Weekend Things & My Third Half Marathon

Yesterday, I ran 13.1 miles.  Whoa!  That sounds so surreal.  But in a too-good-to-be-true, I’m-so-proud, couldn’t-be-happier kind of way.  I’ll get to all the race details by the end of this post, but for now, let me just say that yesterday was perfect and I could not have asked for better weather, a more supportive cheering section or an easier going running partner.  I’m feeling very heart-eyed emoji today!


But back to Friday, when I was winning the award for Best Wife, by asking Joey if we could get breakfast burritos for the THIRD FRIDAY IN A ROW.  I guess I’m just in a breakfast burrito mood lately.  And also, I hadn’t been to Onefold in like a month and that’s an entirely unacceptable amount of time to go without my #1 favorite breakfast burrito.  I forewent my usual Vietnamese Iced Coffee for a regular cup of black coffee, so that I could still feel semi-sane later in the day.




Yelp hooked a girl up with free tickets to If/Then at the Buell that night and even though I knew nothing about the plot, I was pretty excited to hear Idina Menzel’s beautiful made-for-Broadway voice and see Maureen and Mark on stage together.  (If you understood that RENT reference, let’s be friends for life, okay?!)  It was such a nice night, so we sat out on the patio until show time and shared breakfast burrito rankings.  The show was okay.  I thought the songs were a bit boring, the plot was a little strange and the humor was pretty cheesy, but Joey put it perfectly when he said, “the best part was just hearing Idina sing.”  Amen!Read More »