off the floor before I leave for work and I’m learning to be okay with it.

Some January moments that didn’t make the blog cut:

New calendar, who dis? // A lentil lunch salad // Staring into the face of an angel // Pasta dough cross-cut // Snow on a Monday // Tofu and veg but mostly a creamy hemp sauce // Can’t resist a Greek salad // Feet up or bust // Tuesday sunrise ♥

Weekend Things

Weekend Highlights: tempura broccoli and Colorado lamb at Work & Class, checking another Best Picture nominee off our list, sesame-honey pancakes, quality time with Mom, a good workout, staying on budget at the grocery store, a big bowl of noodles and Dunkirk, Will Ferrell on SNL, coffee and croissants at The Source, laughing really hard while watching The Mindy Project, a late afternoon stroll, ricotta gnocchi, reading in bed.  And perhaps best of all, waking up Monday morning feeling rested and ready to go 🙂


Post-delicious-dinner at Work & Class, we headed to the Mayan to see The Shape of Water and look, I’d been avoiding seeing it because, come on, a fish man?  Really?  I’m here to report it wasn’t as dumb as I thought it’d be but it was also just as dumb as I thought it’d be.  I feel like I’m in a place where I find it hard to appreciate a polished, large production, sweeping score, predictably plotted films, though I did think Sally Hawkins was great.  Mainly though, THIS IS THE EXACT SAME PLOT AS SPLASH and I like Splash a lot more.


Had enough time for pancakes and Top Chef before heading into Louisville to see my mom for a massage.  I hadn’t had one in so long and between the heart to heart chatting we had before and the much needed kneading (see what I did there?) of my muscles, I felt so incredible afterwards.  Back at home, there was lunch, a trip to the gym, a trip to Whole Foods, super seed butter and leftovers of this Mongolian Beef Noodle Bowl Joey made earlier in the week.  He killed it — this meal was so so good!

We also watched Dunkirk and I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would!  I mean I didn’t know any of the characters names afterwards and it took a minute to figure out the overlapping time tables but I found it really interesting.  Plus I learned all British soldiers were good-looking 20-year-olds with the exact same hair color.  Who knew?!  P.S. Harry Styles had a much bigger role than I had anticipated.


I woke up Sunday and felt sort of crabby but then we took ourselves to The Source, ordered coffee, picked out pastries, semi-plotted our February and read in silence and I think it set the tone for a wonderful Sunday.  It also felt like a really long day in a really good way, so that I got lunches made, cleaned up the kitchen, read and went on a walk but also had time to watch a lot of TV and be really loungey on the couch.  We rounded out the day with ricotta gnocchi and pesto from The Savvy Cook and I know I sound like a spokesperson for this cookbook but literally everything we’ve made has been incredible and this gnocchi was no exception!

Here’s something that’s been on my mind lately.  I feel like we are in a time where we post the best parts of our life online and it’s really easy to see someone else’s best and compare yourself to that.  On Saturday, my mom told me she’s so impressed by how much I cook and go out and do fun things and how do I do it all?!  And whoa, I do not mean to make it look my life is perfect because sometimes I feel overwhelmed by “doing it all” and Joey and I do not always get along.  In fact, we argued A LOT on Saturday, and I usually edit stuff like that out of my weekend recap because I’m afraid, to an outsider, it will sound like a relationship red flag, but I actually think it’s fine and normal to argue with your spouse.  I just wanna keep it real with you, ya know?

Anyway, it’s all good and I hope you feel that way too and I hope you have a good Monday!