Weekend Things

I would very much like to tell you about Friday night’s burger dinner, the 5 miler I ran on Saturday, my semi-failed (but semi-successful?) shopping trip, breakfast with my sweet Mama on Sunday and our new mattress, but first, FIRST, I must tell you that I just got a new phone.  I GOT A NEW PHONE!!!!!!

It feels very materialistic to be so excited but when your phone is so outdated that you’ve run out of all available room and can no longer take photos and the camera is so blurry that you’re not even sure you’d want to take photos so you’ve been making your husband use his phone to photograph everything then constantly asking him to text you those pictures and you’ve had to remove everything but the most essential apps (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all VERY essential, right?) and you can’t even open your email because there’s no room to download the message, then your phone starts to feel more HARMFUL to your life (and your blood pressure) than HELPFUL.  So, needless to say, I am feeling SO relieved and happy and excited to have a new phone.  Especially since we will be in Nashville this weekend and I can actually use the camera on my OWN phone.  And thus ends a much too long paragraph on something you probably didn’t want to hear about in the first place 🙂


FRIYAY!  When your mother-in-law’s birthday is also Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby weekend and Rockies season, then all the stars have aligned for peak life happiness.  She asked me us to pick a dinner destination and look, I spend A LOT of time agonizing over restaurant decisions because I want to please everyone, but in reality, everyone just wants to eat at Park Burger.  But the beer list is great, there’s not a bad burger in the bunch and the atmosphere is always fun, so I get it!  Rockies lost, but whatever because Joey caught a bag of Cracker Jack during the 7th Inning Stretch and I don’t think he’s ever been so happy.


Saturday was summer!  And by that, I mean it was 83°, we went morning time running (and it was kind of hot already at 8 AM!), drank iced coffee, spent as much time as possible outside — which included sitting on our porch swing (eeeee!) — and were sweating in the kitchen as we made dinner.  I’m not ready but I’m also SO ready!!!!  I also headed over to Cherry Creek and got a new sports bra (success!) and tried to buy new clothes at about 5 different stores before leaving empty handed (FAIL!).  Almost Googled “what do 27-year olds wear?” when I got home.

Irish War Cry did not win but I did fit in my once-a-year-two-minute-long horse race watching and that’s pretty much that.  Oh and please tell me you were equally unimpressed with SNL on Saturday night?  LOVED that Opening Monologue (laughed SO hard when Pete Davidson said, “No, I think that’s Ryan Reynolds.) but kind of a letdown otherwise.  Why was there so much singing??


Remember last Sunday when we went to Devil’s Food for Sunday breakfast?  Well my mom had asked to go to breakfast with us the next week and while we were there we thought “we should just come back here!” and then my mom saw my picture on Instagram and texted me that she wanted to go “the same place we went.”  This is all to say, we were ALL on the same page and back to Devil’s Food we went!

Spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, lunch prepping, rain power-walking — it started POURING right as I got out of my car and while I had an umbrella keeping my head dry, my entire lower body (and yoga mat!) was SOAKED by the time I got to the studio — dinner cooking and life loving.  Plus, our new mattress came!!!


Currently sitting in my office, witnessing a giant storm roll through and word on the street is golf ball-sized hail is hitting Denver hard, so pray for our little garden (and our little house, while you’re at it!) and Happy Monday!

Birthday Things

I turned 24 last Tuesday.  Please save all age-related comments and jokes for someone else as I think I’ve already heard them all.  Someone told me I looked like I was in high school (yeah, yeah I know), someone told me “soon you’ll be able to drive and start thinking about boys” and someone else congratulated me on finally turning 21.  I know a bunch of comedians, you guys!

Anyways, all jokes aside, I had a fabulous birthday and I feel so spoiled by my amazing family and friends.  Thank you all for making me feel loved!  I’ll try not to make this post too wordy (too late?) but I wanted to share some pictures of all the fun celebrating that went on.


Joey got me some fun glass straws to fuel my iced coffee addiction.  I have a glass every morning and had been going through plastic straws like nobody’s business.  He also got me an awesome pair of Sam Edelman flats…that I already own.  It’s the thought that counts 🙂


My dear sweet mother could not handle the idea of not seeing me on my actual birthday (we went out with my family this past weekend to celebrate) and I’m convinced she made a whole red velvet cake just as excuse to deliver it — with my dad in tow — to my office and see me.  No complaints here!  This baby was GONE 24 hours later.  At least everyone at work had the common sense to leave me the last piece.


I asked my closest friends to join me for a little birthday get together that night.  As I was perusing Yelp! for a good place to go, I came across Machete Tequila + Tacos and that’s all I needed to hear.  I was sold.


Their margaritas were serious!  Okay, I’m a total light-weight, but I found them to be really strong.  Delicious, but strong.  Joey ordered the “Hot Mess” and it was spicy.  We placed an order of 12 tacos — 2 each — and every single one of us cleared our plates.  I’d say that’s a success.



Joey ordered a beef tongue taco.  BEEF TONGUE.  I must have had too much tequila at this point because I actually tasted it.  You know when you accidentally bite your own tongue?  Yeah that’s how it felt to eat that taco.  Never again.  How cool is the squid ink tortilla though?  I played it safe with a grilled shrimp and pulled pork taco.  Tacos are my life.


Our waitress brought out a complimentary birthday shot and I forced all the girls to also get one.  No one wants to take a shot by themselves!


Birthday celebrations continued through the weekend, with dinner on Friday and Sunday night.  Lori treated us to burgers and beer at Park Burger on Friday evening.  Afterwards, we ooh’ed and ahh’ed over beautifully historic Denver homes that cost over a million dollars (seriously, we went home and looked) before heading home.

Sunday involved dinner at the Med.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said all there is to say about my love for this place so I’ll just say that we ordered 6 plates of tapas, entrees and two desserts and now I’m never eating again.

I think we can finally put my birthday to rest.  Till next year anyways.