10 Things I’m Excited To Do In My New Denver Home

Well, we were all set to close on the 20th, but we got word that the very last piece of the puzzle, aka loan approval, had fallen into place, so our closing was moved up.  To Tuesday!  Commence seriously excited freak out.


1. Knock down walls.

You can’t exactly do that living in an apartment.  One of the very first things we plan on doing after we get the keys, is knocking down the wall between the living room and the kitchen.  Open concept, baby!

2. Cook.

My mom had a gas stove when I was growing up and the whole “I can actually see a flame underneath my food!” thing is far superior to those ugly electric coils.  I didn’t do much cooking when I was still living at home so I can’t really say what the difference is between the two types of stoves, but I’m about to find out.

3. Check the mail.

Because my mailbox is attached to the front of my home.  No walking involved.  Okay, that sounds lazy.  When we first looked at our house, I noticed that the mailbox had a Fleur de Lis on the front.  I took it as a good sign.  Also, if anyone would like to be my snail mail pen pal, let me know.

4. Sit on the porch.

Please, Mother Nature, bring up some warm porch sitting weather so I can enjoy some weekend morning reading outdoors before that season that follows fall comes.

5. Have a housewarming party.

Again, please let there be enough warm weather in our future to host such an event.  Our house might be a tad on the small side… cough 877 square feet cough…but we have a big old back yard so unless we want to invite people over in 15 minute shifts, we’re gonna need some weather that allows people to be outside.

6. Decorate.

I do not have an eye for design.  Like none whatsoever.  But I am determined to try really hard to decorate our new home.  I have been obsessing over bedroom, kitchen and living room pictures on Pinterest for months.  Mostly in an attempt to keep myself motivated.  Lest I should be all gung ho when we move in, then fizzle out a month later and deem everything “good enough.”  Not that that’s ever happened before.

7. Greet trick or treaters and hang Christmas lights.

I’m crossing my fingers that our neighborhood is one where kids still go out trick or treating.  I mean, I don’t need hundreds of kids to stop by (I’ll leave that to my uncle’s neighborhood.  New Orleans just celebrates everything a little harder, don’t they?), but a few would be fun.  And wouldn’t you know, our front porch already has hooks for Christmas lights.  How perfect.

8. Garden.

Only half kidding when I keep saying I’m going to invite Joey’s mom over to take care of the veggie garden and my mom over to take care of the plants.  My whole life, I watched my mom tend to her garden religiously and vowed that I would never be a gardener, but now that we have a yard, I wanna garden so bad.  Go figure.

9. Park.

Two car garage, for the win!  Finding parking at an apartment complex is getting so old.  The previous owner had the roof of the garage fixed up before she sold it to us, so we’re good to go on adding a rooftop patio with a fabulous view of Denver, right?  Maybe one day 🙂

10. Leave it!

Okay, let me explain.  A lot of my desire to move to Denver was to enjoy all the things the city has to offer.  Restaurants, breweries, ice creameries and Coors Field!  I’m am beyond excited to leave behind the chain restaurants of the suburbs and explore a ton of unique restaurants that are minutes away.  We might even ride our scooter there.  Not even joking.

Closing, here we come!