Odds & Ends, Take 3

Aka, all the nearly-forgotten pictures on my phone in one post!


I took a walk with my mama and her puppies last week.  I loved Bunny’s little strut but her shadow was equally amusing.


Now that it’s unofficially summer, I’ve been eating this like crazy.



We had the coolest clouds last week.  Can you spot the tiny moon?


We made these Cooking Light Open-Faced Salmon and Avocado BLTs last Friday and they were a TOTAL MESS.  Delicious, but a total mess.


I found this picture of my sister at my parents’ last week.  It’s now hanging in my office.  That face.  I just can’t.


I’ve been running in the morning — when it’s still nice and cool — and it is seriously the best feeling ever.



Every year I set out to take a picture at every Rockies game I go to and inevitably forget one day, then give up.  This year’s attempt is yielding some weird ones…


I went on a run last Saturday and had this plan to follow it up with a green smoothie for breakfast and then I got home and Joey told me he was going out to pick us up iced coffee and pastries.  He’s a bad influence 😛


I switched my nails up from red to hot pink.  It feels fun!

photo 2

Summer berries, nuff said.

Happy Friday! 🙂



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