Confessions: Wedding Week Edition

I just said “I’m getting married in two days” to myself and WHOA, that is SO surreal!

At this point, I am feeling 99% excited and 1% terrified that one of our major vendors won’t show up or something.  That’s a totally realistic fear, right?

I left my jacket at the restaurant after my wine flight at lunch on Sunday.


Joey and I have 100% given up on cooking this week.

Actually, we had 80% given up on that by Wednesday last week.  Oopsie!

I could not focus on anything at work this week.

I think you know why.

I purposely posted the link to my blog on my personal Facebook page last week.

For the first time ever.  There’s just something so terrifying about having everyone you went to high school with read your writing.

We accidentally sat ourselves at breakfast on Monday.

Maybe no one noticed…

We’ve been obsessively checking the forecast all week.

It’s been anywhere from a 10-80% chance of rain. I know rain on your wedding day is good luck but I think I’d rather just find a heads up penny.

Maybe totally dropped the ball on our honeymoon planning.

I guess we shouldn’t have waited until a week before to try to buy Eiffel Tower tickets because they are definitely sold out.  Two-hour line, here we come!

I am beyond excited to have family in town this weekend.

Because my life’s happiness consists of having a good excuse to dine at all my favorite Denver restaurants and having family in town is definitely a good excuse to do that!  Linger rooftop, forever!

I am so ready to do this wedding thing!

Here goes nothing 🙂

Labor Day Weekend Things

Okay, sorry to be disgustingly happy, but life is just so so good right now.

Fall is in the air, wedding details are all pulled together, everything is under control and this is the best week ever.  Actually, the best week started last Friday!

Friday was the first annual summer Denver Restaurant Week.  I’ve heard great things about Trillium so I made reservations there before their menu was even up.  The appetizers, entrees and drinks were all great, but the peach shortbread I had for dessert was life changing.



Saturday started with iced coffee and toast with house-made almond butter and lavender honey.  Oh my god.  Then we went over to Cheesman!  It was so beautiful that we kinda thought about just getting married right then and there.  But instead we just went over some day of details with Joey’s aunt and uncle and left 🙂




Afterwards, we headed to the mall to grab some last minute things.  I think we found everything we needed so I’d call it a successful day.  Plus we fit in lunch at True Food Kitchen.  Which is really the only reason I shop at the Cherry Creek Mall anyway.


Okay, maybe not the most exciting Saturday night ever, but we finished up our very last wedding project and now we are done.  As in, all stress is gone and we’re free to have fun and enjoy time with each other and our friends and family.  Best feeling ever.

Sunday is a perfect example of said “stress-free” living.  As in, I slept in, went for a run, lounged on the couch and had a wine flight with lunch.  Hey, I’m just practicing for when we’re in Paris for our honey moon 😛




Later, we went to my parents’ for one last summer BBQ.  My mom made peach cobbler.  I don’t know if I could pick a favorite between my mom’s red velvet, shrimp stuffing and that cobbler.  It never fails to hit the spot.  I also always say summer isn’t allowed to be over until we’ve had cobbler so I guess I’m ready to let go now.  The evening was capped off by our first wedding guest arrival… my uncle!


Monday involved more running, more breakfasting and some work.  We figured we should go in for a few hours since we’re missing most of September 😛  I was SO productive.  Not!  But we left early, and had yet another celebratory dinner.  Can’t stop, won’t stop with those this week 🙂


How was your Labor Day weekend?!