10 Days


Well, we are officially 10 days out from our wedding (single digits tomorrow)!!!!  Gulp.  So naturally, I am becoming very nostalgic and retrospective about the past year.

It has been stressful and time-consuming.  There were moments where our cake design seemed like the most urgent, important and life-altering decision in the world.  What can I say?  I have a very determined, obsessive and perfectionist personality so of course I carried that with me into our wedding planning.

But it has also been fun and exciting.  Considering “quality time” is my love language and planning (essentially) the biggest party of our lives took a lot of teamwork between Joey and I, this past year has been the best thing ever.  I won’t lie, we have fought over silly little details but we have also laughed, celebrated and cried tears of joy (okay maybe that was just me…).  Our relationship feels so.much.stronger. than it ever has!

photo 3


You’re not really ready to get married until you’ve both worn the veil, right?

I surprised myself by being laid back about things — um who am I? — and Joey has surprised me by having a strong opinion about things — he picked all our ceremony songs and they are so perfect — and we agreed on more things than I initially thought we would.  In the end, I feel like planning this wedding has really brought us together 🙂

I will not pretend that doing everything ourselves — as in handpicking all the details and throwing the thing without a coordinator — has been easy but it has also felt right for us.  Everything, from the food to the live band to the venue has felt so us.  And really, that’s all I ever wanted.


photo 4


Oh and remember way back when I said our plan was to be done with everything two weeks before so there was no last minute scramble?  Well we still have a few small things to take care of but for the most part, I think we may have actually pulled that one off.  Let’s hope it all pays off on the day of!

I have family from Louisiana, Ohio and Arizona coming into town plus friends from Indiana, Iowa and DC and every time I think about the fact that people are willing to get on a plane for us, I get all melty inside  🙂

10 days!!!!!!