Weekend Things

Despite how it may seem from my lack of pictures — let’s talk about my dwindling photographic documentation soon, okay? — this weekend was a real good one!¬† I think I was twirling in our hallway yesterday, telling Joey “doesn’t it feel good when everything is taken care of and it feels so Christmas-y in here??” so yeah, that’s my mood right now ūüôā


Hannah and Josh asked us to babysit Mason on Friday night and YES PLEASE!  Hannah cooked us all a delicious dinner and then they headed out and we put Mason directly to bed so we could watch six episodes of The Mandalorian since they have Disney+ played with trucks and stuffed animals and watched a little bit of Aladdin before putting him to bed.  He was NOT into that part of the evening but was more cooperative once Joey had been banished to the living room, ha ha!  We got to catch up with Hannah and Josh once they got home and I loved that part too ♥


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Saturday but felt better later on when we were crafting snow globes and watching The Santa Clause!  We also had our groceries delivered, made cookie dough, I read while Joey took a nap and caught several pieces of different Hallmark holiday movies and wow are those dorky.


That night, we grabbed dinner at Chow Morso (good but not great) and hit the Nuggets game.¬† We were both physically there but only one of us was mentally there and guess who it was!¬† Meanwhile I was doing things like asking Joey his top five Adam Sandler movies, ha!¬† The Nuggets won though and MORGXN (which is apparently “Morgan with an X”??) performed during halftime and was actually really good!¬† Back at home, we watch¬†SNL¬†and we thought that episode was amazing!!!¬† From the cold open to the monologue to that Macy’s commercial.¬† We were laughing so hard!


We didn’t wake up till 9 AM on Sunday (unheard of!) and decided to take ourselves to breakfast at The Wooden Spoon.¬† It was pretty busy in there but the food was amazing, as always!¬† After, Joey had had too much coffee and cleaned our house (yes please!) while I made salads and then when he left to go watch football I read, did laundry and walked our pup.¬† We had dinner at my parents’ as a celebration of their anniversary.¬† 30 years!!!¬† Wow!¬† There were margs, apps, tacos and ice cream sundaes so it was wonderful and I only forgot to take a picture of ANYTHING, including my parents.¬† Fail!!!

Please tell me what you did this weekend! ūüėõ

Weekend Things + Happy Halloween!

Hi! ¬†Happy Halloween! ¬†Are you dressing up?? ¬†I think I’m way more into seeing what the Today Show crew dresses up as, than dressing up myself. ¬†But I’m excited to hand out candy — giving out BIG handfuls this year! — light up the pumpkins we carved this weekend, watch the original¬†Halloween¬†and to have a holiday that makes Monday feel just a little bit less heinous ūüôā


Turns out I was a bad picture-taker this weekend so this is all I got, but that’s okay, right? ¬†Friday after work, we picked up beer supplies then drove down Larimer to check out what’s new. ¬†Verdict: A LOT. ¬†Crazy excited about the development in that part of town. ¬†We also went to our first Avs game of the season. ¬†They totally lost but we still managed to have fun. ¬†I introduced Joey to¬†Death Becomes Her after the game because he’d never seen it. ¬†Can you even believe it??

Saturday started with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Weathervane. ¬†Ugh, I’m way too into the seasonal drinks that pop up at all the Denver coffee shops this time of year. ¬†This one was just okay, though. ¬†Onto beer brewing! ¬†It’s an IPA and it’s going to be a HOPPY one. ¬†That’s by far, the most hops we’ve ever purchased for a single beer. ¬†Gonna dry hop for the first time! ¬†Saturday night, we watched¬†A Nightmare on Elm Street — neither of us had ever seen it! — carved pumpkins and ate dinner. ¬†I was feeling irritable all day — it happens :/ — but nighttime Halloween activities had me feeling much happier.

Sunday, we had breakfast with my mama! ¬†Walked over to Sunny’s because we hadn’t been there in forever and filled up on coffee, food and mom time. ¬†I spent the afternoon making our lunches for the week and reading on the couch, so¬†basically, the best! ¬†When Joey got home, we roasted our pumpkin seeds and the recipe we used called for a TABLESPOON of salt per CUP of seeds. ¬†They are SO SALTY and I’m so mad at myself for not knowing better. ¬†Ended the night with a Cubs win, a Cowboys win and a loss for anyone who may have been trying to hide under the covers when that second one happened ūüėõ

Happy Halloween!