Weekend Things + Happy Halloween!

Hi!  Happy Halloween!  Are you dressing up??  I think I’m way more into seeing what the Today Show crew dresses up as, than dressing up myself.  But I’m excited to hand out candy — giving out BIG handfuls this year! — light up the pumpkins we carved this weekend, watch the original Halloween and to have a holiday that makes Monday feel just a little bit less heinous 🙂


Turns out I was a bad picture-taker this weekend so this is all I got, but that’s okay, right?  Friday after work, we picked up beer supplies then drove down Larimer to check out what’s new.  Verdict: A LOT.  Crazy excited about the development in that part of town.  We also went to our first Avs game of the season.  They totally lost but we still managed to have fun.  I introduced Joey to Death Becomes Her after the game because he’d never seen it.  Can you even believe it??

Saturday started with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Weathervane.  Ugh, I’m way too into the seasonal drinks that pop up at all the Denver coffee shops this time of year.  This one was just okay, though.  Onto beer brewing!  It’s an IPA and it’s going to be a HOPPY one.  That’s by far, the most hops we’ve ever purchased for a single beer.  Gonna dry hop for the first time!  Saturday night, we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street — neither of us had ever seen it! — carved pumpkins and ate dinner.  I was feeling irritable all day — it happens :/ — but nighttime Halloween activities had me feeling much happier.

Sunday, we had breakfast with my mama!  Walked over to Sunny’s because we hadn’t been there in forever and filled up on coffee, food and mom time.  I spent the afternoon making our lunches for the week and reading on the couch, so basically, the best!  When Joey got home, we roasted our pumpkin seeds and the recipe we used called for a TABLESPOON of salt per CUP of seeds.  They are SO SALTY and I’m so mad at myself for not knowing better.  Ended the night with a Cubs win, a Cowboys win and a loss for anyone who may have been trying to hide under the covers when that second one happened 😛

Happy Halloween!

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