Weekend Things

Is this not the best time of year?? Fall by morning and evening, summer by day. It’s the best of both worlds! And aside from enjoying this fall/summer limbo, we did our best to stay busy this weekend and I think we did a good job!

My mom and sister both have significant others who do not eat gluten or dairy and are forever wishing they could just cook some pasta or eat a sandwich for dinner, so we’ve started up a little Girls Cooking Club where they can do just that! My sis was in charge of dinner, so we all met at my parents’ and I basically just sat there as my mom served me deviled eggs and tomatoes with balsamic and then my sister fed me Cacio e Pepe, so it all worked out for me πŸ˜‹ A definite downside was that when I walked in, the news was reporting the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what a hit to the heart that was πŸ˜₯ I was glad to be in the company of two women who get it though. I brought Smith + Cannon ice cream for dessert and then finally returned home feeling full and happy.

I hope I like breakfast again when I’m no longer pregnant, because the struggle is real. Saturday morning, we finally landed on OneFold breakfast burritos that Joey offered to go pick up when the delivery wait time was something like an hour and I didn’t think I’d make it. We sat out in the back yard to eat, then took the pup on a morning walk?? Who are we! Back at home, we started our Red Cross first aid course online.

We had been waiting in anticipation for the sneak peek of the maternity photo shoot we did last Wednesday, so when they popped up on Instagram that afternoon, we were so very excited. Jo shot our wedding at Cheesman six years ago, so it only felt right that she shot our maternity photos there as well and gosh, I am IN LOVE with how they turned out and can’t wait to see the rest!

Around 2, we drove over to Hannah and Josh’s and got to sit out on their back deck with them for a few hours and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Little Henry is just the cutest and most chill and Mason woke up from his nap and came out to show up his toy plane collection. He did have to correct me at one point because some of them are biplanes πŸ˜‚ But actually my favorite part was when he stole Hannah’s phone and was texting someone and when she tried to pry it away from him, he yelled “I’m texting Joey and Lauren!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyway, it was so soul nourishing to see them all and I can’t wait till we can add our little boy to the group!

We cooked up a fall-ish pizza for dinner and man was it good! And then our Hitchcock binge continued with Rear Window and we really liked it! Gotta say, my favorite was when Lisa and Stella sort of took over. They were great!! I should mention the fire alarm in our room randomly went off a few times in the middle of the night?? We reset it and it seemed to be fine after that but Andi was TOTALLY wigged out by it. We let him come up into our bed and he kept jolting awake and barking at the ceiling, poor little puppy!

Sunday started with butternut pancakes (since we had already opened the can for pizza the night before) and YUM, FALL! We lounged for a little bit, then put a pork shoulder in the oven for pulled pork later on (!!), and worked on our first aid course till lunchtime. I think the afternoon was spent watching sports for Joey and reading/doing my nails for me and some napping for Andi. We also finished up our first aid course and I hope I never ever have to use infant CPR, but I definitely feel better knowing it!

So, the pork. It was my first time ever making pulled pork and I don’t know that it went totally smoothly. All the brown sugar in the rub seemed to burn to an absolute crisp on the bottom of our Dutch oven and the outside of the pork was so tough, but everything inside was at least tender. Wish I’d had WAY more BBQ sauce than the 1-2 cups the recipe called for though. We at least had enough for our two dinner sandwiches and even though the recipe kind of seemed like a fail, it tasted really good!!! Made us some coleslaw for on top and on the side, then froze the rest of the pork for post-baby dinners.

We ended the night with a Nuggets game, Big Brother, Emmys triple feature and even though toward the end of the Emmys, I was begging for it to be over (help, I get tired so early nowadays!), I thought it was kind of a good show. Glad we had watched Schitt’s Creek and Succession so we could celebrate those wins! Hope you had a good weekend!

The Third Trimester

Guys, it is starting to feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. And as my doctor said “well it’s been 35 weeks, so you kind of have been!” But also, 35 weeks!!! We’re so close and I kind of can’t believe it! We still have a few things left to do (CPR class, breastfeeding class, sterilizing stuff) but man am I starting to look forward to holding that little baby on the outside of my body rather than on the inside.

I’m not terribly uncomfortable, to be honest, but laying on my back/stomach, eating medium rare beef, getting that giant pregnancy pillow out of my bed, drinking a beer (or like half a beer because my tolerance already wasn’t high and I am sort of scared πŸ˜‹) and just generally moving around normally again are starting to sound so so appealing. Also, as we finish up baby preparations and have either finished (or put on hold in the case of bigger projects) house decorating, we’ve found ourselves sort of bored. I honestly can’t wait to be too distracted/busy/tired to look at my phone for what feels like 16 hours a day 😁

This baby is the wiggliest! I swear he is hardly ever not moving around, so I am starting to think he doesn’t sleep and that is genuinely concerning because Joey also keeps reminding me that he does not do well on little sleep. Eek! I’ve been doing some inversions, getting on all fours and bouncing on the yoga ball to help baby get in a good position and I think it’s working because he’s head down and centering up in there! My back definitely still hurts but my parents gave Joey some massage pointers and it’s really felt so good! And KNOCK ON WOOD but the indigestion I’ve had since the second trimester is suddenly way better/basically gone?? Perhaps it’s because I’ve stopped cooking five tomato-heavy recipes a week πŸ˜‚

Other third trimester happenings have included our baby shower of course but also interviewing and picking a pediatrician (seriously sucks to have to do those things by yourself because of COVID), getting my TDAP shot, finishing the nursery (that post is still coming, I promise!), celebrating our last child-less anniversary, lots of walks to the coffee shop and with the pup (but otherwise very little actual exercise), the return of the need for naps, just so many loads of baby laundry (HOW??), a very brief bout of pregnancy insomnia and just so so SO many middle of the night trips to the bathroom (I will not miss this at all!).

In case I don’t get a chance to say it later, I just want say I’ve really really enjoyed this pregnancy. There are lots of discomforts and worries, sure, but I have mostly felt so happy and healthy and like I thrived during this time. I’m so so grateful for such a smooth experience so far. It’s made life so easy and fun and I do not take it for granted ❀