Thoughts on Food Traditions

Here’s two things about me that I don’t think are any big secret: 1. I watch a lot of Food Network and 2. I read a lot of Bon Appé articles.  I have a feeling that if my life was subjected to one of those analytic tests they use on suspected murderers (remember when they searched Oscar Pistorius’s entire text history with Reeva Steenkamp to see how many times “love” had been used??), “Food Network” and “Bon Appétit” would show up A LOT.

But embarrassing degree of obsession aside, I recently realized that something I truly love about the chefs/employees at both of these places is the way they talk about their food traditions.  Not just the ones they’ve formed themselves but the ones that were formed for them, by their parents and their grandparents before them.  As I read through all the “Road Trip Week” stories last week, I felt clearly and deeply the desire to have those types of traditions, not only for myself, but for my (REALLY REALLY FAR IN THE) future family.

I love to cook and I get SO EXCITED to make new things, but I’m trying to remember that it’s equally important (to me, at least) to have those things that you cook so many times you don’t even need a recipe.  Or those restaurants you always go to.  Whether I knew it growing up or not, those things — that your mother always cooks (red velvet, stuffing, corned beef & cabbage) or your grandpa always ate (frozen Sunny Delight) or your uncle always has the freezer stocked with (red beans, white beans, gumbo) — are what give your life structure, make your childhood feel safe, give you the comfort to know that even though life is always changing, some things remain the same.

So here’s to developing and fostering some food traditions.  I think going to The Med for my mom’s birthday tonight is the perfect start.  Also, I’m really glad we’ve graduated from celebrating all birthdays at The Olive Garden 🙂


P.S. This Week


Corn with vegan sriracha aioli // Our garden game is strong

Saw this patch of grass and wondered if someone mows it // BBQ & trivia


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