Boocha Brewiversary


Guys!  It’s official.  I’ve been brewing kombucha for a whole dang year!  Can you even believe it?  Okay, you probably can because turns out making your own kombucha is really easy but back when I was only three months in and wasn’t super into it, I never would have imagined that I’d still be doing it a year later.

I was pretty ready to throw in the towel but then I told myself I could stick with it for a year — it honestly only takes something like 20 minutes of hands-on time once every 10ish days — and now I drink this stuff DAILY and I would be legitimately sad if my lunchtime didn’t include a fizzy glass of kombucha.  I grow a pretty beautiful SCOBY, if I do say so myself and I’ve more than once thought about changing my Twitter bio to “Mother of SCOBYs,” but then thought better of it.

I don’t think I could remember all the flavors I’ve made even if I tried, but a few stand out.  Carrot-orange-ginger, honey-lemon-ginger, tart cherry and mango-peach but really, aside from the flavors I’ve created (some from juice, some from fresh ingredients), I’ve mostly been impressed with the level of carbonation.  None of that flat stuff for me!  And for real, I’m proud of myself for sticking with this project.  It’s cool to have a hobby that you feel passionate and semi-informed about.

P.S. If you’re looking for tips or just wanna hear someone wax poetic about a slimy bacteria and yeast culture, I’m your girl 🙂

Weekend Things

Life is weird right now and I’m having a tough time deciphering everything I’m feeling.  Well, I have a tough time doing that anyway, but right now, it feels extra tough.  One moment, I feel inexplicably happy, then guilty about feeling happy.  Charged, motivated, invigorated, then crippling helplessness.  The good news, is you’re here with me, right?  You feel it too?

Let’s keep on keeping on.  Let’s go to dinner with friends and listen to wedding plans.  Let’s watch documentaries and talk about big things with passion and conviction and understanding when someone else might feel differently.  Let’s sleep and give ourselves time to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and reconnected with the people around us.  Let’s be productive, but let’s also slow down and breathe.  Let’s put down our devices, eat dinner NOT in front of the TV.  Let’s see movies with narratives that challenge us to think past our own lives.  Let’s laugh and feel thankful for the small things then let’s try new things and feel thankful for the opportunity to do that too.  I did all of this this weekend.  Like I said, gotta keep on keeping on.


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