The 10 Most Memorable Maid of Honor Moments

So when Hannah first sent me a picture of her engagement ring along with a message saying “ENGAGED!” I think my first thought was something along the lines of “OH MY GOD, WHAT?!?!”  Followed immediately by “OH MY GOD, I’M GONNA BE MAID OF HONOR!” Or at least I hoped I would 🙂    You know those people who have a ton of girlfriends and are always in or going to a wedding?  Yeah, that’s not me, so being asked to be Maid of Honor was a big deal and like the title says, a real honor.  One year later, I have so many good memories of being Hannah’s right hand man woman through this whole engagement thing and seeing as the big day is this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to relive the most memorable moments!

#1 Hannah pops the question.

Those bridesmaid proposal things that are all over Pinterest are super cute, but Hannah just flat out asked me the day after getting engaged and I’m SO glad she did.  I don’t think either of us could wait long enough for any crafts to be made 🙂


#2 Venue shopping in a hard hat

We did a little venue shopping excursion early on in the process and one of the sites wasn’t finished yet so we had to wear hard hats if we wanted to go check out the work in progress.  Hannah sent me out as her inspector in a pink hard hat.  Why did we not get a picture of that?!


#3 Dress shopping

Turns out this is just as fun as it looks on Say Yes to the Dress!  I wasn’t sure what to expect on our first try but it turned out that Hannah looked stunning in every single dress she put on and ended up buying “the dress” that night.  It really was the one and I’m so blown away every time I see her in it.

Yeah, I won’t be posting a picture for this one 🙂

#4 More dress shopping

For the bridal party this time!  I think this was the first time all of us girls were together and it made the excitement increase 10 fold.  Because we got to bombard Hannah with wedding detail questions and because we all happened to look good in the same dress.  That makes things easier.


#5 The first bridal shower

Things start getting real when you watch your best friend open wedding china and address a card to the “Future Mrs. King.”  Also, it turns out that not all bridal showers have to have stupid games and they’re plenty of fun without any.


#6 The bachelorette party!

For some reason, I didn’t expect Hannah and Josh to want to do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party — I think it was probably Josh’s reaction to the idea of a “joint shower” — but I’m so glad they did because it was a blast.  Seriously, I had so much fun.


#7 I threw a bridal shower

I was only slightly panicky when I realized it was my job to throw a shower.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing.  But I figured I’d just wing it and it turned out amazingly.  I was pretty proud of Tracey and myself.  Plus the planning was really fun!


#8 Hannah’s final fitting

This just happened last week actually!  I met Hannah at the shop where she bought her dress for her last fitting after the alterations had been done and whoa, she looks perfect.  And the bustle was less intimidating that I thought it would be 🙂  I seriously can’t wait to see the look on Josh’s face when he sees her come down the aisle.  I’ll probably lose it and it won’t even be the first time I’ve seen her in the dress.

#9 and #10 The rehearsal and the big day

Okay, I know these haven’t happened yet, but I haven’t been able to properly focus on anything this whole week just thinking about all the fun that’s to come at these two big events.  I’m actually about to head out for some mani/pedi girl time and then we’ll all head to the rehearsal.  I’m kind of freaking out with excitement!

And let’s not forget all the smaller moments.  The many wedding detail conversations (um sorry to anyone who wasn’t engaged and had to be near us during those), getting my Save the Date and invitation in the mail, checking out engagement pictures, playing the role of Josh at Hannah’s dress appointments and like a bajillion “I can’t believe how soon you’re getting married!” texts.  In all seriousness, Hannah is the best bride.  She’s been so cool, calm, collected and organized about the whole thing so my job has been a real breeze.  So cheers, bestie!  You’re getting married!


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