This Weekend I…


Celebrated Father’s Day with a casual breakfast at my parents’ and later, a BBQ at Joey’s aunt and uncle’s.  Grilled corn, for the win!

Decided being on a juice cleanse on a Friday isn’t so bad if you spend the night with someone else on a juice cleanse.  Jenn and I probably looked très cool drinking juice during a dance performance.

Made it through previously mentioned juice cleanse.  Woop woop!

Brewed beer #9.  I don’t have a good feeling about it for some reason…

Got a massage.  The best, the very best.

Ate so many salads.  No more, please.

Saw 22 Jump Street at thee coolest movie theater.  Full service bar and restaurant, totally acceptable prices, strict no cell phone policies?  Yes and please!  Thank you, Hannah for introducing me to such happiness.  Also, they do “Quote/Sing Alongs.”  Is that not the coolest?!  As for Jump Street, it was pretty much what I expected but oh my god that drug hallucination scene!

Found 3 peaches that were in the dust stage of moldiness in our fruit bowl.  So disgusting!

Went on a run that turned into more of a walk…

Spent lots of time just sitting out on our front porch.  It seriously brought me pure happiness.

Made a goal to read every single night this week.

Remembered how much I love summer 🙂

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