Mother’s Day Weekend Things

What a weekend!!! So much happened that when I just looked back over the photos, I had completely forgotten how it all started with warm weather and a walk to the coffee shop. What a moment that was and after that, a celebratory night with my family, seeing our best friends for the first time in a long time and, of course, my first Mother’s Day. Too good ❤

Remember last summer when we would walk to Downpours Coffee every week to get coffee and I was pregnant and dreaming of the sweet baby I was carrying?? Now I get to push that sweet baby in his stroller to that same coffee shop every week and it makes me deliriously happy. The weather is still here and there, so we had to plan this walk around that but I can’t wait until we can do this weekly. Demps and I took a peek into the Denver Cat Company and he was definitely not sure about cats, ha!

Wayne graduated from college!!! We celebrated by getting together for dinner al fresco — Demps showed everyone how he can spoon-feed himself and basically just suck on zucchini sticks 😂 — then a walk (yes, our second that day) to Tennyson, but this time for ice cream at High Point Creamery. Tennyson was straight bustling with people and it felt simultaneously weird and wonderful. That sweet baby was being so happy and smiley and gosh, six months has been SO FUN. He stayed up past his usual bedtime, but went to sleep real easy when we finally got him in his crib. Help, he’s too sweet!

Saturday was still warm, so I made us both yogurt bowls (I cannot wait until Demps can have his own mini yogurt bowl!) and we ate outside. After the baby went down for his first nap, we did a little bit of yard work and after he woke up, we took a family trip to REI. It was everyone’s first time there and man, it’s huge!!! Afterward, we walked over to look at the Platte and though Joey was trying to get a picture of Dempsey and I, he was too distracted by the water, ha! Back at home, Nap #2 lasted 30 minutes and then we did our normal nighttime activities — dinner and a bath — early because we had plans for later. Baby’s first banana! He ended up breaking off the peel-less piece and then it was super slippery so I basically held onto it while he gnawed away and it probably looked gross but he seemed to enjoy it! Do you see his little face in that towel pic??

Our long-awaited Saturday night plans!!!! Now that we’re all vaccinated, we got together with Hannah, Josh, Mason and Henry and gosh did it feel good to see them. When we first held the babies up to each other, Henry reached out and grabbed Dempsey’s hand and I about died! 😍😍😍 They actually interacted a lot more than I had expected. Henry is on the move and it’s so cool to see him army crawl all over the place. Mason had enough energy for all of us and Dempsey was especially vocal while we all ate pizza from Hops and Pie. Hannah snapped that super sweet picture of both happy babies right before that last picture of Mason perfectly posed and Henry giving Dempsey a face hug that he wasn’t too sure about 😂😂😂 I already can’t wait to see them all again!

Sunday was my first Mother’s Day! Even though I celebrated last Mother’s Day like it was my first Mother’s Day too 😂 I woke up to gifts and a card from a cute baby! He got me a rice maker (never making bad rice again!), a herb planter and a flower delivery subscription that I’m seriously so excited about. Joey showed me a picture of him outside Wordshop when they went to get my card 🥰

We had our families (minus my sister who was working and Wayne who was with his mom) over for brunch and I legit forgot to snap a picture of ANY of the food we made, but just know there were buttermilk waffles, bacon, fruit, mimosas and salted honey whipped cream. Not to get too sentimental on you, but being a mom is honestly the best feeling in the world. I’m my very happiest self when I am caring for that sweet son of mine and now that I’m a mom myself, I understand just how much moms do and how much they love their children. It’s truly amazing! I am so lucky to have the best mother and the best mother-in-law, who are also the best grandmothers to Dempsey!

My mom passed along this pin that my grandpa made for my grandma and I absolutely teared up over it ❤❤❤

After everyone left, we got to spend some time just the three of us and Dempsey was just so happy and sweet the entire day. He really gave me the best Mother’s Day. We made a quick dinner of Mediterranean eggplant bowls with halloumi and then put Dempsey to bed and watched an episode of Boardwalk Empire (we’re almost done!) before crashing into bed ourselves. I’m feeling like I need a few days to recover from that busy weekend, but it was all so good, so I can’t complain. Happy Monday!

Make This Now

Um has it really been since 2019 that I wrote up one of these posts?? Eek! Let me fix that right now!

Chicken Paillard with Arugula and Apple

Let’s not talk about the kind of day I was having when I made this dinner or how I momentarily thought I was going to start a grease fire when I used some tongs that were sort of wet to flip the chicken. Instead, let’s talk about how GOOD this was. And how it felt like I was eating something only a restaurant chef could pull off. That breading was so flavorful and that chicken was so juicy. Instant mood-changer! We are ABSOLUTELY making this again.

Vegan Pasta Al Limone

Joey and I are not exactly on the same page when it comes to lemon. As in I’m a person who will eat an entire lemon slice like it’s an orange and he is a person who will say “it hurts my teeth!” when there’s too much. So I wasn’t sure if he’d go for this one but then lo and behold he LOVED it! All our good pasta recipes are from Minimalist Baker, so I’m not surprised this one was amazing too. Plus it’s super quick and easy to boot. Yes please!

Vegan Parmesan and Herb Polenta Fries

And speaking of Minimalist Baker, we also loved this recipe! All those herbs made for a such a burst of flavor and even though you can make your own polenta, do not knock that pre-made tube you can buy for cheap at the grocery store, okay?? I served these with a side or marinara and pesto and then nope, definitely didn’t need those things because these fries were perfect all on their own. Yum!

Wild Rice Burgers with Tahini Special Sauce

The night before I made these, we had real deal decked out beef burgers and I was worried these would pale in comparison but then they were super good! Joey told me “damn, these are good!” something like five times during dinner. He’s right! Also, please note that I did not read the recipe ahead of time so I neither cooled the rice nor let the mixture sit in the fridge for 30 minutes (oops!) but they still held together perfectly fine. Oh and I accidentally put hot chili garlic sauce instead of sweet so I just added a bit of maple syrup and MAN OH MAN was that tahini sauce good. Jamie truly is the queen of the tahini sauce!

Hawaiian Chicken Tacos

Joey made these for us this week and we actually hit a Taco Tuesday on a Tuesday! Seems like I am always making them on a Wednesday. They were soooo good! It was basically torture to smell the chicken cooking in the crock pot all day, but it was worth it. The meat was super flavorful and we love a saucy slaw to go on top. I happened to have cotija on hand and it was the perfect finishing touch. We will definitely be making these again!

Strawberry Coconut Granola

Okay, sorry for all the Minimalist Baker recipes (but also not sorry). We’re on a roll, I suppose! I just just just took my second batch of this granola out of the oven and it smells HEAVENLY in our house. Joey thought I was making cookies! It’s super easy, super quick, super nutty and that pop of flavor from the strawberries is mega good. It hits all my qualifications for a perfect granola!

Please tell me your favorite things to cook right now!