Thanksgiving Weekend Things

Hang in with me here on this “3 things” theme, okay?

3 Things I Renovated This Weekend:


Our kitchen!  The tile (and all the super hard to remove glue) is gone!  Hardwoods today!  Also, I swear I just got permission from Joey to post this hilarious picture.

Our bathroom.  We just had paint to touch up and a mirror to hang, both of which we did on Saturday.  I LOVE how it all looks.  Pictures to come, I promise.

Our hallway shelving.  Apparently old houses have built in shelving units?  I decided to put our collection of paint samples to use by doing a gray ombre shelf pattern.  I’m not quite done yet but I like what I see so far.

3 Things I Bought This Weekend:


This red rose.  We ran out to the store on Wednesday night after I mis-measured and botched the green bean casserole (doh!), only to find a ticket on my car.  Apparently the city street sweeps once a month and Wednesday was the day.  I had no idea 😦  The rose was my cheer up mechanism.

Brown boots.  I threw away my way worn out pair earlier this year without anything to replace them and it’s been a real struggle.  Okay, maybe that’s dramatic, but there have been so many times where I’ve wished I still had that way worn out pair rather than no pair.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair that was on sale at Nordstrom.

A facial package.  I just realized that this is a list of 3 things I bought for myself which seems pretty selfish, but this one was in celebration of Small Business Saturday so that counts as selfless, right?

3 Things I Ate This Weekend:


This giant crepe.  There’s a breakfast “joint” real close to our house that we’d been dying to try so we finally walked over yesterday morning (having your kitchen torn up is a great excuse to go out!).  Their specialty is hash but I went the crepe route and wasn’t blown away by the food.  The latte, however, was worth going back again.

Short ribs, polenta and bacon brussel sprouts.  We tried out a new restaurant (Prohibition) with Hannah and Josh on Saturday night and loooved it.  It wasn’t in the best neighborhood but the food was good, the drinks were delicious and it wasn’t too crowded.  We will be back!

Dinner delivered by my family.  They came over to see the house progress and brought a ton of food from Noodles since they knew we didn’t have a kitchen.  They are the best 🙂

3 Things I Watched This Weekend:


Guys, did you get as caught up in the Harry Potter marathon as I did this weekend?  HP was my jam when all the movies and books were coming out.  Every summer I would buy then read the entire book in days.  Because that’s what all middle schoolers were doing during their summer breaks, right?  I was so zoned into the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on Saturday night that it was slightly embarrassing.

Lots of James Bond.  And all I can say is… More please!

The end of the Auburn/Alabama game.  Okay, I couldn’t care less about football but even I thought the end of this game was crazy.  How sad were those child Alabama fans that were crying after that final play?

3 Things I Laughed About This Weekend:


The homeless lady who knocked on the glass next to our window at dinner and blew kisses at Josh.  And also that our dinner bill came inside a book that customers are allowed to leave their mark in.  That bottom left comment is so poetic, isn’t it?

All the old men dancing on Friday  night when we went to see a potential wedding band.  They were going crazy for “Shout.”  That’s the unofficial wedding reception song, right?

Joey throwing a fit because I packed his precious bag of candy when I boxed up our kitchen.  I think he actually thought he would die without Reese’s Pieces.

What 3 things did you do this weekend?