A Book Review: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

It’s book club day!  Which means I liked my first meeting enough to go a second time.  Would you look at me just voluntarily going to social gatherings by myself without knowing a single person.  Who am I?  And is this what they call “personal growth”?

This month’s book was The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (<– the author’s pen name!) and though the synopsis on the back cover had me prepared to read a more serious book version of Groundhog Day, it turned out to be much more thought-provoking, substantial and complex than Bill Murray waking up on Groundhog Day over and over and over again.

IMG_7745Quick Plot Overview: Harry August is a member of the Cronus Club, a group of unique human beings that are reborn to the same place and time every time they die.  The eventual crux of the story is his mission to find the other Kalachakra (that’s the technical term for his species) that is responsible for speeding up the evolution of technology and causing the end of the world sometime in the future.


Yeah, I know, it’s kind of confusing and kind of hard to wrap your head around at first, but that’s kind of what makes it such a cool and interesting book!  Also, I think I used up my KIND OF quota in that last sentence…  The book is on the longer side of things, but I found it surprisingly easy to whip through because it’s such an imaginative concept and North has a total handle on the boundaries of that concept.  And though the climax of the book doesn’t seem to come until later on, just hearing about Harry’s different lives is plenty attention-holding.

My one complaint is that for being a longer book and really taking its time with the set up, the ending seemed a little rushed.  Otherwise, I really really enjoyed this one!  Anything science-related is pretty over my head but I didn’t feel like that really made a difference in my overall understanding of the plot.  One last word of caution: if you actually think about the concept of re-starting life in the same place every time after you die, your brain will explode.

Weekend Things

I realized something important this weekend.  I like having plans.  I like being busy.  I thrive off that kind of lifestyle.  Our Saturday was wide open and my brain was like, “Paint the laundry room?”  “Make chocolate bark?” “Go on a run?”  “Take a nap?”  And in true anti-decision-making form, my brain then exploded.  The good news is, busy or not, this weekend still had all the things that make me happy.  Aka, Biker Jim’s, Rockies game, Saturday morning coffee, finding a new book, family breakfast and lots of walking.


Sometimes you just need to pre-game your Friday night with a cat nap.  For the record, it didn’t really help but a spicy Vegan dog + two giant Arnold Palmers did.  Rockies win!
IMG_7767 Joey likes to put my jacket hood on and pretend it’s his Darth Vader helmet.  And I like to pretend not to see that spider web in the corner of our wall.IMG_7757The weekend forecast was all full of clouds and rain, but before that we had a lovely sunny Saturday so a walk to get coffee was in order.


We couldn’t decide if we wanted to take it to go or stay and get breakfast, but you know me, I can’t resist oatmeal in Mason jars, coffee shop people watching or sipping an almond milk latte out of a cute white mug.IMG_7769 IMG_7770 Stopped by the little “take a book, leave a book” library on our way home and I found a Vonnegut.  I may have read Slaughterhouse-Five my first semester of college or I may have pretended to read it and feel like I should give Vonnegut a second chance.  Either way, the colors on this book cover are amazing.IMG_7765My iPhone camera couldn’t decide where to focus.  Though, now that I really look, Curtis Cow’s eyes look pretty clear.  This was my first full glass of our newest beer and yeah, safe to say the 10.5% alcohol reading is about right.  Whoa!  Oh and I wore Joey’s FitBit all day (because I was curious!) and got to 13K steps so I was feeling like the FitBit Queen.  FYI, that thing does not even count your steps if you’ve got both hands pushing the grocery cart.


Sunday was RAINY.  We walked to meet Joey’s grandparents at breakfast, had them over to see the house progress, then basically parked it on the couch for the rest of the day.  When the weather’s bad, we all just laze about, watch six episodes of The Wire and make ourselves chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, right?

P.S. I only posted ONE food picture on Insta this weekend.  What is my life even about?!