Weekend Things

Well, looking back on these photos, it was a weekend of outdoor movies, late nights, dinner salads and sleepy pups.

We also got the best start to Friday with a visit from Hannah and Mason, bearing gifts! Hannah passed along some maternity clothes and I thought I was doing fine just wearing the same four things I’ve bought, but now that I have more (way better-fitting) options, it feels like a godsend! Mason is ready for baby brother’s arrival and thinks he’ll have black hair. I can’t wait to see!

That night, we made a grilled corn salad, then Joey got us all set up for our first outdoor movie night in the new house. We were about to toss our old duvet cover, but Joey realized it would make for a good screen, so we got it hung and queued up Jaws, which I’d “seen” but not really seen, ya know? Turns out it’s a classic for a reason because I thought it was GREAT. It was after 11 by the time we got into bed and Andi was clearly exhausted 😋

I slept in on Saturday (I guess Andi wasn’t the only one who was tired) but Joey was up early pulling garden weeds and now it looks so much better out there! Not everything came up, but what did looks pretty good. Also, I’d seen Wooden Spoon post a picture of peach danishes the day before and HAD to have one, so I put in a pick up order for us and Joey grabbed it and I was in my happy place.

I’m pretty sure I spent the rest of the day buying decor for a table we have in our entryway 🤣 and Andi and I also took a nice nap before dinner. We made these grilled chicken sandwiches and even though they look really good and the flavor was spot on, I put an heirloom tomato on there and it was SOGGY CITY. I only complained the entire time I ate it 😋

At 8, we met my sister and Wayne at the drive in for a Beauty and the Beast/Iron Man double feature! I have a love-hate relationship with this drive in because on the one hand, it’s fun to go watch a movie in your car on a summer night but on the other hand, I could not make out any of the dark scenes and at one point, it REEKED of trash. Oh well, we’re still going again in a couple of weeks. I hadn’t seen my sis since the 4th of July so it was nice to yell to each other from our cars parked with an empty space between 😋

It was Joey’s turn to sleep in on Sunday (it was like 1 AM by the time we got home from the drive in!), so I got up and made us pancakes then had to go wake both him and Andi up. Later on, I gave that pup a bath, read, ordered groceries and did some prenatal yoga. We made dinner salads (again but different), then walked Andi and watched the second half of Iron Man because we actually left early the night before and I don’t know if I’ve really watched that movie since it came out in 2008. Let me tell you, it holds up!

What did you do this weekend?

Vegas Vacation: Part I

I don’t even know where to start.  Our flight (delayed almost 3 hours!!) got in late last night and we weren’t in bed until 2 AM, so I might still be delirious today, but I had SO MUCH FUN on our Vegas Vacation.  So delirious or not right now, I feel so darn happy and am going to ride this high straight through my recap.


After one crowded flight (they separated all us “kids” so I was glad the flight went smoothly and I didn’t have to clutch onto a stranger’s hand during any turbulence) and one short cab ride we made it to our hotel, Aria at City Center.  The hotel is really new and really nice!



This means it’s clean, classy, and well ventilated — none of that smoky smell in the casino! — but it also means a bottle of water costs $8 and proximity to the casino is irrelevant because we couldn’t afford to gamble there!  If I had to do it again, I’d probably stay at the Bellagio or Planet Hollywood instead since we walked over there about a million times.


First priority after check-in: hit the Strip and find “one of those tall drinks!”  The three of us girls grabbed these at Planet Hollywood for $18 a piece (!!) and 32 ounces later, we didn’t feel a thing.  Except super full and like we never wanted anything sugary again.  Such a disappointment!


Afterwards, we (and by we, I mean Hannah and Joey) parked it at a craps table while we waited for a table at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGRThen the 8 of us (my parents, my sister, my uncle, his friend Michelle, Hannah, Joey and I) feasted on burgers, fries and beers.



I thought everything, from the sweet potato fries sprinkled with powdered sugar, to my cheddar cheese and butter lettuce-topped burger were delicious.  Plus the price was right (for Vegas, at least) and the beer selection was great.  I was not a fan of Joey’s Arrogant Bastard ale, but the menu description was hilarious.


We ended the night by watching the fountain show over at the Bellagio (told you we were over there a lot), which for the record, is a lot better at night.  Watching the fountains dance to Michael Jackson was more than entertaining.  For anyone who’s seen the show, did it also make you nervous that there were ducks swimming around in there??  I just kept picturing one getting shot hundreds of feet into the air by the water.


Sunday was probably my favorite day of the entire trip.  The four of us grabbed breakfast and hit the pool, where we lounged, drank girly drinks (well except for Joey), and cooled off in the water.  Later in the afternoon, we met up with my mom, my uncle and Michelle for lunch and beer inside the Mirage and then lost some money on a dog racing game.  Oh and I bought some Coach shoes on sale, score!





Since we all had such a late lunch, we decided to grab dinner after our 9:30 PM show (viva late night dinners!), which left some time for naps and then I snuck in some time at the penny slots before the eight of us met up to head back over to the Mirage for Cirque du Soleil Love!



I, along with the rest of my family, am a huge Beatles fan so I was beyond excited for this show.  Plus half of us had never seen a Cirque show and it had been years since we’d seen one for the other half of us.  I LOVED the show!  I was kind of surprised by how good it was considering the blank expressions on the faces of all the people leaving the 7:30 PM show and the total lack of enthusiasm from the crowd during our show.  Society is so desensitized these days!


I will say it was a much more music/dance-focused version of Cirque, instead of being about all the crazy acrobatics but I didn’t mind for a second.  The playlist, fashion and classic Beatles characters (think Sgt. Pepper, Father McKenzie, Mr. Kite and Lucy) were all perfect!  I would easily see it again.  We’ll just skip right over that part where my sister left her wallet inside the theater and thought she’d lost it completely.


Afterwards, we tried to catch the volcano explosion outside of the Mirage but the last show had just ended so we settled for snacks and beer at Munchbar inside Caesar’s Palace.  Let it be known that “tiny grilled cheese” sounds a lot better than “regular-sized grilled cheese cut into smaller pieces.”  Can’t go wrong with a quesadilla though.


A totally perfect day.