Weekend Things


Oh, sorry.  Confession: every Sunday at 9 AM I sit down and watch Sandwich King on Food Network.  I watched Jeff Mauro win Next Food Network Star and I find him to be so much fun.  Plus his 4-year-old son Lorenzo (seriously, that’s his name)?  Adorable!  Anyways, I’m watching as I [start to] write this post and it’s all about seafood sandwiches (crab cake sliders, yes please!), hence the “ahoy.”


Other highlights of the weekend included my second trip to the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.  This time with my mom and my sister.  We planned on picnic-ing in the grass before the play started, but it started raining right as we parked, so a car picnic it was!  We all picked out our own dinners at the Boulder Whole Foods beforehand — oh hey, sister’s employee discount — and it was CA-RAZY in there!  I can’t believe how many people go grocery shopping on a Friday night.  Or maybe that’s just health-food-loving Boulderites.



My mom forced me to get this soda and it was horrible!  It seriously tasted like carbonated cough medicine.

As luck would have it, the rain stopped right as we finished our picnic.  Sidenote: it rains every.single.time. I go to the Shakespeare Festival.  It’s usually just a sprinkle, but still, what are the odds of that?  We saw Macbeth and I was pretty excited as I’ve only ever seen comedies in the past.  I was ready to see how the CSF handled something darker.


Look at the Koi and the cute little turtle swimming at University Pond.

My two cents: I really did not enjoy the new direction the CSF took this year by modernizing the plays.  All the lines stayed the same but Macbeth, for instance, was set in a more-modern-day Afghanistan.  I think they were trying to make the plays more relevant.  Well call me old-fashioned but I liked going to the CSF in the past so I could be transported back to Shakespeare’s time.


About three-quarters of the way through the play, the wind really picked up and there was some crazy lightening.  I thought it was really adding to the play, but the CSF crew seemed to think it was a little unsafe so they sent us inside.  About 15 minutes later, they called it and we headed home 😦



We had almost nothing planned on Saturday and I can honestly tell you, I couldn’t have been happier about it.  Instead, I got to lounge around and watch TV, enjoy a relaxing facial, go shopping and cook up a delicious homemade pizza.  We also happened upon a tiny (and pretty disappointing) Farmers’ Market right by our place.  I was hoping to find some good cherries, but instead I had to go to Whole Foods and spend much more than was probably necessary to get some Rainier cherries.  In my humble opinion, they are the best.


Saturday ended with S’mores!  We had graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows, we just didn’t have a campfire.  But you know, sometimes you just have to make do, so we may or may not have taken apart our grill to be able to toast the marshmallows.  Can we all agree that the charred marshmallow is the best part and the overwhelmingly chocolatey Hershey’s square is the worst?  I have a feeling any chocoholic readers out there are now questioning my sanity.


This picture pretty much sums up Sunday — aside from me watching Sandwich King, of course.  When you purchase the warning track suite, they automatically give you 8 tickets for another game in one of the suites, so this was our view for the game.  Not too shabby, eh?  Unfortunately we lost — although our catcher didn’t seem to notice, as Joey just read a tweet he wrote about winning the game — but it was still a nice place to spend the day.  

One last thing: Happy July!  Can you believe it’s here already?


What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite part of a S’more?

Do you have any 4th of July plans?