Weekend Things

Sorry to jump the gun right now, but SUMMER!!!

We had the most gloriously warm weather all weekend and I dove headfirst into full on summer mode.  Plus I walked home from a Friday manicure in the sunshine, hit up Little Man, went to a park party, soaked up the rays during Saturday happy hour, hung our porch swing, ran outside, laid in the hammock, frolicked with my sweet niece and nephew and said yes to everything because summer is the best time and I’m my best self when it finally rolls around.



Got a base coat at Base Coat and it’s official — I’m never not going there.  (Except for when I go to Ella Bliss.)  This color is called Adobe and I’m sort of in love with it.  Like I said, I walked myself home afterwards, feeling all pampered and blissed out by sunshine and weekend happiness.  It was truly the best.  And then I got home and helped Joey plot out our garden box placement.  We didn’t actually get to the actual building this weekend, but those little chalk sketches made me excited, nonetheless.


We met Bobby and Becca for dinner at The Crafty Fox afterwards — our waitress ignored Joey and only brought out three sets of silverware, so that for a minute I wondered if he was maybe a ghost and the three of us were the only ones who could see him — then headed to Little Man.  Actual ice cream-wise, Little Man isn’t my favorite but you cannot beat a warm summer night on the pavilion, surrounded by fellow ice cream lovers.  Plus, if your friends have never experienced “the line,” it’s your duty to introduce them.  Salted Maple Pecan won for best flavor of the night.



Saturday morning, we walked to get iced coffee, ate almond butter toast in the backyard and then I hurried off to get a much needed facial.  My skin really needed it and my lovely facialist (that’s not a real word, but it should be!) recommended I really up my healthy fats to speed the healing process.  She listed almond butter, olive oil, coconut oil and I definitely heard her say “make some guacamole and crack a beer.”  Say no more, I’m there!  Afterwards, we headed to a birthday party where, moments after this picture was taken, Jory pushed his nephew’s face into the cake.  Who’s really the adult here, huh?


We were totally going to be good responsible adults afterwards and go the grocery store/home for dinner but then we dropped by Hannah and Josh’s and they mentioned that they were going to Humboldt for Happy Hour and we were goners.  It felt like 100° in the sun, but I sipped a Mule, ate a slider, trout dip, truffle fries and TEMPURA BROCCOLI and didn’t mind it one bit.  Finally got around to exchanging spring birthday presents and I think we all left happy and full.

Later on, we watched 10 minutes of an awful movie before I vetoed (Slow Learners is a no) then switched to a slightly less horrible movie.  I thought Mark Ruffalo could do no wrong but then I watched Begin Again.  It wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t that good.  Then Fred Armisen on SNL!  I feel I never fully appreciated his weird humor until after he left the show so I was so glad to have him back.  To perform a one man show during the monologue, put his foot in a bowl of guac and cause the whole cast to lose it and revive that wacky made up band concept for the last skit of the night.  Also, “Farewell, Mr. Bunting” was the best thing ever.  Go watch!




Sunday started with a run and pancakes, because I’d been complaining about not making any in weeks and weeks.  They hit the spot!  We spent the afternoon with my niece and nephew, who we don’t spend nearly enough time with and that needed to be remedied ASAP.  We took them to see The Angry Birds Movie and look, it wasn’t even the worst movie I watched this weekend.  Ice cream afterwards, naturally.  My niece is really into her rock collection right now, so her yellow rock accompanied us on our outing.  Love those two crazy kids!




I ate that summer salad for dinner, but who even cares because HODOR!  Still processing last night’s episode of GoT but how momentous, heartbreaking and delightfully Ramsay-free it was.  In other news, the hammock is hung, our porch swing is back in place, I have a “Summer Bucket List” out and everything feels pretty good right now.

Happy Monday!