A Word on Summer 2018

It’s officially fall on Saturday, so now seems like the time to reflect on Summer 2018, which had its fair share of ups and downs (wanna make that clear to myself so I don’t re-write history and forget that it wasn’t ALL one way or the other), but mainly it felt really good.  And here are some reasons I think it ended up that way.

I did not make a Summer Bucket List.

I did not force myself to go to the Farmers’ Market every Saturday.

I did not try to do it all every weekend.  I let myself rest and get this, even feel bored!

I didn’t host a summer BBQ.

I did not pack in a trip to the cabin.

I went to therapy and worked on catching myself falling into black-and-white, all-or-nothing, worst-case-scenario thinking.  I trusted that I could care less about stuff and it wouldn’t mean I wouldn’t care at all.

I went on vacation and planned just a couple of things instead of planning the details of every single thing.

I went easy on myself and, hopefully, it translated into being easier on others.

In years past, I’ve fallen into one of two camps: “I WANT SUMMER TO END NOW!” or “PLEASE STAY SUMMER FOREVER!” And whichever one it was, I felt that feeling INTENSELY.  This year feels different.  I’m happy for what was and I’m just a touch nostalgic about it.  But I’m also ready for fall and the new routines it brings with it ♥




Weekend Things

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how amazing the month of September is because it gives us the best of both worlds seasons.  On the summer end, you have hot daytime temps, an overabundance of tomatoes at the Farmers’ Market and baseball.  On the fall end, you have chilly mornings, changing leaves and I guess football for those who are interested in that.  I’m NOT, but I do like when Joey is completely sucked into the Cowboys game and I can slip into our room and sob in private as I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 😛


Friday, we popped over to RiNo to check out the new street art that was painted last week during the Crush Walls event.  There was one main alley that looked (and smelled) great but the others were less impressive, so we ditched out and headed to an early dinner at Cart-Driver.  Love this place so so much, but guys, I don’t think I like burrata.  Why does it taste like nothing and why is the texture so gross?


We hadn’t been to the FM in WEEKS, so my excitement was peak!  Usually when we go, I’ve already meal-planned, so I’m looking for specific stuff but since we hadn’t been in a while and weren’t sure what would be there, we decided to meal-plan around what was available.  Made it home with cucumbers, tomatoes, a baby onion, some really beautiful eggplant and THEE CUTEST CANTALOUPE.  It smelled SO GOOD.  (But tasted just okay…)

Made falafel waffles for dinner (so fun!) before heading out to see a movie.  We saw BlacKkKlansmen and it was equal parts funny and horrifying.  I was sort of distracted by the audience yelling stuff and trying to figure out why the real Ron Stallworth would continue making phone calls with the Klan while the white officer would be the one to interact with them in person.  They did not sound the same!  But, John David Washington and Adam Driver both give really great performances.


Sunday started with a run for both of us (though at different starting times and distances) before hitting the car to head to the mountains again.  Told you leaf peeping was my #1 priority!  We passed Kenosha and it was PACKED so I’m really glad we went last weekend but also glad we drove by again this weekend because it was JAW-DROPPINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  We drove through Boreas Pass and got to see some orange/red leaves among all the gorgeous yellows.  Then we took ourselves to Outer Range Brewing, which we’ve wanted to try for a very long time and it was just as good as we’d hoped!  Grabbed lunch from the grilled cheese food truck and sipped our beers outside with a lovely view of the mountains.


Back at home, lunches, laundry, lounging.  Oh and the Rockies won, thank god!  Later on, we made salmon and charred orange-chile broccoli for dinner.  Both were so good and both were from Cooking Light and at the same time I was eating this, I was reading about how CL has gone under!  Such sad news considering how many of our favorite recipes are from the magazine and how much joy I get from receiving my new copy every month 😦

In other news, it has been 90+ degrees for the past week and a half and I’m sort of over it.  Also, Friday is GABF and I am beyond excited!!!!!  Please tell me what summer or fall-related things you did this weekend.  I’d love to hear ♥