Year 7 aka That Time I Smoked a Cigar

So I think you can probably all guess from the title where this post is ending, but I’ll start from the beginning anyways and say thanks for the kind comments on Joey’s last post.  He made me break my “no crying at work” rule but for good reason 🙂

Ahem, in addition to “hacking” my site, there were also flowers, a card that I’m pretty sure was designed just for us and dinner reservations at a surprise location.  Which turned out to be Vesta Dipping Grill.  We’d only been one other time and I was so so excited to be back.  Love that place!






I proceeded to order one of the only items our waiter didn’t point out as a personal or customer favorite, but it turns out this shrimp, roasted cauliflower, tabouleh and harissa hummus dish was amazing!  Viva la jumbo shrimp!  Is it weird that despite all the deliciousness on the plate, my favorite part was the roasted cauliflower?  Flavor explosion!



No joke, we had the hardest time deciding whether to order dessert or just go home and eat the ice cream we had in our freezer (you know, because you should always have a back up, should the restaurant dessert menu be disappointing) but I still had half a glass of wine to finish so I figured we might as well stay.  Vesta knows how to do a caramel apple up right!






As we were walking back to the car, Joey spotted a cigar bar and convinced me to go in.  Look I know, I’m all into that “healthy living” stuff, but sometimes you remember you’re young and staying out late to smoke a cigar in a big leather chair is more fun than going home and getting into bed on time.  And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 7 years than doing something spontaneously fun with my better half.  Plus Joey needed to practice for Hannah and Josh’s wedding 🙂

Happy Friday!  I’m off for a little girls trip with my mom and sister and could not be more excited!


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