A Weekend in Breckenridge

Wait, not “a weekend in Breck,” but “the best weekend in Breck!”

Gah, I just had the most fun ever while staying in a real log cabin in the mountains for Hannah and Josh’s bachelor/bachelorette party.  Joey and I drove up Friday afternoon with the bride-to-be and Josh’s sister Kellee and were greeted by the most gorgeous cabin (seriously those mountain views!) and a fun group of people who were so excited to celebrate all weekend.

Oh and we even had our own hashtag (#KingBBParty).  This was obviously the top concern for Fletcher (the Best Man) and I.



Is this real life?!





While we were waiting for a few other people to show up to the cabin, we broke into the beer (Snapshot for the win!) and played a few games.  I was coerced into playing my first game of pool and I WON!  And it only took minor coaching.  And by minor, I mean someone had to tell me which ball to go after, where to stand and at what angle I needed to aim.  Totally minor.  Oh and those maracas?  Apparently they were in the cabin and the boys all decided Josh had to carry them around for the weekend and if he dropped one, he’d have to take a shot.  They mysteriously disappeared by Saturday…




Burgers, jalapeño shots (as in Josh is taking a shot of tequila FROM a roasted jalapeño!), more pool, hot tub time and Cards Against Humanity rounded out the night.  Joey and I got into bed at 1:30 AM which is WAY late for us.  And okay, I might be the only person to ever think this, but I kinda like Apples to Apples better than Cards Against Humanity.  But I also three way tied for the win so that’s really all that matters, right?







On Saturday the guys and gals split up to do our own things, so we started out with a tea party!  We had our own private room upstairs and got to taste a bunch of flights of tea.  We all felt so sophisticated and we got to leave with our own bag of tea.  Such a cute activity!  After tea (and oh my god those pastries!), we headed to lunch for a little day drinking and salads.  For the record, that Mule was strong!





Our last girls-only activity of the day was to this cute little ceramic/canvas painting studio, where wine was purchased (duh) and some super cute things were painted.  Hannah did that mountain landscape on a plate then had each of us girls put our finger print as one of the rays of sunshine.  Seriously, how cool of an idea is that?!  She is the cutest.  The boys happened to ride by while on their bike bus tour so we all went out to see.  I hear that thing is harder to peddle on than you’d think.






After we were done painting, we walked to meet the boys at their final bar stop, but we may have had some fun taking pictures along the way.  How cool are those Colorado benches?  And where can I buy one?  Oh and please note those fun “Team Bride” buttons Hannah gave us all.  I supplied the pink beads 🙂





How amazing is that last picture?!  After we met up with the boys, there was a round of shots for the girls and a bunch of group pictures.  The forecast for this weekend wasn’t looking all that great but it turned out to be so sunny and beautiful outside.  Which made for a great time out on the patio.  Fletcher and I got those t-shirts for Hannah and Josh and I loved how they turned out!  Hannah’s said “Fit for a King” (which is Josh’s last name) and Josh’s said “A Han’s Man.”  Get it?!  Fletcher came up with those sayings and I thought there were so great!

Of course there was also the drunken debauchery that’s basically required at a bachelor or bachelorette party, but I seriously thought the whole weekend was so fun.  I cannot believe my best friend of 23 years is getting married in a little over a month.  Cue the constant waterworks every time I think about their wedding.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Weekend in Breckenridge

  1. What a wonderful post. I can’t believe you 2 have remained best friends for 23 years–since you were 2! You 2 have a very special friendship and I know you treasure it. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  2. I love the fingerprints on the canvas!… My best friend is getting married there this summer, do you happen to remember the name of the place where you all painted at?!

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