Anniversary Weekend Things

FIVE YEARS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes I hear myself telling newly married or recently engaged people about our wedding and imagine them rolling their eyes because they don’t want to hear about something that happened so long ago.  Okay, now I’m projecting and we’ve gotten off track 😛



We had a very loud, but otherwise wonderful, dinner at Spuntino — we split two perfectly al dente pasta dishes and a flight of gelato — and I hope everything in Italy tastes this good when we’re there in a month!  I took zero pictures because sometimes, it’s really really nice to not do that.  Afterward, we hit up the Mayan to see Brittany Runs a Marathon.  Joey dropped his chapstick off the second floor balcony while we were waiting to go into the theater and I found it really funny.  Anyway, the movie was ALSO really funny and I wholeheartedly loved it!  Joey didn’t find it “artistic” enough and I think I’ve created this monster?


Saturday started with ricotta pancakes (THE FLUFFIEST AND BEST!), then we ran a few errands before deciding to head to Cheesman Park!  Joey suggested this and I couldn’t see a reason not to!  We set up our blanket in the shade near the pavilion and got to witness five quinceañeras and a wedding.  So much celebration ♥  Plus reading and napping and right before we left, we found out Jenn and Korey were there too, so we got to go say hi.  Made it back home in time to watch the end of the CU game, like a good alumni 😛  We won!  Spent the evening at Top Golf — I have swung a golf club like three times EVER, so I opted to just hang out, though Joey did get me to hit one ball — for Kelsey’s birthday celebration.  I maybe stole that group photo from her 🙂


Joey liked our Sunday morning run last week and suggested we do it again.  I only made us walk twice…  Afterward, he headed out to watch football and though I received much pressure and guilt-tripping, I was really just feeling like I needed some time to myself so I got a manicure (the color is called “Quinceañera”!), read in the backyard, made some snack bars and went to yoga.  It was majorly pouring when my class got out and the walk back to the car suddenly felt extra long, but that class was so healing ♥


We had plans to make Stupid-Simple Grilled Ribs with cornbread and green beans and when Joey went out to check the ribs they were literally burnt to a crisp!!!!  We think they maybe caught on fire??  They were not even close to salvageable and we had nothing else in the fridge!  Don’t let this happen to you.  The cornbread and green beans were already made, so we quickly decided to go pick up ribs at Smok and honestly, they were probably better than the ones we were going to make.  That cornbread though!!!  So dinner disaster aside, we made it through and the first weekend of September is in the books.  How was your weekend and have you every majorly destroyed your own dinner??

What Was in 2014

Last night, after prying Joey’s phone out of his hands (seriously, when should I stage that Candy Crush intervention?), we participated in my favorite “Oh my gosh, it’s already the end of December!” tradition… recapping the year!

Either we were tired, Joey was trying to hurry things along so he could get back to his real true love (yeah, I’m still talking about Candy Crush) or we had a busy year because we were having such a hard time remembering all the things that happened.  I guess there are worse things than having your entire year be one big wedding fun-filled blur, right?

photo 5

In January, we very sadly sent our first houseguest home, started our catering tastings, I bought a bridesmaid dress and we hit a dog.  Don’t worry, that story had a happy ending.

photo 1

This picture of the beginning pose during a figure skating event still kills me!

In February (and hold on to your hats, because this list is long), the Broncos lost the Super Bowl (wah wah), we saw every single movie nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars (plus all the shorts!), had three cake tastings, booked a wedding band, watched the Olympics and the Beatles Tribute Show, made a wedding website, celebrated Valentine’s Day, sent out Save the Dates, I took a calligraphy class and spelled my own name wrong and we watched the Oscars.  This list is making me excited for this February!

photo 2

In March, we partook in Denver Restaurant Week (twice!), painted a chalk wall in our house, celebrated Mardi Gras by making red beans and rice, painted our kitchen and living room and I went to the Lorde concert, where I was probably unknowingly inducted into her cult.

photo 3

In April, we celebrated Joey’s birthday, Opening Day and my sister’s birthday, started wedding beer brewing trials, bought a kegerator, binge watched Freaks and Geeks and I had my first wedding hair/make-up trial.

photo 4

In May, I attended Hannah’s first bridal shower (!!), rekindled my love with Augustana when we saw them perform at the Bluebird, had my first VooDoo donut experience, we hosted Mother’s Day and celebrated our 7th anniversary (!!), I took a trip to Santa Fe with my mom and sister and when I got back we saw American Idiot — spawning an intense love affair with Green Day–, ran the Bolder Boulder and wrote a Summer Bucket List that I forgot about until just now.  I think I got most of those items crossed off!

photo 1

In June, we went to Breckenridge for Hannah and Josh’s Bachelor/Bachelorette party, I decided to be trendy and join in on that #100HappyDays thang, I threw Hannah’s second bridal shower (nailed it!), did a 3-day juice cleanse (who am I?), got to enjoy my cousin being in Colorado for the second time in a year and started honeymoon research (eek!).

photo 2

In July, my best friend got married (what?!!!!), and who really cares what else happened after that.  Just kidding, the rest of July was awesome.  I turned 25 (and ate all the things), we sent out wedding invitations (ahh!), I shared my decision to keep my last name, celebrated mom’s birthday, hosted a summer BBQ (or two or three) and took a trip to the cabin, where we wrote our vows!

photo 3

In August, we brewed our actual wedding day beer, I posted a house tour, we “partied hard” (that’s how Joey described our separate bachelor/bachelorette parties, ha!), got our marriage license, had my bridal shower and wrote a “10 days away from our wedding” post that was admittedly so cheesy 🙂

photo 4

Go figure that we have a million professional wedding pictures and my favorite it still this iPhone selfie we took in the car…

In September…


We certainly didn’t have a hard time remembering that one 🙂  I hope we talk about how perfect our wedding day was for the rest of forever.  Because it really really was.  And lest the rest of September should be overlooked by the wedding, we spent the rest of the month in Europe.  Guys, seriously, did we really get to spend 6 days in Paris?!


In October, we celebrated Halloween, took a shorty trip to Dallas (hey Joey, we forgot that one!), ran the Rock’n’Roll 10K and I shared some exhaustively long wedding and honeymoon recap posts.  Sorry…kind of.


In November, skunks decided to move in underneath our house (yay…), I remembered how to cook after what felt like months and months of eating out, took a trip to NOLA with my mom, brewed our first post-wedding beer, pretended I knew how to be crafty and loved the heck out of Thanksgiving.


And last but not least, this month, was filled with all kinds of holiday fun.  Including the “grand illumination” of Denver, our annual Studio C tradition, the Parade of Lights, watching almost all the Christmas movies, two holiday shows, getting Joey hooked on nog, hosting Christmas Eve and having an amazing Christmas day.  Oh and I finished blabbing on and on about Paris.

It’ll probably be pretty hard to top 2014, but I’ve got some 2015 aspirations that I think will make for a good year.  But that’s a post for another day 🙂