Weekend Things That Went Unpictured

That title is basically begging people not to read this post, isn’t it?  Oh well, it’s the truth.  Lots of things went unpictured this weekend.  Not that I didn’t do anything this weekend, I just don’t think many people would find a picture of me touching up the trim in my bedroom all that exciting.  Anyways, here’s what didn’t get photographed this weekend (and a few things that did).

Friday night margaritas, girlfriends, rain and a cab ride home.

We had plans to meet up with a bunch of friends at Oktoberfest but it poured on Friday night, so I grabbed margaritas with my friend Becca, dinner with our significant others and beer with Jenn & Co.  Then we hailed a cheap cab ride home.  Living close to downtown Denver, for the win!

Someone woke up super hung over because they forgot they weren’t 21.  And it wasn’t me.

Saturday morning lounging, perfect fall weather and a walk to the local coffee shop for a planning meeting.


For as rainy and miserable as it was on Friday night, Saturday was sunny, warm and beautiful.  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love that crisp air and sunshine mix.  We took a walk over to a new coffee shop, which I thought was so nice and drafted a preliminary guest list as well as a plan of attack for house/wedding stuff for the next couple of weeks.  Truth: we have no idea what we’re doing, ha!

Saturday afternoon trim painting and furniture shopping.


We quickly discovered the new headboard we ordered wasn’t going to fit our current bedframe so we ran over to American Furniture Warehouse for a new one and picked out a new rug too.  I loved it in the store, but as soon as we got it home and into our room I started to have second thoughts.  Someone please tell me it doesn’t look like our bed is in the middle of a baseball field.

We also ended Saturday with a 9 PM dinner at Park & Co., where I ordered a steak kale salad and was totally in love.  If Joey has to hear me order one more kale salad he’s probably going to leave me.  Obsessed!

Sunday morning run, house shopping and Breaking Bad.

Running around the neighborhoods of Denver is so different from running on the little trail we had by our apartment.  I really like it!  It’s fun to look at the all the houses and it’s definitely more flat, but some of the sidewalks are pretty bad (or just missing altogether!) and we’re less familiar with the area so routes have to be more planned out.


We’re in the market for a new couch.  And the sooner the better.  Not that sitting on a desk chair and a stepstool isn’t fun, but yeah, it isn’t fun.  We think we found what we want but now we just have to pull the trigger on what seems like a huge purchase to us.  We did find a dog on one of the couches though.  Oh wait, that’s a pillow.


My mom has been begging me to let her buy almost anything I mention we want for the house, so I finally gave in and let her buy us a new set of dishes.  She claimed it was a great deal.  I wouldn’t know because she insisted on buying my last set too!  I’m so so happy with the new set, but mom is cut off now 😛  Sunday night dinner of uh… kale salad (help me!) and “quinoa patties” looked so chic on our new plates.


Breaking Bad is over!  Does anyone else feel immensely sad about this?  I thought the series finale was phenomenal.  I commented to Joey afterwards that I think what made the show so good was that the entire series just kept building and building and it never lost momentum or regressed, nor did it get unbelievably over the top.  Bravo, Breaking Bad.

Now it’s Monday and I’m already counting down the seconds till Friday…