Weekend Things

Coming at you a day (and a half) later than usual because my September Memory-a-Day post seemed more time-sensitive, but please do not think it means my weekend wasn’t exciting because it WAS!


Friday Rockies game!  We won!  There were four home runs!  It was COLD!


Saturday, we met this cutie and his parents at Acova for brunch.  Mason kicked his shoes off within 5 minutes of being in the restaurant and it really made me wish I was a baby 🙂  Despite how chilly it was on Friday, Saturday’s weather was perfect so after we finished eating, we took Mason outside to play and he did a little dance for us that I can’t stop thinking/smiling about ♥

Spent the afternoon at Becca’s 30th birthday party!  And did everyone watch the SNL Season Opener?  Look, I watched all 8 hours of that Kavanaugh hearing and Matt Damon KILLED it.


Got up Sunday to go on a run then busted out some chores before heading to another Rockies game.  It was way hotter than I anticipated but melt-y mess aside, this game was so so exciting!!!  Back at home, we finished lunch salads, walked the pup and made Black Bean Plantain Enchiladas for dinner.  They were really really good!

Meanwhile, today I am a ball of nerves because the Rockies are down to their one last chance and I still have PTSD from last year’s Wild Card game.  Pray for us!

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