This Week

I ate a sad dinner of leftover steak (never as good) and burnt/over-salted grilled veggies and had to make up for it by getting ice cream.


Ate a Mexican Caesar Salad for lunch and spent an entire hour reading.


Spent (probably) too much time making an Instagram story, showing how I make kombucha.  Saved to my highlights, if you’re interested!


Harvested basil and tomatoes from our garden and used them to make one of our very favorite summer dinners.


Left the house Friday morning and saw a sky full of rippled clouds (which I just learned is called a Mackerel Sky!) ♥


Do you guys like these little posts about snippets from the work week?  I hit it heavy with the weekend stuff but I don’t want to forget about the stuff that happens after a Monday at work.  It isn’t always as exciting, but I think routine things can be worth a moment in the spotlight too 🙂

Please have a wonderful weekend!

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