Weekend Things

Would you believe Joey and I snuck away for some adult time twice this weekend?? Felt nice but weird at the same time. I missed the kids, but they had fun with their grandparents, so it all worked out fine!

Friday kicked off Denver Restaurant and while we’ve been more out than in on it in the past few years, it seemed like a good excuse for a date night so I booked us an early reservation at The Bindery. Not to be totally lame, but early dinners out means we can be home for bedtime and don’t have to burden anyone with putting Dempsey to bed while also trying to care for Lydia. Seems to work out for now! I thought the meal and the service at The Bindery were absolutely fantastic! Would recommend. After Demps was in bed, we watched The Whale and I have many thoughts. Brendan Fraser and Hong Chau are very good but the rest of the movie is mediocre to bad. Did not care for the plot line or performance of either teenage character and all that stuff about positivity and people being amazing rang totally false to me.

A Saturday to ourselves! I told Joey to humor me and eat some waffles out of the freezer instead of making fresh ones. Felt nice to not have to clean up any dishes! Oh and he and Dempsey went to get coffee for us and those are the shoes he left in 😂 Around 9, the boys headed to Home Depot for their craft class and came back with a pinball machine that’s equal parts cool and frustrating to use 😅

After Demps went down for his nap, I took a walk and saw my first crocus of the season! I’m SO ready for spring. Made a chicken and quinoa dish with peanut sauce for dinner and Demps was having none of it 😑 Our attempts at calling the chicken “fat bacon” didn’t work either when he tasted a piece and told us “that’s chicken!” 😅 Oh well. Fell asleep to Argentina, 1985 later on, so I guess I was tired!

The Oscars are fast approaching and Joey and I have been trying to find time to go see Avatar 2, but when we realized we also wanted to see the Shorts, we pivoted and made plans to fit those in instead. My parents were kind enough to come watch the kids so we could spend all afternoon at the theater. Saints, truly! My sis and Wayne came over for a bit too and those four pictures in the middle are ones I received from my babysitters 🤍 The Shorts were good, particularly “Ivalu,” “An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It” and yes, “My Year of Dicks,” which had me laughing out loud in the theater. Back at home, we had BBQ ranch chicken salads and Buffalo chickpea meatballs for dinner and yum to both! Nearly finished our movie but I guess we’ll have to see the end tonight. Nothing like taking three days to watch a movie 😂

Happy Monday!

Weekend Things

Hi and Happy Monday! We had a good weekend and I hope you did too. Took the baby to a restaurant for the first time, got outside, had a family breakfast and last but not least, watched the SAG Awards. And by “watched,” I mean tried to listen to it while laying inside my toddler’s tent with him until he went to bed and I could watch it in peace. (But truly, I love nothing more than laying in his tent with him, which is saying a lot because I REALLY love an awards show 🤍)

We had a Friday afternoon visit from Todd and Cathy! They finally got to meet Lydia 💞 She decided to cry most of the time but eventually settled down and slept a little. Dempsey and Grandma were busy in the kitchen making funfetti cupcakes and afterward, Dempsey showed everyone how he could jump on his trampoline and did some painting for Todd, who’s an artist himself. It was a really nice visit!

Now that Lydia’s had her first round of shots, we (and our pediatrician) feel safe enough to take her out and about, so we decided to go out to eat for the first time as a family of four. Scary considering she can be a complete mess in the evening but she did so good and we had a really fun time. We hit up Edgewater Public Market because it’s loud and full of other families and we would be able make a quick exit if need be, but we didn’t even have to. Dempsey did really good too and he even sat in a big chair all by himself at the table! Got the kids home and Dempsey to bed then fired up Causeway and watched about half before heading up to bed ourselves.

Look at that angel baby who slept from 10-6! She started doing that out of the blue and while I’m not quite convinced it’s here to stay, I’ll take the good sleep for now. Made us all some Elvis (aka peanut butter and banana) waffles for breakfast and then we all headed to the library/park. Dempsey got some new books and then, at the park, he just casually went down the big tunnel slide without any prompting, which he’d definitely never done before! Feels like it wasn’t long ago that he wouldn’t go down even the smallest slides. We’re so proud and excited! Back at home, Joey and Lydia passed out on the couch so Dempsey and I did lunch and nap time together and let them sleep.

Joey and I finished our movie during nap time and I really really liked it! Wish it had gotten more buzz but Brian Tyree Henry did get a best supporting actor nomination so I guess someone was paying attention! It was also only an hour and a half long. More of that, please. After Dempsey woke up, we hung out for a bit then loaded the kids up in the stroller and walked around the lake. Dempsey likes to turn around and check on baby sis and he also got out and ran for a bit with Joey. We’re practicing for the Bolder Boulder! Back at home, we watched the end of Brave (which we had started that morning) and the beginning of Tangled (couldn’t we have gotten some better songs for Mandy Moore??) and had leftovers for dinner. Started The Woman King after putting Dempsey to bed but we didn’t make it far.

Had a great Sunday! Miss Lydia and Joey got up early and Dempsey and I slept in 🥰 A little bit later, Grandpa Steve and Lorna brought over breakfast and some delicious pastries! Grandpa got Lydia to fall asleep and Dempsey was being so fun and playing with Lorna 🤍 It was so nice to spend some time with them!

After they left, Joey took Dempsey on a run in the stroller and Lydia and I made salads for the week, Dempsey came home and had lunch then took a nap and I fit in a run of my own, followed by a shower. Dempsey and I played upstairs for a bit after his nap and he tried on baby sis’s headband 😂 then helped me with the laundry. Later on, Joey made us all a really good stir-fry for dinner. Dempsey loved it, which I was so happy about! Turns out Netflix was streaming the SAG Awards on their YouTube channel so we had to AirPlay it onto our TV but that worked out just fine. We put a movie on the iPad for Dempsey to watch in the tent but he needed Mom to join him. I honestly loved it 🤍 Joey offered to do bath and bedtime though, so I got to see most of the second half of the show. I was so happy to see Michelle Yeoh win Best Actress. Nothing but love and respect for Cate Blanchett but she has two Academy Awards already and she’ll be fine without a third so let’s give it to Michelle come March 12th, eh? Watched a bit more of The Woman King after the show and I was super ready to love this one but it feels painfully cheesy. We’ll see how it ends I guess.

Wishing you all a nice end to your February!