Weekend Things & A Spring Snowstorm

Right now, I could complain about how I’m SO OVER snow, how I’m SO READY for warm weather and sunshine and plant-a-garden temps, how I was in SHORT SLEEVES last Thursday night before it started rain-snowing Friday night.

But my weekend involved not one, but two, cheese plates, a spontaneous Friday Date Night, lots of couch-lounging and pajama-wearing, a series win for the Rockies, coffeeee, home-cooking, coffee shop hanging, reading, granola-baking and friend time with Jenn.  So really, there’s nothing to complain about and even though I totally feel like I’m going to fall asleep at my desk today, at least I can dream about how good this weekend was!



Joey surprised me Friday night by making dinner reservations at Americatus but then we were both so totally hungry by the time we got home that we went early… like 5:50 PM early.  Just a couple of young people acting like old people and eating dinner before 6 PM on a Friday night.  Don’t judge!  We had the place to ourselves for a good 45 minutes before a couple of other groups showed up.  But seriously, we felt like we’d found a hidden gem in Americatus.  Service was awesome and the food… GAH!  Gonna dream of that cheese board and gnocchi until the next time we eat here.


I had an 11:30 massage scheduled on Saturday but mom and I decided to declare it a snow day instead, and even though that massage was going to be really nice, I was not disappointed about not having to go out in the cold.  Staying in bed till 9 and pancakes in my pajamas are not bad consolation prizes.  I did actually make it out of the house to work out real quick but then I promptly returned to my pajamas and baked granola and cookies.  That tweet is a true story.  Don’t even ask.Read More »