Book Review: Lily and the Octopus

A warning about this book if you are A) a person who loves dogs B) a person who doesn’t necessarily love dogs, but likes them or C) a person with a beating heart.  In other words, if this book doesn’t destroy you, you’re a monster!  I haven’t cried this hard over a book since I read Little Women last year.  Also, please know that I was quietly losing it and when I looked over, Joey was scrolling Twitter while eating chips and salsa shirtless in our bed.  We may as well have been on different planets!


Please note how much that drawing on the cover looks like Huni!

Basically, this is the story of a single man named Ted and the love of his life, a 12-year-old dachshund named Lily, who develops a tumor, aka “the octopus.”  The rest of the book delves into Ted’s past — the ups and downs he and Lily have had, the ups and downs of his now-ended long term relationship — as well as he and Lily’s current situation and all the way he’s avoiding the truth about Lily and her octopus.

I’m not going to lie, there is a fair amount of immaturity and cheese you have to deal with to make it through this book — the lengths Ted goes to put off the reality that his dog is dying are childish and at many points, had me questioning his sanity (“is he actually the one with the tumor?!”) but his characterization of Lily was just so sweet and lovable and amidst all Ted’s crazy actions, you could find moments of relatable grief and sadness.

Just don’t read the end of this one in public, okay?

The First Weekend of Spring

It’s officially spring and these are some things that made my heart full this weekend: getting wings and fries for dinner with my mom, sister and Joey, letting my sister sip my gose, then her LOVING it (my beer girl heart lit right up!), watching a movie on the couch, eating a carrot cake waffle, running outside and feeling good and strong all the way through, baking granola and having that sweet smell fill the house, spending Saturday night with our best friends and being totally smitten and mesmerized by the cutest baby to ever exist, walking to get coffee and toast on Sunday morning, sipping a strawberry-chamomile kombucha, making dinner together, ending Sunday with a good movie.


Friday night, we went to Fire on the Mountain and I decided Jamaican Jerk tastes like the ramen seasoning packet (in a good way) and blue cheese > ranch for wings and celery dipping.  We watched Creed afterwards and while I loved Michael B. Jordan, narratively, it felt a little disjointed.  Seemed like he was already a boxer at the beginning but then he hadn’t been trained and then he got trained but then got challenged to a fight and there was ANOTHER training sequence.  What?!  Am I nitpicking? 🙂

Saturday, we had pizza and baby snuggles for dinner at Hannah and Josh’s, then Mason showed us how to do tummy time and instead of impressing us with his rolling over skills, he burped then spit up and we all laughed really hard.  Joey got it on video and I’ve watched it like 50 times because it’s somehow still the cutest thing ever!  We went out for ice cream afterwards and Hannah and I were not about the girl behind the counter telling people Purple Cow is Little Man‘s best flavor because it is most definitely Space Junkie.

Sunday night, we made Lentil-Tahini Burgers with Cabbage Slaw and Snap Peas with Feta and it all tasted like spring!  In other words, there were bright snappy flavors and fresh herbs.  We also watched Between Us and we really liked the way it was filmed but it was also sort of heartbreaking to watch the two main characters emotionally destroy each other.  In the end, we really enjoyed it, but mainly, there was a scene towards the beginning where the couple decide to get married, then dance around the house yelling “husband and wife!” and Joey and I maybe did that afterwards.

How was your weekend?