This weekend I…

Went to the Farmers’ Market for the first time this season.

Ate the most deliciously soft crepe, stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, spinach and a chipotle sauce, then washed the whole thing down with a Thai iced coffee.  Why didn’t anyone tell me how good those things were?

Toured 7 beautiful Boulder kitchens, not to mention some parts of the city that I didn’t even know existed.

Enjoyed temperatures warm enough to warrant sitting out on a patio.

Watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and actually thought it was pretty good.

Ate homemade pancakes with my mom and my sister.

Threw a barbecue for Joey’s family, complete with burgers, potato salad and our own homebrew.


I took 5 total pictures and posted one of them.  And it was right now in this post.

I ignored Instagram.

I forgot Facebook.

I opened Twitter and hit the home button to scroll to the top of the feed, skipping over every tweet since Friday.

Sometimes unplugging is a totally necessary, refreshing and welcomed thing.


What did you do this weekend?