The Quarter Century Club

Alternate titles would be…

You Know You’re 25 When You Celebrate Your Birthday By Taking a Nap,

The Day I Ate Everything, or

That Time I Got a Bouncy Rubber Cow For My Birthday

So, I turned 25 on Wednesday and you know how people always ask you “Do you feel older?” on your birthday and the answer is always no, because you feel the exact same as you did the day before?  Well, I actually did feel older on Wednesday!  In a good way, though.  Like, “Hey I’ve earned my keep with 25 years of life!”  Also, I let Joey plan the entire day because I’m missing that part of the brain that allows you to make decisions easily and just didn’t want to be in charge.  It turned out to be the best delegating decision I’ve ever made.  I had no idea what was coming so anything that came up felt like the best thing ever, proving once again that having zero expectations always makes for the best surprises.


Also, I apologize for the amount of pictures of my face in this post…


Here I am enjoying breakfast a Snooze and really looking like I need that cup of coffee.

IMG_3269Caprese Benedict, for the win!  Still kinda can’t believe I didn’t order a pancake flight.  What has my life come to?


Insert a half day of work.  I was depressed that only two co-workers wished me a Happy Birthday then I realized I probably missed everyone else’s birthday too.  Being an adult sucks!  Anyways, after work, we headed to Biker Jim’s for lunch.


I don’t think I could’ve fit anymore toppings on that dog.


Rockies day game!


Joey claimed he was going to propose on the jumbotron but he was bluffing.


Hey, they even won!  That message on the scoreboard was a sight for sore eyes.


Insert much-needed work day nap.  I felt kind of guilty but at the same time I didn’t feel guilty at all.  Also, this balloon has been in our house since Joey’s birthday… in April.  I kind of want to leave it to see just how long it stays inflated for.


Then we met my fammy in Louisville for dinner.  Yes, because we were hungry again.  This 25-year-old metabolism is going strong!  I wholeheartedly agree with this little message.  Except that I ordered sangria instead and deeply regretted it when it turned out to be a small glass of watered down grape juice.


My mom got me some “every day wear” nail polish and I’m kinda sad I got a shellac manicure last week and don’t even need to paint my nails.  She also found us an awesomely retro patio set for our front porch and I’m so excited.  She spoils me so bad.


Za!  Okay, I’ve never called pizza that before and I don’t know why I decided to today.  We got the “Banana Hammock” and “Popeye” and I was only sorta sad that no one else thought the pulled pork pizza sounded good.  No fun.


These gorgeous roses are also from my parents and are currently brightening up my office like crazy.


Afterwards, ice cream because no, we had not eaten enough yet!  And because if you go to Lucky Pie for dinner it is illegal to not go to Sweet Cow afterwards.  Or something like that.  Also, please note the kids behind me.


I like to sample other flavors and then get my standard order of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough anyways.



I think that’s my “I’m never eating again” face.



Joey for real bought me this bouncy rubber blue cow.  Partly because I’m a child.  And partly because we have this shrine type thing in our yard that everyone mistakes for a dog house and I thought it would be hilarious to put this cow in the doorway.  And also because I’m a child.  I may have bounced on it…


And then, incase you thought I was not adult enough to be turning 25, my sister gave me this doormat and I actually screamed in delight.  Every time I come and go from my house and see it, I get incredibly excited.  She’s the very best.

So if Wednesday was any indication, 25 is going to be the best year ever.  I’m so excited!

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